Where to Go Roller Skating in the Twin Cities

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It could’ve been the dark days of the pandemic, the growing popularity of Roller Derby, or just a general love for all-things throwback. But if you haven’t noticed, roller skating is back in a big way.

Some of us took up baking or crochet while social distancing. Others borrowed Grandma’s vintage skates and took them to Tik Tok to show off those toe spins.

Either way, we’ve seen more people gliding around the Twin Cities on roller skates than ever before.

Thankfully there are still a handful of these classic roller rinks around the Twin Cities ready for your best tube socks and John Travolta moves. (After all, from November to May, the sidewalks in Minnesota aren’t overly friendly for the roller-skating crowd.)

Map of Roller Skating Rinks around the Twin Cities

Where to Go Roller Skating in the Twin Cities

Cheap Skate (Coon Rapids)

One of two options in the Twin Cities, Cheap Skate serves up all the classic things you expect from a roller rink. The large blue and golden yellow rink brings you back to the 1970s, with racks of rental skates and neon lights lining the walls.

An arcade, snack counter, and bouncy house area round out the venue for whenever you need a break from the wheels. Cheap Skate also has a pro shop where you can get fitted for your custom pair of skates.

Open evenings during the week and Saturday/Sunday daytime hours, roller skating rental starts at under $5 + tax. Cheap Skate follows the Anoka-Hennepin district calendar during the school year, offering weekday skating to fill up those school break days.

One last tip:  if you’re unsure about skating or looking for ways to up your roller game, Cheap Skate offers roller lessons for adults and kids. Individual sessions are $20, and no registration is required.

Skateville Roller Skating Center (Burnsville)

Rain or shine, Skateville brings the fun. For more than 40 years, this family-friendly venue has polished up its 14,000-square-foot maple skating floor to welcome roller skaters of all ages and skill levels.

During the week, Skateville hosts ‘adult only’ evenings with $10 admission and $3 skates. On weekends, they open their doors early for all ages and offer a $9 admission. Expect plenty of birthday parties and group events, though. (It’s a popular kid birthday destination in the South Metro.)

Outside the Metro

If the two Twin Cities roller rinks haven’t fulfilled all your roller skating dreams, two other options are worth the drive:

Skatin’ Place (St. Cloud)

Along with roller skating, Skatin’ Place on Southway Drive in St. Cloud offers laser tag and a giant arcade. Follow them on Tik Tok for viral roller skating videos. Then, check out their special skating parties during Minnesota Vikings games.

  • Address: 3302 Southway Drive, St. Cloud, MN 56301
  • Website: Skatin’ Place

Thunder Blades Roller Rink

We love that Thunder Blades in Princeton (about 50 minutes north of downtown Minneapolis) restored a 1980s rink to all its roller glory. If you’re considering an event worth the drive, try their all-night New Year’s Eve Lock-in.

Don’t forget Twin Cities Skaters!

While it’s not a stand-alone roller skating rink, another resource is worth mentioning.

With so many new and old fans of roller skating in the Twin Cities, there’s a growing community of roller skating enthusiasts known as the Twin Cities Skaters. During the summer, this group gets together for outdoor social outings, skating events, and lessons.

In the winter, the group rents space in local field houses and school gyms (or any other flat surface they can find!) for fun social skates. Find them online with the hashtags #TwinCitiesSkaters and #ComeRollWithUs

Recently closed rinks…

Unfortunately, we’ve lost a few classics over the years. If you’re wondering why your old favorite isn’t included on this list, here’s a few of the most popular rinks that recently closed:

  • Roller Garden (St. Louis Park, MN)
  • Saints North Skate Center (Maplewood, MN)
  • Wooddale Fun Zonze (Woodbury, MN)

Why try roller skating, anyway?

If you’re still debating whether these spots are worth the trip, let’s review a few reasons why roller skating was not only a fun lockdown hobby but also growing in popularity around Minnesota:

1 – It’s great exercise. Trust us on this one. Somehow you will find muscles you never knew you had when you’re done with an hour on skates. An hour of vigorous roller skating can burn more than 500 calories per hour.

2 – It’s excellent for mental health too. We know the stats on how good physical activity is for your mental health. But roller skating is particularly good at boosting mood and reducing stress. Apparently, there are long-lasting perks to blasting your favorite dance music and shutting out everything else while you focus on not breaking your tailbone.

3 – There’s always something to get better at. Even the roller skating pros (yes, there are professional roller dancers) still practice and work on getting better. New moves. Longer distances. Fancier tricks. If you like to have a goal to work at, roller skating has plenty of opportunity for growth.

4 –  It’s fun to do with friends. Even though it started as a socially distant activity, roller skating is way more fun with others. Roller rinks have always been a place for friends to gather and for first dates to happen. So grab your best buds and take a trip to one of the rinks below for what will no doubt be a memorable outing.

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