The 7 Best Restaurants Near the St. Paul Farmers’ Market

What can be better than weekend trip to the Downtown St. Paul Farmers’ Market?

How about a trip to the Downtown St. Paul Farmers Market capped with a brunch! (Or full lunch! We won’t judge…)

Today, we’re sharing our local’s picks for all the best restaurants near the St. Paul Farmers Market.

So if you’ve ever felt all those delicious samples and beautiful produce working up your appetite, this one’s for you!

Map of the Best Restaurants Near the St. Paul Farmer's Market

Most Popular Place to Grab a Quick Coffee or Tea: Black Dog Cafe

black dog - st. paul
Black Dog Cafe is just a 1 minute walk south of the Farmers’ Market. Inside, you’ll find an adorable cafe with beautiful exposed woodwork, lots of natural light, and a full menu to boot.
While their full breakfast and brunch menu is always tempting, it’s really their drinks that have us coming back again and again. Black Dog carries a complete list of coffee, espresso, and tea. And if you stay long enough, you can roll straight into their surprisingly impressive collection of tap beer, wine, and cocktails! Not that we’d know anything about that…
All in all, Black Dog’s location makes it the perfect spot to quickly grab something to enjoy while browsing the market.

Closest Coffee Shop: True Stone Coffee Roasters

closest coffee shop to st. paul farmer's market

With the closing of Salty Tart in 2019 (RIP) we were worried this beautiful space would go to waste.

Thankfully, True Stone Coffee picked up where Salty Tart left off. Opened in 2020, True Stone serves delicious coffee and tea, right next door to the farmers’ market.

Their menu even features small plates and pastries, the latter which seem to use the exact same recipes as the old Salty Tart. One delicious ham and cheese croissant, please!

The Most Popular Brunch Spot: The Buttered Tin

While this is actually the farthest spot from the Farmers’ Market on our list, this brunch spot is worth the 3 block walk.

As you’ll immediately recognize from the constant line out the door, The Buttered Tin is arguably downtown St. Paul’s most popular brunch. They don’t take reservations either, but oh… is the food so worth it.

  • Distance from Market: 0.3 miles
  • Weekend Hours: Opens at 7 AM
  • Address: 237 Seventh St. East , St. Paul, MN 55101
  • Website: https://thebutteredtin.com/

Our Personal Favorite Brunch: Saint Dinette

best brunch near st. paul farmer's market
On the Northwest corner of the Farmers’ Market sits Saint Dinette – one of the coolest and trendiest brunch spots in St. Paul.
Inside, you’ll find a beautiful space. High windows, industrial touches, and a buzzing atmosphere.
Saint Dinette isn’t all show though. They feature a brunch menu that gets our vote for the best near the Farmers’ Market.
  • Distance from Market: 0.1 mile (right nextdoor to the market) 
  • Weekend Hours: Opens at 10 AM
  • Address: 261 East 5th Street, Saint Paul , MN 55101
  • Website: http://www.saintdinette.com

The Best Chef-Driven Brunch: Just/Us

just us - lowertown st. paul

Just/Us has a bit of a cult following around St. Paul, and for good reason.

The team here made a splash when they introduced their affordable dinner tasting menus. A year later, they announced they were moving to a new location right next door to the St. Paul Farmers’ Market, and adding a full brunch menu, too.

Here you’ll find interesting creations like their Espresso Rubbed Pork Belly, Huevos Nachos, and Frittata of the Week. All fantastic, of course.

  • Distance from Market: 0.1 mile (right nextdoor to the market) 
  • Weekend Hours: Opens at 9 AM
  • Address: 275 4th St E, Saint Paul, MN 55102
  • Website: https://www.justusmn.com/

The Best Casual Lunch: Big River Pizza

big river pizza - lowertown

If we could count the number of times we succumbed to the delicious looking slices of pizza lit up by Big River’s flaming brick-oven, well… we lost track a long time ago.

The fact those giant glass windows face directly towards the Farmers’ Market certainly doesn’t help our case, either.

If we’re feeling a fast and casual lunch after the market, Big River is our go-to spot. The pizza here is perfectly cooked, using only local Minnesota ingredients. And after downing so many slices in our lifetimes, we can confirm that you can taste the difference.

  • Distance from Market: 0.1 mile (right nextdoor to the market) 
  • Weekend Hours: Opens at 10 AM
  • Address: 275 4th St E, Saint Paul, MN 55102
  • Website: https://bigriverpizza.com/

Our Favorite Sit Down Lunch: Birch's Lowertown Taproom & Barrel House

birch's lowertown st paul

If you’re looking for more of a traditional sit-down option, Birch’s Lowertown is a great choice. Here you’ll find traditional bar food, done right. Great burgers, tasty wings, and solid beer, which is brewed onsite.

  • Distance from Market: 0.1 mile (just across the farmer’s market) 
  • Weekend Hours: Opens at 11 AM
  • Address: 289 E 5th St E Suite, St Paul, MN 55101
  • Website: https://birchslowertown.com/
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