The Ultimate Guide to All the Breweries in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Last Updated: May 2, 2024

You want Twin Cities Breweries?

Oh, have we got Twin Cities Breweries…

One of the coolest things about Minneapolis & St. Paul is our exploding craft beer scene. New breweries are opening all the time, and sometimes, it can be hard to keep up!

That’s exactly why we wanted to take on the monster task of cataloguing every brewery in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs.

Every. Single. One.

And of course, since we’re trying to build the best Twin Cities travel guide on the internet, we’ve also added some handy local’s tips, too.


Minneapolis & St. Paul Brewery Map (with every single Twin Cities brewery!)

Yeah, pinning all those breweries wasn’t easy!

All told, we counted over 80 different microbreweries in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Our criteria for a brewery to make the list:

  1. Had to be a microbrewery (Duh!)
  2. Needed a true taproom feel. Restaurants focusing on food and brewing one or two beers don’t count. We admit there were some judgment calls here.
  3. Within a reasonable drive of the Twin Cities.
Read on for local tips on all the breweries:


Minneapolis Breweries

Beer lovers, rejoice! At the time of this writing, Minneapolis has an incredible 33 craft breweries. Here’s our guide to every single one.

56 Brewing

56 brewing

Over time, 56 Brewing has come a long way. We first visited this taproom in its early days, when their primary marketing efforts were Groupon sales hoping to coax people into a tiny, difficult to find warehouse location.

Today, 56 Brewing has expended into a beautiful taproom in Minneapolis’s trendy Northeast neighborhood, and they’ve even started canning some of their most popular varieties!

Northeast Nectar (Honey Wheat Ale) or Nosehair Bender (Dry Hopped IPA)

Arbeiter Brewing

For the longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, Arbeiter Brewing is the local spot of choice. The bright industrial vibes of this two-story brewery are perfect for hanging out and sipping some craft creations. Also, they had us at the pinball machines.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

bauhaus brew labs

For our money, Bauhaus has one of the coolest brewery taprooms in the city.

The old warehouse building just oozes character. Inside, you’ll concrete floors, graffiti walls, and old machinery lifts. Outside? A beautiful patio with original brick walls, green landscaping, and even more rustic warehouse touches. It’s an impressive sight sure to woo any local or out-of-towner alike.

Wonderstuff (Bohemian Pilsener)

Guavatron (Pink Gauva Gose)

Lounge Wizard (Hazy Pale Ale)

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

broken clock cooperative
Broken Clock is one of the few member-owned breweries in the Twin Cities.
With over 1,600 member owners, Broken Clock continues growing from its small startup roots into a brewery with a constantly rotating tap of at least a dozen beers at any given time. 
So grab a pint and become a shareholder! Doing business has never been so much fun.

Bricksworth Beer Co.

Brickworth Beer Co Logo

Bricksworth Beer Co is located in North Loop Minneapolis as an expansion to its original Burnsville location.

The vibe at this brewery is exactly the sort of super-cool industrial space you’d expect from its North Loop location. And the beer is just half of the attraction; Bricksworth is also famous for its thick, Detriot style pizzas that are honestly awesome.

Oh, and the beer is solid, too. That’s no surprise either, since that runs in the family – Bricksworth was founded by the son of the uber-famous Blackstack Brewery in St. Paul.

Brew Lab 101

Brew Lab 101

Brew Lab 101 opened in 2024 in the Old Clockwerks Brewing space.

The company is franchised from New Mexico and has a fun “Breaking Bad” theme. Yep, if you’ve ever wanted to pay homage to your favorite TV show with a “Walter Wit” Witbier, now’s your chance!

Walter Wit (Witbier)

Sexi NuMexi (Mexican Lager)

Day Block Brewing Company

day block brewery in minneapolis

Housed in a building originally built in 1883, Day Block’s current owner first began restoration of the building in 2005. By 2014, Day Block Brewing opened to the world, with a promise of serving fresh beer and delicious pizza.

Here you’ll find a rotating beer list with pizza, salads, and sandwiches served in a brewpub vibe.

