Mr. Paul’s Supper Club… the Top Cajun in the Cities? (Our Full Review)

Ever since the closing of Bistro La Roux in Circle Pines, I’d argue there’s been one giant hole in the Twin Cities food scene.

It’s really really hard to find good Cajun and Creole food.

As someone who considers New Orleans to possibly be my favorite place on the planet (and has been known to make enough annual trips there to prove it!) this has always cut me deep. Real deep!

I mean, what’s a foodie to do when they’re craving the Cajun classics?

Well, hopefully, they can go to the brand-spankin’ new Mr. Paul’s Supper Club! 

To find out for sure, we booked some Friday night reservations and got to partyin’… Louisiana style!

About Mr. Paul’s Supper Club

mr. paul's supper club

Mr. Paul’s Supper Club opened in Fall 2021, and it quickly became one of the most popular reservations in town.

(In fact, after what seemed like a few months of trying, we eventually raised the white flag and just booked a dinner reservation at a time that’d make our Grandmas proud – 4:30 PM!)

You’ll notice the restaurant name itself is a blend of two concepts. One half includes “Mr. Paul” – an ode to the head chef Tommy Baugnaud’s grandfather, who by all accounts was a Laissez les bon temps rouler kinda guy. The second half is “Supper Club” – an ode to the throwback local dining concept that’s sweeping the Twin Cities with places we love, like Creekside Supper Club.

In other words, blending authentic Cajun and Creole food with easy going vibes of a northern social club? Why don’t you just steal our hearts, already!

Our Full Review

As previously mentioned, we rolled up to Mr. Paul’s Supper Club at a hilariously early 4:30 reservation, and we were shocked to see the place was already packed with plenty of Friday night parties throwing back cocktails and enjoying their time.

The Location

Mr. Paul’s is located in Edina, in the new Market Street development. It’s the sort of high-end construction you’d expect from Edina; there’s an underground parking garage, condos upstairs, multiple restaurants and bars, and plenty of shopping.

(If you’re looking for a destination date night, it’s a pretty convenient spot. You’ve got Sweet Science Ice Cream next door and plenty of courtyard space for hanging out. On our visit, there was even some sort of local celebration going on, complete with an ice carver and all!)

The Vibe and Atmosphere

mr paul's supper club atmosphere

The restaurant is a surprisingly huge space.

As we walked to our table, we walked past a bar that seemed to never end and through multiple different dining rooms.

And what was that lively music I was hearing? No, not The Saints Go Marching In, but…

1990s hip hop? Slim Shady!?

Hey, they did say it was a fusion concept!

(To be fair, despite this unexpected first impression, the restaurant played lively New Orleans jazz for the rest of the night.)

Overall, the restaurant is a beautiful space. It’s certainly higher end than the dive-bar haunts I tend to visit in New Orleans, but that shouldn’t exactly be a surprise. We are in Edina.

The Menu

mr. paul's supper club menu

True to form, the menu is unquestionably a mix of southern Louisiana and northern supper club. Gumbo, Boudin Balls, and Crawfish Etouffe sit next to Popovers, Walleye, and PorkChops.

And of course, there’s a lengthy cocktail, wine, and beer menu. (Authentic points for having Abita on tap!)


pimm's cup

Sean grabbed a beer, and I went with my New Orleans go-to… a Pimm’s Cup.

The Pimm’s Cup? BRAVO!

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a Pimm’s Cup snob, but this one was so good it’d make Napoleon House proud. (IYKYK)

Grilled Oysters

duck and andoille gumbo (2)

Like we said, we were at Mr. Paul’s on a mission – to hopefully find a new favorite Cajun restaurant in town – so it only made sense to start with a classic.

First impressions? (Well, second if you count the buzz of joy I was experiencing after downing a top notch Pimm’s Cup…)

These guys know what they’re doing.

These Grilled Oysters were absolutely good enough to have sprung right of New Orleans. Nice and jumbo, piping-hot, and served with plenty of parmesan butter for that succulent touch.

Duck and Andoille Gumbo

duck and andoille gumbo

Gumbo is probably the ultimate test for any Louisiana spot, and I’m happy to say that Mr. Paul’s passes with flying colors! (Not easy to do!)

This gumbo had plenty of that rich flavor that you just can’t fake, which was no doubt helped along by plenty of fall-apart tender duck and flavorful andouille sausage.

But may favorite part may have actually been an unexpected surprise…

Mr. Paul’s tops their gumbo with a flavorful potato salad. It sounds strange, I know, but incredibly, the cool cubes perfectly cut through the richness of the gumbo. Just a genius move.

(For the true Cajun connoisseurs, I should note that Mr. Paul’s definitely used more rice than is traditional in the soupy gumbos most often found down south. It turns the bowl into an almost gumbo/jambalaya mixture. This isn’t a complaint, since it’s no less delicious, but it is warning in case you forgot that you are at supper club’s take on the classics.)

Lobster Gnocchi

lobster gnocchi

Our waiter said this was his favorite item on the entire menu, so you know we had to try it.

And wow, did that guy earn his tip with this recommendation.

This was the highlight dish of the night, and one of my favorites in the entire cities. Imagine perfectly pillow soft gnocchi in the richest, most buttery sauce you’ve ever had, interspersed with just enough lobster and Cajun spice for maximum mouthwatering.

It’s this restaurant’s entire concept in a bowl – a unique take on a southern classic. Just perfect!

We were totally blown away by this one. 



No trip to New Orleans is complete without a beignet or three from Cafe Du Monde, so you know we’re gonna order these if we see them on the menu!

Mr. Paul’s beignets come out absolutely massive, and coated with all the powdered sugar you could ever want.

Their size alone means they’re thicker beignets than we usually see in The Big Easy, but they were every bit as fluffy and sugary as we hoped.

I mean, I think the next picture is worth a thousand words:

final review

Our Final Thoughts

Mr. Paul just might be the new champ of Louisiana cuisine in the Twin Cities.

And thank goodness, because this is a town that needed some delicious Louisana cuisine!

They are absolutely nailing the classics, and their more unique takes, like the Lobster Gnocchi that I’m still dreaming about days (and weeks!) later, are some of the best around.

P.S. – We will 100% be back to try the lunch special “Mr. Paul’s Poboys and Jams” whenever we’re craving some authentic New Orleans sandwiches!

Misc FAQs


Street, Valet, or Free Underground Garage Parking


Full wait service

Noise Level



3917 Market St, Edina, MN 55424



Mr. Paul’s Supper Club

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