Our Guided Tour of Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Every time I step into Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, I’m reminded why we use the phrase ‘like a kid in a candy store.’

Two parts nostalgic, one part giddy.  Toss in a bit of bewilderment at all the choices and options, and that about sums up the experience of stepping into the big yellow barn at Jim’s Apple Farm in Jordan, MN.

After satisfying too many chocolate cravings to count at Jim’s, we’ve gathered up all the info you need to get a taste of one of Minnesota’s most unique roadside attractions.

About Jim’s Apple Farm – Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

where is minnesota's largest candy store

Minnesota’s Largest Candy store, otherwise known as Jim’s Apple Farm, is located along Highway 169 in Jordan, MN.  A short 35-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis, the seasonal, family-owned store offers more than 27,000 square feet of candy, popcorn, sodas, and hard-to-find merchandise.

Location / Directions

History of the Store

candy store

Jim’s Apple Farm has been a family-owned business dating back to the 1930s.  After several difficult apple harvests, the storefront transformed into a small shop with sweets, pies, and confections.  The family added more space and more goodies year after year, growing from barn to a football-field-sized complex with outdoor seating, life-sized superheroes, and cheeky billboards.  For more than 40 seasons, Jim’s has added a new attraction or two to keep families and sweet-tooths coming back for more.

Hours and opening

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store is open seasonally, from mid-May to November.  Visitors can stop in 7 days per week, weekdays from 8 AM – 7 PM and weekends 8 AM – 8 PM.

Sweets and Treats At Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

minnesota's largest candy store guide

While the list below tries to capture everything you can find at Jim’s, it’s frankly hard to describe just how many ways there are to feed a sugar-craving in this place. So don’t worry if your low-carb friends and family members hesitate about a trip to the candy store; there are plenty of non-candy reasons to give Jim’s a try.

The Candy

candy selection

Just how many different options does it take to be the largest candy store in the state?  Try more than 3,000!

There are hundreds of saltwater taffy and gummy bear choices. In addition, there’s an international section with sweets from all over the planet. And as I mentioned above, my personal favorite is the chocolate bar section.  During my last visit, I heard several older adults commenting, “I haven’t seen these since I was a kid!”  That’s in part because Jim’s specializes in vintage and hard-to-find treats.  If something is missing on their shelf, don’t hesitate to ask.  It’s just as fun for their team to try and find a supplier as it is for them to sell it to the public.

The Apples

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the real reason that Jim’s business opened four decades ago.  It all started with apples.

Jim’s still serves as an operating storefront for the family’s orchard. Apples grown in the nearby Belle Plaine and Jordan area come in to be washed, bagged, and sold right in the store’s entryway each fall.  Expect to find Minnesota favorites like Honeycrisp and Sweet Tango, along with caramel apples, pies, and donuts. The locals also know this is the spot for pumpkins and gourds in the area as well.  Jim’s has some of the lowest prices in the Twin Cities metro.

The Soda

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store is not the only claim to fame here either.  Jim’s also boasts to carry the world’s largest selection of specialty sodas.  The shelves here are stocked with traditional colas, root beer, and cream sodas, along with some weird and wonky flavors like sweet corn and red hot cinnamon. We love that many of the sodas are mix-and-match.  It’s a chance to grab a six-pack box and fill up with favorites and still try a few new flavors without buying a lot of extras.

The Local Food

While the shop primarily caters to tourists, the locals have come to know Jim’s as a destination for local meats, cheeses, and specialty foods.  Each time I stop at the store, I’m blown away at selecting products from Minnesota.  My cart ends up just as full of small-batch pasta and maple syrup as it does with chocolate bars.

What Else to See at Jim’s Apple Farm

The Jigsaw Puzzles

world's largest jigsaw puzzle

When the owners of Jim’s aren’t scouring the planet searching for new candy varieties, they’re also searching for new additions to the jigsaw puzzle inventory. Lining the walls above, below, and around the candy selection are thousands of jigsaw puzzles for sale.  For the serious puzzle fan, encased in glass outside the store, you’ll find the Guinness World Record largest jigsaw puzzle on display.  Even though the candy is the central attraction, the puzzle collection is my close runner-up for reasons to stop at Jim’s.

The Life-Size Figurines & Murals


While you’re filling your basket of treats, don’t be surprised if you bump into some of your favorite superheroes and comic book friends at Jim’s.  For decades, the family has worked closely with local artists to create life-size figurines and murals to decorate the shop’s walls. I always love seeing the smallest visitors excited to see their favorites like the Justice League, Star Wars, and Disney.  Each room of the shop has a different theme, so don’t forget to look up as much as you look around.

The Animatronic Band

I mean, they’ve got everything else here. So why not throw in an animatronic band playing retro music every 15 minutes?  It’s just down the aisle from Zoltar the Fortune Teller and the world’s largest gummy snake.

3D Mural

3d mural

If you make the trek to Jim’s regularly, you’ll notice the most recent addition right out front.  In 2020, the owners worked with Crystal, MN artist Shawn McCann to install a 3D sidewalk mural. McCann previously painted several murals inside the shop and has now brought his ‘unique perspective’ outdoors.

Some FAQ’s


Do they take credit cards?

payment jim's apple farm

Jim’s Apple Farm does not accept credit cards.  There’s an ATM on-site, but it’ll cost you a hefty change fee.  Make sure to bring plenty of cash along since you’ll probably find more sweets here than you anticipated ever wanting or needing.  Prices are comparable to what you might find at other candy retailers.

When does Jim’s Apple Farm open for the season?

Dates vary year to year. However, Jim’s typically opens mid-May through November.  In previous years, the openings have been timed with the Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving holiday weekends.

When is the best time to visit?

There’s plenty of space to enjoy Jim’s, but the store can get busy during the peak summer travel season.  Given how much there is to see and take in at the store, I prefer to visit when fewer people are disrupting my sugary shopping.

If you’re a Twin Cities local, we recommend visiting on weekdays rather than weekends. Peak times tend to be afternoons; stop by in the early morning or after 6 PM for more peaceful browsing.

What’s the parking situation like?

Jim’s has a large parking area with plenty of space for vehicles, trailers, and RVs.  Traffic on divided Highway 169 moves quickly, though, so be careful when turning in and out of the lot.

What else is there to do in the area?

Are you looking to add a visit to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store with a day trip of activities?  The nearby cities of Shakopee and Jordan are home to some other popular Twin Cities attractions. Consider adding Valley Fair, The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Canterbury Park, the Renaissance Festival, and the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge.

All in all, is Minnesota’s largest candy store worth a visit?

Talk to a local, and you’ll generally find two sentiments about Jim’s.  You’re either a dedicated, annual visitor who can’t wait for another season to open.  Or you enjoy the spectacle once and appreciate it for what it is–probably the largest candy store you’ll ever see.

Either way, it’s worth the trip!


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