Frank’s Red (Amber Ale)

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

fair state brewery in northeast minneapolis
Fair State is another one of Minnesota’s member-owned breweries. And we’ve got to imagine that includes quite a few proud owners, since the beer here is fantastic.
In fact, if we had to choose, our staff would probably name Fair State as our consistently favorite beer in the Twin Cities. Everything we’ve tried here from the Pils (German Pilsener) to the Mirror Universe (Hazy IPA) to the legendary Roselle (Hibiscus Sour) has blown us away.
The taproom is understated, and the vibe here evokes thoughts of a trendy coffee shop more so than one of the best breweries in the state. But no matter; we’d drink this stuff in an alley if that was the only place to score it. Fair State is that legit.

Mirror Universe (Hazy IPA)

Roselle (Sour)

Falling Knife Brewing Co.

falling knife brewery

Falling Knife opened in Summer 2019 to rave reviews from Twin Cities beer fans. Since then, they’ve continued to be one of the surviving and thriving breweries in the Twin Cities.

This 150-person taproom has been known to host music shows and other events in its surprisingly bustling summer parking lot.

Finnegans Brew Company

finnegans brew co

If a classic Irish pub were to mix with a state-of-the-art brewery taproom, you’d have Finnegan’s. Dark wood-paneled bars meet views of the hundred gallon brewing tanks. And in true Minnesota microbrewery style, there’s a huge patio that opens up when the weather’s nice.

Grab yourself their micro take on an Irish Ale, and you’ll start planning your return trip for the St. Paddy’s day party.

Fulton Beer

fulton brewery

Fulton is a Minneapolis classic.

It seems like the small indoor taproom, which sits in the shadow of nearby Target Field, has been serving up Lonely Blondes since before microbreweries were really a thing.

Over time, Fulton’s other offerings have built up passionate followings too, like their Sweet Child of Vine IPA, and more recently, their successful jump into the hard seltzer world.

Lonely Blonde (American Blonde)

Sweet Child of Vine (IPA)

HeadFlyer Brewing

headflyer logo

Just when it seems like Minneapolis’s Northeast neighborhood couldn’t have any more breweries, they scored another brewery.

Headflyer opened in 2017 with the goal of creating a variety of beer for all types of beer drinkers. They first came out swinging with a Juicy IPA, and almost a decade later, they’ve come out one of the more successful taprooms in town.

It Was All A Dream (Juicy IPA) 

Inbound BrewCo

inbound brewery logo

Inbound is another brewery that sits near Target Field, although with a totally different vibe than say, the nearby Fulton Brewery. Inbound is a large industrial space, with towering ceilings, exposed duct work, and a live music stage that can really get pumping on weekends.

The beer here seems to rotate quite frequently, which has it’s pros and cons. It’s always fun to try something new, but there’s some seriously fantastic drinks that inevitably get cycled like, like their season German Hefeweizen. #BringItBack!

Indeed Brewing

indeed brewery

Indeed, we love you… indeed.

Indeed is a true local’s favorite. In part, that’s from their impressive collection of year-round flagships across the whole palate spectrum – like their IPAs, Lagers, and Sours – but also their seasonal releases, which have developed a cult following each year.

In the Summer, there’s the easy drinking Shenanigans wheat beer. In the Fall, the Yamma Jamma (RIP). The Winter? Stir Crazy Porter. And by Spring, there’s always some sort of fruit sour to thaw out and welcome the warmer weather.

Day Tripper (Pale Ale)

Mexican Honey (Imperial Lager)

Pistachio (Cream Ale)

Shenanigans (Seasonal – Wheat Ale)

Insight Brewing

insight brewing

Although it’s still got the feel of an undiscovered secret, Insight Brewing seems to have a made a name for itself in liquor shops all over the state. So maybe that’s why their big, open concept taproom is more often than not packed to the gills, in the best way.

We love to see that they’re still rocking the classics that made them famous over a decade ago, like the Troll Way IPA (released 2014) and relatively newer Banshee Cutter Golden Ale (with Coffee!) while still innovating with other new creations. 

