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The DTC Team

Sean P

Chief Jucy Lucy Taster

Hey, that’s me!

I’ve lived in Minneapolis for nearly a decade. When I first moved here from Colorado, I was shaking in my winter boots. But I quickly realized what an awesome place the Twin Cities can be… if you know where to look.

Except I learned that isn’t easy. Along the way, I only found endless google searches with nothing but vague, bought-and-paid-for magazine articles. Or thousands of Yelp reviews that couldn’t agree whether the napkins made a place worthy of 3 or 4 stars.

Eventually, I decided enough was enough. Minnesota’s best city deserved a first-hand travel guide, written by a local.

So, I started Discover The Cities. My goal is to personally visit every tourist attraction, local restaurant, special event, and hidden gem across the Twin Cities and beyond.

Lily J

Chief Fish Fry Enthusiast

Sean likes to claim to be a local, but we both know I’m the real local here. 😉

I’ve spent my entire life in Minnesota. I was born in Minneapolis, graduated high school in Bloomington, went to college at the University of Minnesota, and then decided I still hadn’t quite had my Twin Cities fix yet, so I stayed at UofM for another three years while finishing my graduate degree.

In my 29 years on this planet, I’ve traveled through 47 different U.S. states and visited 14 countries across six continents. And I still haven’t found a place I’d rather live than here in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Or as I like to call it, the Twin Cities’ better half.)

I can’t wait to show you why!

The City Pup

Freelance Researcher
VP of Walks & Hikes

I’m a rescue mutt who adopted Sean a few years ago. When I heard he was starting a blog about where we live, I told him I’d help him out in exchange for lots of walks and treats.

Since then, I’ve become an expert in all the best dog friendly breweries, parks, and hiking trails.

If you see me around town, don’t hesitate to give me a good pet! Or even better, a snack! I really like Pronto Pups, but I’m not sure about the name…

The Minnesota Meow

Director of Naps

Oh, hi. Lily’s my mom. I really don’t bring anything to this blog. In fact, I wish Lily would quit spending so much time writing on her laptop and just give me pets instead. Oh well, I’ll keep standing on her keyboard until she gets the picture.


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