A Local Shopper’s Guide to All 15 Malls in the Twin Cities

Of all the things we Minnesotans can claim to fame, how about shopping malls?

From the world’s first mall to the world’s largest mall, our Twin Cities have a surprising history of shopping complexes.

Whether you’re curious about that history or just looking for suggestions on retail therapy, this huge article will cover everything you need to know about all the best malls near Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities.

Map of the Best Malls in the Twin Cities

Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)

mall of america bloomington mn

It wouldn’t be right to start a guide to the best malls in the Twin Cities without beginning with the biggest of them all. When it opened its doors in 1992, the Mall of America in Bloomington promised a full-scope entertainment and retail experience. While it’s no longer the largest in the United States, it still boasts a whopping 40 million visitors annually, some of the best shopping in the Twin Cities, and even tons of fun things to do that aren’t shopping. In recent years, the Mall has catered more to higher-end brands, entertainment and dining, and several smaller junior anchor stores that draw visitors from around the Midwest.

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  • Size: 8 million square feet
  • Stores: 520 stores
  • Anchor Stores: Nordstrom, Macy’s, L.L. Bean, Barnes and Noble
  • Website: Mall of America

The ‘Dales’

Among the first shopping malls in the United States, many of our Twin Cities suburb malls lovingly go by the nickname ‘The Dales.’ The first of these was Southdale Center, the world’s first fully indoor, air-conditioned shopping mall. (Look it up!)

Three additional malls were built shortly after; however, only 3 of the 4 remain today:

Southdale Mall (Edina, MN)

The first shopping mall in the world opened in October 1956, in Edina, MN! This high-end shopping center has now become a hub for the area’s residential, transportation, and city services. What was once just retail now includes an extensive Lifetime fitness, the county services center, and a variety of restaurants.

P.S. – You may also see it as “Southdale Center” on some maps and travel guides.

  • Size: 3 million square feet
  • Stores: 106
  • Anchor Stores: Macy’s, Lifetime Athletics, AMC Theatres, Hennepin County Service Center, Juut Salon & Spa, Dave & Busters
  • Website: Southdale Center

Ridgedale Mall (Minnetonka, MN)

The westernmost shopping mall in the Twin Cities, Ridgedale was also one of the first shopping malls to open in the area in 1974. The mall was the fourth of the “Dales” to open and is now one of the most popular. Ridgedale caters to many different shoppers, with high-end brands like Coach and TUMI, as well as housewares (Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Love Sac) and tech (Apple, Xfinity). It’s one of the few Twin Cities malls that has had a relatively stable tenancy over the years and has been able to keep all of its anchor stores open despite changes in online retail.

  • Size: 1 million square feet
  • Stores: 140
  • Anchor Stores: Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dick’s House of Sport, JCPenney
  • Website: Ridgedale Center

Rosedale Center (Roseville, MN)

The Rosedale Mall was the third of the “Dales” to open in the Twin Cities and is now one of the busiest shopping centers in the Upper Midwest. More than 2 million people use Rosedale as their primary shopping area. The Mall has undergone many changes over the years, with shifts in anchor stores and a movement from providing full-scale entertainment and services, not just retail. One of our favorite additions to Rosedale in recent years was Potluck, a rotating collection of Minnesota chef’s in a pop-up style food hall.

  • Size: 1 million square feet
  • Stores: 164
  • Anchor Stores: Macy’s, JCPenney,  AMC Theatres, Von Maur
  • Website: Rosedale Center

Burnsville Center (Burnsville, MN)

Shortly after the developers of the original malls in Minnesota were built, plans were announced for the Burnsville Mall, opening in 1977. Unfortunately, the mall here has had a rocky existence, with closures, a bankruptcy in 2020, and challenges with the pandemic. A developer recently purchased a 60,000 square-foot section of the mall, however. Plans include opening an Asian grocery store, food hall, restaurants, and a liquor or wine store.