Don’t be afraid to take a journey to this adventure-themed brewery, where delicious brews and good times await.

Troll Way (IPA)

Dankbot (Seasonal West Coast IPA)

La Doña Cervecería

la dona cerveceria minneapolis

Minneapolis has a lot of breweries, but one brewery type the city didn’t have, until a few years ago? Una cerveceria Mexicana.

That was fixed with the opening of La Dona in 2020.

And we’re happy to report La Dona includes everything we hoped to see from a Mexican microbrewery.

  • Delicous craft takes on Mexican lagers? Check.
  • Refreshing Micheladas? Check.
  • Weekly salsa dancing, Spanish/English conversation clubs, and an outdoor soccer field? Can’t say that was on our list, but it’s still pretty awesome to see!

Doña Fría (Mexican Lager)

Michelada (Beer Cocktail)

LynLake Brewery

ynlake brewery minneapolis

LynLake Brewery is kind of that brewery we always forget is there.

Not because it isn’t popular. On the contrary, this big space can find itself absolutely packed with Uptown youngin’s and hipsters ready to party. No, we forget about it only because it doesn’t feel all that much like a craft brewery, and instead, more like a hopping bar that also happens to serve microbrews!

For the uptown neighborhood, it couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

Sideburns (Milk Stout)

Rubbish (Red Ale)

Take 6 (IPA)

Modist Brewing

modist brewing co

Originally sitting in the shadow of Target Field and neighboring Minneapolis microbrew pioneer, Fulton Brewery, Modist was once the new kid on the block. But after coming out swinging, they’ve made a name for themselves and are now one of the most popular breweries in Minneapolis!

In its industrial warehouse style style tap room (which, for whatever reason, just seems to fit the neighborhood oh-so-perfectly) Modist is serving up absolutely fantastic brew in a fun and cool space. 

Northbound Smokehouse

nortbound brewpub minneapolis mn

Admittedly, we’re nearly breaking our criteria by including Northbound on the list, since this spot is equal part restaurant as it is brewery taproom.

Sure, the food list is about three times as long as the beer list. That said, the small selection of craft beer here is surprisingly good! So we’ll make an exception, just this once, since it’s a great excuse to drink more fantastic beer!

Number 12 Cider

number 12 cider logo

Number 12 Cider first came onto the scene when it won the Minnesota State Fair Blue Rippon for best cider. Soon after, the North Loop location’s doors were open to the public.

This funky location now offers a rotating selection of 16 different ciders, each with various apple blenders and flavor profiles.

Padraigs Brewing

In 2023, 612Brew’s original owners announced their plans to sell the long-time brewery and start a new chapter. The new buyers announced they’d be renaming the brewery to Padraigs, with a shifted focus to Irish beers.

Today, the brewery still holds all of that original 612 charm, with a whole new lineup of Irish Reds, Stouts, and Porters, plus a few familiar Blondes and IPAs for good measure.

Red Chimney (Irish Red)

Dullahans Dark (Irish Stout)

Paddy’s Premium (Lager)

Pryes Brewing

pryes brewing

When we heard Pryes was moving into a new location in North Minneapolis, we were’nt sure what to expect. Their spot was a bit on the outskirts of downtown, and to be honest, we still weren’t sure how on earth to say their name.

All those doubts went away when we stepped inside their new, beautiful, and trendy taprom. Here, you’ll find towering ceilings, chic design, beautiful lighting, and a giant beer list that will have you ordering again and again.

(Turns out it’s pronounced “Prize”, by the way… )

Miraculum (IPA)

Royal Raspberry (Sour)

Pragmatic (Pilsener)

Sisyphus Brewing

sisyphus brewing minneapolis minnesota

Along with Pryes Brewing, Sispyphus Brewing is duking it out for the title of “Extremely Difficult to Pronounce” Minneapolis brewery names.

But fear not. Despite the syllable struggles, Sisyphus (a reference to the story from Ancient Greek Mythology) sports one of the most laid back taprooms in the entire cities.

