There’s 81 microbreweries in the Twin Cities. This quiz will tell you how many you’ve been to.

Earlier this month we finished the absolutely monster task of cataloguing every brewery in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs.

We always knew the Twin Cities beer scene was one of the coolest parts about living here, but we had no idea there were over 80 different microbreweries within a ~30 minute drive of the cities!

Want to see where you stack up?

We made this quiz. It will automatically count how many Twin Cities breweries you’ve been to, and it will even tell you what type of beer pour you are, too!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a gold medal beer? Take the quiz below!

Don’t forget to share it with your drinking buddies!

PS – If you need help jogging the memory, you can always reference the Discover The Cities’ Ultimate Twin Cities Brewery Guide.


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