  • Size: 1 million square feet
  • Stores: 100
  • Anchor Stores: Macy’s, JCPenney, Gordman’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kirkland’s
  • Website: Burnsville Center

Gaviidae Common (Minneapolis)

Skyway shopping at its finest. The only fully enclosed shopping mall in downtown Minneapolis, Gaviidae Common was built in 1989 as an alternative to the growing popularity of the suburban shopping malls springing up all around the Twin Cities at the time. The Mall is located on the 5th, 6th, and 7th Avenue blocks of Nicollet Mall in downtown. It hosts a mix of shopping, dining, and office space along with the Douglass Dayton YMCA and YMCA headquarters, although the Mall now goes without an anchor store. (Both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue closed at Gaviidae, so the area now primarily serves the downtown residential market as a popular spot for fast food and casual lunch.)

  • Size: 609,000 square feet
  • Stores: varies – retailers come and go rapidly here
  • Anchor Stores: None; partially occupied by Walgreens
  • Website: Gaviidae Common

Galleria (Edina, MN)

The Galleria has gone through a variety of tag lines over the years, including “Shops of Distinction,” “Experience the Art of Shopping,” and our personal favorite, “Inspired by the Uncommon.” This unique shopping mall just south of the Southdale Mall in Edina has hosted upscale retailers for decades. The Galleria began with a Gabbert furniture store and expanded to a mix of local and national brands. It was the first Mall in the country to offer an electronic gift registry across stores–where registrants could ask for items from all the different retailers. It also claims to have 34 anchor stores, partly because many of the brands you’ll find here you won’t see anywhere else in the Twin Cities. The Galleria is our personal favorite option when you’re looking for a gift for a hard-to-find friend or family member.

  • Size: 420,000 square feet
  • Stores: 76
  • Anchor Stores: Crate & Barrel, CRAVE, Barnes & Noble, Pottery Barn, Eileen Fisher, and Williams Sonoma
  • Website: The Galleria

Har Mar Mall (Roseville, MN)

Roseville is lucky to have not just one but two mall options. The Har Mar Mall is just down the street from Rosedale Center and opened in 1963. While the mall doesn’t carry nearly the same shopping options or tenets as its larger neighbor, we mention it here since it continues to do well where other similar-sized malls have declined around the state. It’s also a fun bit of trivia that Minnesota-native and indie musician Sean Tillman (otherwise known as Har Mar Superstar) adopted his stage name from the Har Mar Mall, where he spent time as a kid.

  • Size: 430,000 square feet
  • Stores: 45
  • Anchor Stores: Barnes and Noble, Staples, HomeGoods, Marshalls, Michaels, and Burlington Coat Factory
  • Website: Har Mar Mall

Maplewood Mall (Maplewood, MN)

One of the East Metros’ only indoor malls, Maplewood Mall, has undergone many changes over the years. With the loss of original anchor stores, Sears and Dayton’s, the Mall struggled through the early 1980s and 1990s. However, Metro Transit has dedicated a lot of resources to the area around Maplewood Mall, and it’s now one of the busiest transit hubs in the area. You’ll find a mix of retail and fast-food restaurants, a carousel, an arcade, and an indoor petting zoo with 200+ animals. It’s an excellent option for mall-goers who don’t want to trek across the river for a day of shopping or are looking for somewhere to take the family that’s less chaotic than the Mall of America.

  • Size: 931,000 square feet
  • Stores: 103
  • Anchor Stores: Kohls, Macy’s, JCPenney
  • Website: Maplewood Mall

Northtown Mall (Blaine, MN)

When the ‘Dales’ opened across the metro, it wouldn’t be long before other competitors jumped in the ring. Northtown Mall in Blaine was the first shopping mall in the Twin Cities to open that wasn’t owned by the Dayton Corporation that developed the others. Today, the Mall features 6 anchor stores, including a large furniture store, Best Buy, and a decent food court. In June 2022, the Mall is adding its newest feature, “The Museum of Self,” set to be the most exciting place to take selfies in the Twin Cities.