Not to mention, a fantastic collection of IPAs, Stouts, and lighter varieties.

Sociable Cider Werks

sociable cider werks minneapolis

Sociable Cider Werks has been serving up delicious ciders to Twin Cities locals since before the cider thing was cool.

This O.G. cidery always has a collection of barley-less alcoholic offerings sure to impress even the most hardcore of cider fans.

Looking for a dry apple cider? Or maybe more of a hoppy apple cider? Scrumpy apple cider? No matter, Sociable’s got it.

Any of the many, many ciders!

Steel Toe Brewing

steel toe - st louis park, minnesota

Just east of downtown, in St. Louis Park, sits a humble brewery that is anything but overlooked by the true beer lovers of Minnesota.

With a loyal, local crowd that doesn’t seem to care what day of the week or hour of the day it is, Steel Toe finds that perfect balance between buzzing microbrewery and chill local hangout. 

A local hangout that’s worth seeking out!

Size 7 (IPA) 
Provider Ale (Summer Ale)
Size 4 (Session IPA)


Surly Brewing Co.

surly brewing co

What’s there to say about Surly?

Minnesota’s entire taproom scene could possibly be credited to them, since the bill allowing Minnesota breweries to serve pints onsite is literally called the Surly Bill.

Since then, Minnesota’s entire microbrewery scene has exploded, although Surly has remained firmly in the lead that whole time. 

Today, Surly remains far and away Minneapolis’s biggest taproom. (And the state’s too, for that matter.) In fact, everything about Surly is big.

A big taproom. A big fanbase. (Who’s known to camp out at liquor stores for the annual release of its Russian Imperial Stout) And most important of all, big flavor on all of their 26 taps available daily.

If you want to experience Minneapolis’s most popular brewery, you owe it to yourself to find a way to Surly.

Furious (IPA)

Darkness (Russian Imperial Stout)

Todd the Axe Man (IPA)

Hell (Lager)

Xtra Citra (Pale Ale)


Town Hall Brewery

minneapolis town hall brewery

Sorry to bust any bubbles, but Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery isn’t actually in a town hall. But no worries! They still serve great beer. And who can complain about great beer?

Town Hall specializes in Cask Ales, but they’ve also got a wide selection for any drinker. There’s a sizable food menu too, but you’re here for the beer, remember?

Now do your civic duty, and get to sipping!

Masala Mama (IPA)

Dortmunder Lager (German Lager)

Black H20 (Oatmeal Stout)


Utepils Brewing Company


Utepils sits a bit on the outskirts of Minneapolis, but if you make the trek, you’ll find a surprising Norwegian beer hall, with a cavernous indoor space and a beautiful, park-like patio.

For our money, there’s not a better spot on a clear Minnesota summer’s day. This is definitely one of our favorite breweries in town.

Ewald The Golden (German Hefewizen)

Alt 1848 (German Altbier)

Pils (Czech Pilsner)

Venn Brewing Company

venn brewing co

In the world of Minneapolis breweries, Venn sits in South Minneapolis, far outside the clusters of Downtown or Northeast breweries.

That said, this little South Minneapolis spot has a hugely popular neighborhood following. On any given night, you’re likely to find a hefty crowd in this large, spacious taproom, all enjoying any one of Venn’s rotating taps.

Speaking of which, get it while it’s  good, because Venn’s experimentation-friendly brewers have shunned the “flagship beer” model, and instead brew batches of whatever they fancy. When it’s out, it’s out!

Wild Mind Ales

wild mind artisan ales

Maybe no brewery in the cities tries more crazy beer experiments than the aptly named Wild Mind Ales.

The beer here is consistently funky, hoppy, and sour…y? But maybe the best word to describe the beer here? Delicious.

P.S. – Don’t worry, over the years, they’ve branched out into fantastic takes on many of the traditional styles as well.

Wooden Ship Brewing Company

wooden ship brewing logo

St. Paul Breweries

When it comes to the craft beer game, the second half of the Twin Cities is no slouch either!

