Ski Rental in Lutsen, MN: All Your Options (Unbiased Guide)

ski rentals lutsen mountains

Heading to Lutsen Mountains and need some skis?

I’ve got all your options.

Confession: As an avid skier who used to live in Colorado, I’ve owned my own skis for a while. BUT, Lily always rents, which means we have spent many-a-days at the ski rental shops whenever we visit Lutsen mountain for a seasonal dose of snow!

Whether you’re looking for maximum convenience or the best deal, this article will show you all your best ski and snowboard rental options.

Map of Ski Rental Shops near Lutsen Mountains

Quick Comparison of Rental Options near Lutsen, MN

  Lutsen Mountains Resort Lutsen Recreation Inc.  Sawtooth Outfitters
Beginner Ski Package $50 $48 $34
Sport Ski Package $55 $58 $40
Performance Ski Package $85 $75 N/A
Demo Ski Package N/A $85 N/A
Kids Ski Package No Discount $38 $20
Snowboard Package $55 $55 $36
Helmet $12 $12 $7

Note that these aren’t exact apples to apples comparisons, because each shop has slightly different gear, but after having compared the options, purchased rentals, and read the fine print, I am pretty confident this is a fair summary. Prices updated in 2023. Read on for more info…

The most popular option: Lutsen Mountain

lutsen mn ski rental shop

Most people visiting Lutsen Mountain take the easy route and just book their rentals through the official resort. Beginner ski packages on the mountain start at $50 per day, with performance skis running $85. If you need a helmet (highly recommended!) that will be an extra $12.

Note that all rentals come with skis, boots, and poles. You can also save 10 bucks a day if you book more than 2 days.

The rental shop at Lutsen mountain is located right next to the ticket office. So the process starts with grabbing your ticket from the Ticket Office, and either letting them know about your online reservation or asking for rental tickets as well. Then, head next door to the rental shop and grab your gear. Max convenience!

The trade off is that the mountain rentals are a little pricier than some other options on this list, and if you’re looking for the best of the best equipment or more flexible pricing, other rental shops in town have more options.

The most flexible pricing & expert advice: Lutsen Recreation, Inc.

lutsen recreation inc

If you’re looking for a little more specialized advice and gear, you might want to check out Lutsen Recreation, Inc. This local shop is located just 2 minutes (1 mile) from the Lutsen Mountain base area, and you’ll drive right by it when you’re heading up Ski Hill Road to the resort.

Going with Lutsen Recreation has a few advantages over renting directly from the resort:

  1. They offer discounts for kid’s rentals, whereas the resort which charges the same rental price for adults vs. kids.
  2. If you’re looking for the best of the best equipment, they’re the only rental shop that in the area that offers true expert demo ski packages.
  3. They offer separate pricing for renting skis or boots only. So, if you already have your own boots, this can save you $20-50 per day, compared to the resort which only rents the full package. (And charges the same flat rate either way.)
  4. If you’re planning an extended stay, rentals are half price after 4 consecutive days of renting.
  5. They’re also the only shop in the area that offers backcountry gear.

Lutsen Recreation advertises themselves as the premier equipment experts in the area. And in my experience, they’re avid skiers themselves you know their stuff.

The best value: Sawtooth Outfitters

For the best deal in the area on ski rentals, your answer is Sawtooth Outfitters.

Their kids skis are just $20 per day, a whopping 60% savings compared to the resort prices. Even their standard adult skis start at $34 per day, compared to $50 per day on the mountain.

Like the resort rental shop, all ski rentals here come with skis, boots, and poles. If you need a helmet, they rent those out for $7. (That would be 40% cheaper than the mountain.)

Sawtooth outfitters is located in Tofte, MN, about 12 minutes south of Lutsen Mountain. (9 miles) So, you do sacrifice a bit on convenience, but the price can’t be beat!

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