Where to Play Paintball in the Twin Cities

What’s more fun than pelting your friends with exploding paintballs?

Nothing, as far as I know.

Admittedly, Minneapolis and St. Paul don’t have a ton of paintball courses, at least in the actual Twin Cities footprint.

BUT, you can definitely still get your paintball on, if you know where to look. Plus, if you’re willing to drive a few minutes to the outskirts of town, you’ll find lots of really great paintball courses.

Let me show you the way!

Map of the Best Paintball Courses near Minneapolis and St. Paul

Indoor Paintball in the Twin Cities

With our winter weather, it already hurts enough to be outside in the cold. We don’t need to add the sting of a paintball on top of that!

Thankfully, you can enjoy the thrill of the combat in heated comfort at this Twin Cities indoor paintball course.

Splatball Indoor Paintball

splatball - best paintball twin cities mn

Located in downtown Minneapolis, Splatball is unique for three reasons:

  1. It’s currently the only paintball facility within the Twin Cities city limits.
  2. It’s currently the only indoor paintball facility near the Twin Cities. (Their partner location, Air Assault Indoor Paintball, closed during the pandemic.)
  3. Splatball is also the only “low impact paintball” facility within the cities.

What is low impact paintball? They use special ammo that is about half the size of a usual paintball, and a little softer too. As somebody with first-hand experience of the the sting and bruising that traditional paintballs can cause, this is an awesome evolution in the world of paintball. And it’s perfect for kids birthday parties, too. Less pain, more fun!

Outdoor Paintball in the Twin Cities

Of course, the classic way to play paintball is in the great outdoors, and that’s where the majority of paintball courses near Minneapolis and St. Paul reside.

Here’s all your options within a reasonable drive of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Vintage Paintball (River Falls, WI)

Vintage Paintball is located in River Falls, just about 30 minutes east of St. Paul.

If you’re looking for the nicest courses, Vintage Paintball is one of your best options in all of Minnesota and Wisconsin. They sport six different courses that cover a variety of different scenarios and game play, from maps inspired by old western towns to tournament paintball courses designed by the pros.

And these really are some awesome maps; Vintage Paintball always uses high quality materials, which allows for unique game play. Case in point: Their “Outpost” course, which includes multiple two-story, castle-style outposts for sniping and protecting.

Splat Tag Paintball Park (Hudson, WI)

Splat Tag (not to be confused with Splatball above… two different companies) is located in Hudson, WI, about 35-40 minutes east of Minneapolis.

Located outdoors in the Wisconsin woods, Splat Tag ramps things up a bit. They don’t just have one, two, or even three paintball courses. Try 22 different outdoor courses!

  • Address: 835 County Rd E, Hudson, WI 54016
  • Website: Splat Tag

Twin Cities Paintball (Baldwin, WI)

Twin Cities paintball is out in Baldwin, Wisconsin, about 1 hour east of the Twin Cities.

They’re technically more of an airsoft company, but they also work with Splat Tag in Hudson to organize paintball games, too. To see their exact paintball schedule, you’ll have to check out their Facebook page, as the times often change.

Champion Valley (Lakeville, MN)

Champion Valley advertiser’s itself as “Minnesota’s Ultimate Outdoor Playground” and that’s because this site doesn’t just host paintball, but also airsoft, archery tag, and even axe throwing.

For the paintball park, Champion Valley has 150 acres with 10 different battlefields. The fields range from compact obstacle coursese to large hills promising cliffside combat.

Champion Valley is also one of the local places that offers low impact paintball, for those wanting less welts to go with their paintball memories.

Action Packed Paintball Games (Jordan, MN)

Owned by the same company that offers Splatball in Minneapolis, Action Packed Paintball is their outdoor property, located in Jordan.

Like Splatball, they offer low impact paintball. This outdoor location features 8 different courses, which range from “urban combat” sytle with plenty of buildings to “jungle” courses out in the woods, plus a National XBall League speedball course.

Special Forces Paintball (Buffalo, MN)

Located about 45 minutes northwest of Minneapolis, Special Forces Paintball is a good option for those looking for a variety of game types.

They offer traditional .68 caliber paintball and low impact .50 caliber paintball, plus multiple options tailored to ability level. This includes private games, regular open games, and even games with special limits on gun speed, so, as their website states, you don’t need to worry about going up against another paintballer with equipment so good that they’re shooting 12 balls a second at a million miles an hour!

BONUS: Zombie Rampage Paintball (Wyoming, MN)

Okay, this is definitely the most unique paintball that exists not just in the Twin Cities, but maybe anywhere.

Have you ever dreamed of fending off a zombie invasion?

If so, then you need to head to Zombie Rampage. This place will load you and your friends on a bus that’s been equipped with mounted paintball turrets pointing out the windows, and then you will shoot real, live zombies as they attempt to overrun the bus.

(The zombies are actors, and don’t worry – they get lots of protective equipment.)

This is located on the same grounds as The Dead End Hayride, one of the best haunted houses in the Twin Cities. So you know these guys know how to put on a fun time!

  • Address: 28186 Kettle River Blvd N, Wyoming, MN 55092
  • Website: Zombie Rampage
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