St. Paul has a similarly exploding craft beer scene, with roughly 20 different breweries scatted in the city proper.

Bad Weather Brewing

bad weather

When it comes to the explosion of breweries near downtown St. Paul, Bad Weather is, in many ways, a pioneer. The brewery’s revitalization of a humble industrial building along St. Paul’s exploding West 7th Street arguably revitalized an entire neighborhood. One delicious Amber Windvane at a time!

Today, Bad Weather leads the pack as one of St. Paul’s most popular breweries. On any given day at the Brewery, you’re likely to find a packed taproom, a bustling patio, and just for a good measure… a delicious smelling food truck.

That’s because strangely enough, Bad Weather is one of the best places to go anytime there’s good weather, thanks to the taproom’s massive garage doors, which they’re never shy about opening up during patio season.

Windvane (Red IPA)

Passionfruit Anomaly (Sour)


Bang Brewing

bang brewing

Beer inside a grain silo? You can make that obscure dream come true at Bang Brewing!

Barrel Theory Beer Company

barrel theory

Barrel Theory’s warmly designed taproom has been churning out some of the city’s best sours and IPAs for years. So it’s no surprise this Lowertown spot has become a sort of mecca for St. Paul beer connoisseurs.

That’s thanks to a seriously impressive collection of unusual brews. Everything from the steady favorites to the wild experiments – we still haven’t seen a beer from Barrel Theory that hasn’t blown our socks off, in one way or another.

For any serious beer fan, it’s a must stop.

Rain Drops (N.E. IPA)

MPG (Seasonal – Fruit Sour)


Blackstack Brewing

blackstack brewing

Looking for good beer? Follow the stack!

Blackstack’s towering decommissioned smoke-stack shoots towards the sky, like a beacon for anyone looking to try some of the city’s best beers. (Local 755 New England IPA was killing the hazy scene since before it was cool…)

Some other reasons to love Blackstack:

  1. Huge, airy industrial atmosphere with tons of natural light.
  2. Frequent food trucks.
  3. Can Can Wonderland is in the basement. Nothing like starting or ending a brewery visit with some tipsy mini golf, in one of the craziest courses anywhere!

Burning Brothers Brewing

burning brothers

Hey, we couldn’t leave out our Celiac friends!

Yep, Burning Brother’s is the Twin Cities’ only gluten-free craft brewery. The menu’s packed with beers of all types, all made without the wheat, barley, rye, or gluten grains. (Plus takeout options from local gluten free restaurant menus, with a strictly enforced policy of no gluten foods in the taproom.)

Even for the glutent-tolerant, it’s a unique experience that any beer connoisseur needs to try.

Pyro (American Pale Ale)

Dual Citizen Brewing

dual citizen brewery saint paul minnesota

Dual Citizen is a massive indoor taproom with high ceilings, tall windows and… tap beer!

What more could you want?

Dual Citizen’s tap offerings are ever rotating, with what seems to be an emphasis on the classics. At any given time, there’s usually a quality Kolsh, Saison, Pale Ale, and some type of Brown Ale on the menu. Plus, an increasing appearance of some deliciously funky sours!

We’ll ask again… what more could you want?? Well, we’ll let you in on the following local’s tip:

Gambit Brewing Company


Gambit Brewery opened in 2023 in the old 12welve Eyes Brewing space in Lowertown, St. Paul.

The basement location in features a long list of tap beers, and the owner’s also bring their Wisconsin roots to St. Paul with an impressive collection of “northwoods cabin snacks” and homemade pizzas – with Wisconsin cheese, of course!

Lake Monster Brewing

lake monster brewing - saint paul, minnesota

Lake Monster’s quirky, locally inspired beer names are both an homage to the place it calls home and the atmosphere of the brewery itself. Como Claw Pilsener, anyone?

Como Claw (Pilsener)

Empty Rowboat (IPA)

MetroNOME Brewery

MetroNOME Brewery Logo

MetroNOME opened in Lowertown, St. Paul in 2022.

