DiscoverTheCities exists for one simple goal: to help you discover everything that’s awesome about Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities area.

Whether you’re a lifelong Minnesotan or just visiting for the weekend, we’re here to cut through the unreliable Trip Advisor reviews, inconsistent Yelp ratings, and boring visitor bureau packets.

Here’s the ugly truth. Most of Minnesota’s “travel guides” are written by people with East Coast accents sitting in New York City cubicles. They wouldn’t know a Jucy Lucy if it shot its molten hot-lava -cheese in their face.

How is DiscoverTheCities different?

We’re a team of Twin Cities locals. We write from personal experience. We actually visit the sights, taste the food, and share the real local’s inside scoop.

And we can’t wait to be your personal guides…

Meet the DTC team:


Founder / Chief Jucy Lucy Taster

Hey, that’s me!

I’ve lived in Minneapolis for nearly a decade. When I first moved here from Colorado, I was shaking in my winter boots. But I quickly realized what an awesome place the Twin Cities can be… if you know where to look.

Except I learned that isn’t easy. Along the way, I only found endless google searches with nothing but vague, bought-and-paid-for magazine articles. Or thousands of Yelp reviews that couldn’t agree whether the napkins made a place worthy of 3 or 4 stars.

Eventually, I decided enough was enough. Minnesota’s best city deserved a first-hand travel guide, written by a local.

So, I started Discover The Cities. My goal is to personally visit every tourist attraction, local restaurant, special event, and hidden gem across the Twin Cities and beyond.

Misc. scientific stuff:

  • Which is better, Minneapolis or St. Paul? Minneapolis! But I love both for different reasons.
  • Favorite Minnesota Season: Summer aka Lake and Patio Season
  • Favorite MSP Tradition: The Summer Beer Dabbler!
  • Favorite Twin Cities Memory? After living here for a year, looking at the Minneapolis skyline during a sunny Spring day and realizing I was truly home.


Co-Founder / Chief Fish Fry Enthusiast

Sean likes to claim to be a local, but we both know I’m the real local here. 😉

I’ve spent my entire life in Minnesota. I was born in Minneapolis, graduated high school in Bloomington, went to college at the University of Minnesota, and then decided I still hadn’t quite had my Twin Cities fix yet, so I stayed at UofM for another three years while finishing my graduate degree.

In my 29 years on this planet, I’ve traveled through 47 different U.S. states and visited 14 countries across six continents. And I still haven’t found a place I’d rather live than here in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Or as I like to call it, the Twin Cities’ better half.)

I can’t wait to show you why!

Critically important icebreakers:

  • Which is better, Minneapolis or St. Paul? St. Paul! By far! I mean, it is the capital city for a reason…
  • Favorite Minnesota Season: Fall. I love the Fall colors and sweater weather…
  • Favorite MSP Tradition: The State Fair!
  • Favorite Twin Cities Memory? Experiencing an impromptu Prince concert at Paisley Park just months before his passing.



Contributor / Executive Farm to Table Fan

A rural-Wisconsin transplant, I’ve called Minneapolis and St. Paul my home since 2005.

Over those 15+ years, I’ve lived in several different neighborhoods all over the Twin Cities. And for most of that time, I also worked a job that had me driving more than 250 miles per week around the Metro! Safe to say, I’ve been fortunate to explore just about every single park, coffee shop, and unique corner (plus nook and cranny!) around the Twin Cities.

I can’t wait to share all those adventures with you!

Critically important icebreakers:

  • Which is better, Minneapolis or St. Paul? For the past few years, I’ve been a St. Paul resident through and through, but I’m not afraid to cross the river for a good coffee or an ice cream cone!
  • Favorite Minnesota Season: My favorites are the “firsts” we get during every season in Minnesota. The first day of flip flops in the Spring. The first warm night on a patio. A fall weekend apple orchard visit. And those first few snowflakes.
  • Favorite MSP Tradition: The St. Paul Winter Carnival! What a gloriously goofy good time!
  • Favorite Twin Cities Memory? Attending the 2014 Home Run Derby and All-Star Game at Target Field.

The City Pup

Freelance Researcher / Vice President of Walks and Hikes

I’m a rescue mutt who adopted Sean a few years ago. When I heard he was starting a blog about where we live, I told him I’d help him out in exchange for lots of walks and treats.

Since then, I’ve become an expert in all the best dog friendly breweries, parks, and hiking trails.

If you see me around town, don’t hesitate to give me a good pet! Or even better, a snack! I really like Pronto Pups, but I’m not sure about the name…

The Minnesota Meow

Director of Naps

Oh, hi. Lily’s my mom. I really don’t bring anything to this blog. In fact, I wish Lily would quit spending so much time writing on her laptop and just give me pets instead. Oh well, I’ll keep standing on her keyboard until she gets the picture.