  • Size: 621,000 square feet
  • Stores: 100
  • Anchor Stores: Burlington, Best Buy, Becker Furniture, Home Depot, and Hobby Lobby
  • Website: Northtown Mall

Seven Points (Minneapolis, MN)

seven points minneapolis

An icon in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, the atrium-style Mall at Hennepin Avenue and West Lake Street has been open since the early 1980s. The building was formerly known as Calhoun Square and was renamed in 2020 when the city voted to change the name of nearby Lake Calhoun to Bde Maka Ska. The Mall now gets its namesake from the seven-pointed crown-shaped sign on the building’s roof. Tenets come and go in this space, which is a mix of restaurants, retail, office, and residential area. Current proposals for a significant renovation of this space include adding 264 residential units and a market. It’s a space likely to continue to see change!

  • Size: 170,000 square feet
  • Stores: 22 stores
  • Anchor Stores: Chase, Curioso Coffee, True North Collaborative
  • Website: Seven Points

The Shoppes and The Fountains at Arbor Lakes (Maple Grove, MN)

One of the first and largest outdoor concept malls in the Twin Cities, The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes changed how Minnesota property developers thought about retail. Before building this Maple Grove mega-retail and entertainment district, it was generally believed that Minnesota was too cold most of the year to support an outdoor shopping mall similar to what one might see on either the East or West Coast. It was also unheard of to recreate a “Main Street” feel in a suburban high-density area from scratch within just a few years.

Clearly, the concept has thrived, given the development added an additional 850,000 square feet of retail space within 4 years of the first retail opening. It’s now one of the largest retail areas in the Twin Cities. You’ll find a variety of big box store retailers (Whole Foods, Lowes, Costco) mixed in with smaller stores, restaurants, and retailers. Designed to be a one-stop shop for residents in the area, you can find everything you need at Arbor Lakes.

  • Size: 2 million square feet
  • Stores: 260+
  • Anchor Stores: Too many to list; Upscale national chains along with two hotels and a 30,000 square foot Dave and Buster’s
  • Website: Shoppes at Arbor Lakes

Twin Cities Premium Outlets (Eagan, MN)

While most of the tourist traffic stops at the Mall of America, Twin Cities locals know that the outlet mall in Eagan is one of the best spots to find designer and name brand clothes and accessors for extra-low prices. It’s one of our best-kept shopping secrets. This semi-outdoor shopping mall opened in 2014 with more than 85 outlet stores, including big name brands like Coach, Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Saks Off 5th. The merch here is still good quality, and you can expect to pay about 15-20% off typical retail prices. You’ll also find a few options for coffee and dining scattered throughout the retail, but not a giant food court.

  • Size: 409,000 square feet
  • Stores: 85
  • Anchor Stores: Ralph Lauren, Nike Factory Store, Under Armor, Gap Outlet, Old Navy, and Saks Off 5th
  • Website: Twin Cities Premium Outlets

The Shops at West End (St. Louis Park, MN)

Even though the Shops at West End is one of the newest malls and retail areas in the Twin Cities Metro (opened in 2009), it’s a favorite spot for locals and the under-30 crowd. Located off I-394 and Highway 100 in St Louis Park, the open-air Mall features shopping, dining, and entertainment options all in one spot. Retail here is a mix of big chain brands like Anthropologie and local boutique options like Primp and Evereve. You’ll also find some of the best bar and restaurant options in St. Louis Park for upscale, urban dining.

  • Size: 348,000 square feet
  • Stores: 38
  • Anchor Stores: Anthropologie, CRAVE, Cub Foods, Yard House
  • Website: The Shops at West End

Woodbury Lakes (Woodbury, MN)

As a long-time Twin Cities resident, I look at what’s happened along the I-94 corridor near Woodbury and get a little dizzy. So much development has sprung up in this area, including an ever-growing shopping district and housing developments galore. Much of it began with the Woodbury Lakes mall area, which opened in 2005. Modeled after the Arbor Lakes development in Maple Grove, the open-air mall was the first “lifestyle center” in the East Metro. Now you’ll find more than 50 retailers (and a sprawling number of nearby options) and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a large movie theater and bar.

  • Size: 400,000 square feet
  • Stores: 55
  • Anchor Stores: Banana Republic, H & M, Crave, Trader Joe’s, Victoria’s Secret, DSW
  • Website: Woodbury Lakes
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