The brewery is ran by two musicians and donates a portion of their proceeds to music education for underprivileged youth in the Twin Cities. 

For taproom visitors, philanthropy is just one benefit of this brewery’s unique mission – the location also frequently hosts live music events showcasing up and coming artists through their foundation.

Saint Paul Brewing

saint paul brewing

Ever want to do some urban exploring with your beer? Head to Saint Paul Brewing!

Formerly known as Flat Earth Brewing, Saint Paul Brewing Company sits on the east side of town in the old Hamm’s canning factory. At first glance, you’re not sure if you’re walking into a vacant ruin or restored brewery. The building’s brick exterior oozes history, and that historic vibe continues inside with a sprawling taproom enclosed by brick walls.

Summit Brewing Co.

summit brewing company

Sometimes, you just have to tip your cap to an early pioneer.

In the scene of St. Paul microbreweries, it’s hard to get more O.G. than Summit Brewing. With a history dating back to 1986, Summit’s been a craft brewery since before that was even a thing.

Today, Summit has grown into one of Minnesota’s largest craft breweries, shipping their legendary Sagas and Extra Pale Ales all over the country. And all those shipments still originate from their St. Paul taproom. And while that taproom no longer offers their borderline dangerous tours with far too many free samples (RIP) it still makes for an awesome spot to check out some of Minnesota’s most popular beers.

The Lab

the lab - st paul, minnesota

There’s a lot of breweries across the cities. There’s not a lot of “pour your own” pilot facilities.

That title is claimed by The Lab. This “pilot facility” was founded to showcase up and coming recipes from independent brewers and small business owners. The goal being to get feedback from customers, who are free to pour as much as a full pint glass or as little as tiny taste.

In a crowded brewery scene, it’s a cool angle!

Rotating.  All the beers here are experimental “pilot” beers!

Urban Growler Brewing Company

urban growler brwing company - st. paul, mn

Two words: More. Cowbell. (Cream Ale!)

Or maybe you’re looking for the 2012 Minnesota State Fair “Blue Ribbon” winning Midwest IPA?

No matter your palate, Urban Growler is sure to please. And with an impressive food menu to boot (those nachos…) you really can’t go wrong at Urban Growler.


Cowbell Cream Ale (Cream Ale)

Midwest IPA (IPA)

Vanilla Latte (Blonde)

Wabasha Brewing Company

wabasha brewing company - st. paul, minn

West St. Paul’s lone brewery is holding down the fort for residents across the river.

As a result, you’ll find that Wabasha has the unmistakable feel of a cozy neighborhood pub. That’s thanks to a loyal following of Wabasha fans, who collectively help create a neighborhood atmosphere that you can’t fake.

It’s an authentic and welcome change of pace from the growing “micro” brewery scene at so many other mega taprooms.

West Side Popper (Jalapeno Cream Ale)

Wandering Leaf Brewing Company

Wandering Leaf opened in 2023 in a strip shopping center off West 7th Street in St. Paul.

The taproom is owned by a trained horticulturist, which explains the floor to ceiling plants and general conservatory vibe of the location. There’s also a large side patio perfect for those summer sipping days!

Waldmann Brewery (and Wustery!)

waldmann brewery and wurstery

Waldmann’s building, built in 1857, is the oldest surviving building in the Twin Cities. That history oozes out of every corner of this painstakingly restored space.

The final product is the Twin Cities’ most authentic German beer hall. Want to grab some Bratwurst while sipping on some Berliner next to the toasty fire upstairs? Or maybe you want to enjoy the nice summer weather on the festive outdoor Biergarten patio? Waldmann’s got you covered.

PS – Don’t forget to grab a syrup flavored Berliner!

THE Waldman Pilsener (German Pilsener)

Munich Dunkel (Dunkel)

Yoerg Brewing Company

yoerg st. paul

Yoerg brewery is technically the oldest brewery in Minnesota. It’s located on somewhat of a brewery island in the unexpected East St. Paul, but no matter, this spot is worth the drive!

