Where to find the shockingly delicious Sushi Burrito in Minneapolis

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Here’s something I never thought I’d be writing about: a sushi burrito.

This bizarre creation sounds like it’d be a one-off experiment at the Minnesota state fair. But shockingly, it’s one of the newest food crazes hitting the Twin Cities.

What is it? And where can you find these (strange-sounding) sushi burritos near Minneapolis?

What is a sushi burrito?

As odd of a combination as it appears, a sushi burrito is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a burrito. That’s filled with sushi.

Cheeky answer aside, these burritos are basically giant sushi rolls.

Traditionally, they are stuffed full of those delicious fish ingredients that we’ve come to expect from our favorite sushi spots. And usually, they’re crafted in the same style as a sushi roll, meaning fresh fish at the inner-most core, surrounded by a few layers of veggies, rice, and whatever else the chef considers a specialty.

They’re normally wrapped in a roll of nori (that thin seaweed paper that you’ll find on traditional sushi rolls) but some spots have gone all in on the “burrito” part of them name by replacing that with a traditional Mexican flour tortilla.

The idea started in San Francisco, at a place aptly named Sushirrito. The original creator, Peter Yang, had his stroke of genius when he found himself craving sushi one day for lunch, but was limited to two extreme sides of the equation. He could either get sketchy grocery store sushi or devote a significant amount of time and money at a high-end sushi restaurant.

So, as he explained in an interview with The Manual, he basically asked himself, “What would happen if you made a massive sushi roll, and then mixed it up with an infusion of Latin flavors?”

And so the sushi burrito was born.

The Sushi Burrito Comes to Minneapolis

Around 2015, Billy Tserenbat (yes, that Billy, from our favorite Billy Sushi) went to California and decided bring the Sushi Burrito back to Minneapolis.

He did so with a food truck named Bibuta. The concept proved to be a hit, but Billy, who was already plenty busy with his other delicious sushi spots in the Twin Cities, eventually decided that sushi on a truck was simply too time intensive, so he sold the thing.

According to Billy, when he investigated moving the sushi burrito into a permanent location in downtown Minneapolis, all the landlords seemed interested… until he mentioned the two words most of them never expected to hear togther… Sushi. Burrito.

Billy never found a taker to continue his innovation, but thankfully, the sushi burrito isn’t going down without a fight!

The 4 Best Spots to Experience a Sushi Burrito in the Twin Cities

After the closing of Bibuta, several other spots around the Twin Cities decided to hoist fresh fish on their shoulders and carry that sushi burrito torch.

Today, you can still find delicious takes on this unusual innovation at a few different places around the city.

1. SotaRol

Of all the places to get sushi burritos in the Twin Cities, SotaRol is the one spot that’s embraced the sushi burrito more than anywhere else.

The SotaRol menu includes seven different types of sushi burritos, ranging from fresh tuna to tempura shrimp. And if fish isn’t your thing, they even feature a 100% Vegan sushi burrito, the Garden Sushi Burrito, and a whole different collection of “Asian Burritos” which focus on beef, pork and chicken. 

No matter which type of sushi burrito you get here, they’ll wrap it in your choice of nori, soy paper, or a flour tortilla.

  • Address 1: 5005 Ewing Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410
  • Address 2: 2000 Rahncliff Ct, Eagan, MN 55122
  • Address 3: 2935 Girard Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Temporarily Closed)
  • Website: Sotarol

2. The Cove

The Cove is a delicious little spot bringing Hawaiian and Asian Street food to the heart of Dinkytown, Minneapolis. While they’re arguably most known for their fantastic poke bowls and delicious steam buns, they also feature a section of the menu dedicated to the glorious sushirrito.

At The Cove, you can get your sushirrito with either Salmon or Tuna (regular or spicy style), as a California Roll, or even with chicken. All of their sushi burritos are wrapped in nori seaweed paper, so it’s a more traditional experience. (If you can ever call a sushi burrito traditional.)

  • Address: 1320 5th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: The Cove

3. Ninja Sushi (Food Truck)

Ninja Sushi is a one of a kind food truck that you’ll find roaming the streets of the Twin Cities. (I’d recommend checking their facebook page for their most updated locations.)

Ninja Sushi also has one of the most unique sushi burritos around – The Hot Cheeto-Rito. It’s shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, and all sorts of other fillings wrapped in nori and dipped in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto crumbs!

For those who’d prefer a traditional wrap, you can opt for the “Sach’s Special” which comes without the Cheetos but is no less interesting. This version mixes deep fried salmon skin and fried garlic among the shrimp tempura, then tops it all with the “super secret ninja sauce.” Because why not??

4. Poukei

If you’re checking out the Mall of America and feeling a little adventurous in your dining choice, Poukei in the North Food court serves their take on sushi burritos. 

They call them “Poukei Rolls” and they include four different sushi burritos. But Poukei is also unique in allowing you to build your own sushi burrito from start to finish, using any of the ingredients offered in their poke bowls.

  • Address: 1320 5th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: The Cove

Map of the Best Sushi Burritos in Minneapolis


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