From the cast iron spiral staircase leading to a quaint and cute upstairs sitting area, to the true-to-the-era early 1900s pre-prohibition beer recipes, all topped with a fantastic selection of rare and difficult to find German imports on tap, Yoerg is without question of the most unique breweries in the Twin Cities. 

Yoerg’s Beer (Steam Beer)

Yoerg’s Bock (Bock)

Breweries in the Twin Cities Suburbs

3rd Act Craft Brewery (Woodbury, MN)

3rd act brewing

That’ll be the day IPA (Red IPA)

4120 Radio Drive, Woodbury, Minnesota 55129

Monday-Thursday: 3pm – 8pm

Friday & Saturday: Noon – 8pm

Sunday: Noon – 6pm

Alloy Brewing Company (Coon Rapids, MN)

alloy brewing

Erik’s Red (Red Irish Ale)

Brimley Stout (Oatmeal Stout)

2700 Coon Rapids Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433

Angry Inch Brewing (Lakeville, MN)

angry inch brewing

Rotating Tap

20841 Holyoke Ave
Lakeville, MN, 55044

Badger Hill Brewing (Shakopee, MN)

badger hill brewing - shakopee

When you pull up into the Badger Hill parking lot and catch a glimpse of all the nearby roller coasters and thrill rides across the parking lot in Valley Fair, you get the feeling that Badger Hill is going to be a fun time.

When you step inside and try any one of their delicious beers, especially their famous IPAs, your suspicions are confirmed.

White IPA

Traitor IPA

2805 Winners Circle Dr
Shakopee, MN 55379

Back Channel Brewing Co. (Spring Park, MN)

back channel brewing co

Rotating Tap

4787 Shoreline Dr, Spring Park, MN 55384

Bald Man Brewing (Eagan, MN)

bald man brewing co eagan mn

Heart of Glass (Blonde Ale)

Tupelo Honey (Brown Ale)

Dark Side of the Moon (Porter)

2020 Silver Bell Rd # 28, Eagan, MN 55122

Bent Brewstillery (Roseville, MN)

bent brewstillery

Nordic Blonde (Amber Blonde Ale)

Enuff (IPA)

Nicked (Export Double Stout)

1744 Terrace Dr, Roseville, MN 55113

Big Wood Brewery (White Bear Lake, MN)

big wood brewery

Morning Wood (Coffee Stout)

Jack Savage (American Pale Ale)

Cabin Daze (Hazy IPA) w

Boathouse Brothers Brewing (Prior Lake, MN)

boathouse brothers brewing

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Boathouse Brothers just might be the king of the lakehouse vibe.

This taproom is decked out in all things boathouse, meaning you can sip your brews in a funky atmosphere of props and fishnets, all while sitting on a fisherman’s-style captain’s chair.

We love it. And don’t lie… we know you do too…

Boom Island Brewing Company (Minnetonka, MN)

boom island mankato brewery

Boom Island started as an early pioneer in Minneapolis’s craft beer scene, opening its downtown taproom in 2011 specializing in Belgian brews. After nearly a decade in that location, Boom Island moved out to a new taproom in Minnetonka.

But the party hasn’t slowed down just because Boom Island’s gone suburban. Their new taproom and beer garden still host all sorts of food trucks, live music, and even sporting events on the big screen screen.

Witness (Belgian Witbier)

Brew d'Etat (Jordan, MN)

Brew d'Etat Logo

One of our all-time favorite Minnesota breweries was Roet’s Brewery in Jordan, MN. Recently, that brewery was sold to Brew d’Etat, who relocated their business from Burnsville.

At Brew d’Etat, you can kind find the same community vibe that made Roet’s famous, plus a whole lot of delicious beers from every style.

Multiple Hazy IPAs, Sours, and Stouts

Bricksworth Beer Co (Burnsivlle, MN)

Brickworth Beer Co Logo

Brickworth is the only Twin Cities brewery with TWO locations. We covered their recently opened Minneapolis location above, but they’ve also got a huge taproom down in Burnsville.

ENKI Brewing Taproom & Eatery (Victoria, MN)

enki brewing - victoria, mn

Victoria’s Gold (Cream Ale)

Cacao Porter (Porter)

Tailfeather IPA (IPA)

Excelsior Brewing Company (Excelsior, MN)

excelsior brewing company

Big Island (Blonde Ale)

Bridge Jumper (IPA)

Bitteschlappe Munich (Brown Ale)

Rip Rap (Peanut Butter Stout)

Fat Pants Brewing Co. (Eden Prairie, MN)

fat pants brewing logo

Forgotten Star Brew Co (Fridley, MN)

forgotten star brew co

One of the newer breweries in the Twin Cities, Forgotten Star, housed in a historic WWII production facility, feels like an old favorite.

The building’s two massive smoke stacks act like a North star for beer lovers. Just look for the stacks in the horizon north of the cities in Fridley, and you’ll be rewarded with an awesome taproom and beer selection!

Northstar (Cream Ale)

Big Stick (IPA)

Ineffable Brewing Company (Burnsville, MN)

ineffable brewing logo


Inver Grove Brewing (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

inver grove brewing minnesota

Invictus Brewing Company (Blaine, MN)

invictus brewing co

Lakeville Brewing Company (Lakeville, MN)

lakeville brewing company minnesota

Lift Bridge Brewing Company (Stillwater, MN)

lift brdige brewing co stillwater mn

Lift Bridge in Stillwater is a Minnesota classic. You’ll find their flagship Farm Girl Saison at bars all across the state, and their flagship Hop Dish IPA selling can after can at liquor stores everywhere.

But we’ve got three words for you: Mini. Donut. Beer.

This Lift Bridge state fair special literally comes complete with a mini donut on the rim. Need we say more?

Farm Girl (Saison)

Hop Dish (IPA)

Mini Donut Beer (Seasonal)


LTD Brewing Company (Hopkins, MN)

LTD Brewing - hopkins, minnesota

Night Falls (Russian Imperial Stout)

Nine Mile Brewing (Bloomington, MN)

North 20 Brewing (Rosemount, MN)

north 20 brewing logo

OMNI Brewing Co. (Maple Grove, MN)

omni brewing

FAD (New England Double IPA)

Lake Day (Session Pale Ale)

Night Cap (Double Stout)

Schram Haus Brewery (Chaska, MN)

schram house brewery chaska, minnesota

Shakopee Brewhall (Shakopee, MN)

shakopee brewhall minnesota

I bet you didn’t expect Shakopee to:

1. Have a quaint, small-town Main Street
2. Have that Main Street feature one of the coolest breweries in the Twin Cities.

Shakopee Brew Hall stays true to its name, with a beer-hall atmosphere that at any given time, is packed with friendly locals. There’s just something about this place. When you see the warm glow calling you into this brewery as you stroll downtown Shakopee, you’ll know what we mean.

Spiral Brewery (Hasting, MN)

spiral brewing - hastings, mn

Another suburban brewery located a quaint Main Street, Spiral Brewery’s taproom certainly feels more “small town” than “suburb.”

That’s thanks to the historic location, which comes complete with sandstone brick walls, wooden accent beams, copper ceilings, and… a whole bunch of beer fermenting tanks!

It’s a cool vibe with a community atmosphere. Oh, and some great beer, too!

Under Pressure Brewing (Golden Valley, MN)

Unmapped Brewing Co. (Minnetonka, MN)

unmapped brewing co

Topo Wit (Belgian White)

Disorientation (Belgian Tripel)

Saison Amelie (Petite Honey Sasion)

Waconia Brewing Company (Waconia, MN)

waconia brewing company

90K (IPA)

255 (Amber Ale)

Chocolate Peanut Butter (Porter)

Wactown (Wheat)

Carver County (Kolsch)

Wicked Wort Brewing Company (Robbinsdale, MN)

wicked wort brewing co

Wooden Hill Brewing Company (Edina, MN)

wooden hill brewing - edina, mn

Kold Shoulder (Kolsch)

French River (Saison)

Code 3 (Juicy IPA)

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