What is the most expensive restaurant in Minneapolis St. Paul?

most expensive restaurant in minneapolis st paul
RH Rooftop in Minneapolis

What is the most expensive restaurant in Minneapolis – St. Paul?

We were in the mood for our eyes to bug out of our heads, so we went searching for the #1 priciest meal in town.

Whether you’re looking for the highest quality steak money can buy or you’re looking to experience the costliest chef’s tasting menu possible, get ready for some sticker shock!

How We Found The Most Expensive Restaurant in Town

To be fair, finding the most expensive restaurant in the Twin Cities is more difficult than it may seem.

Do you measure the single most expensive dish? Should you count multi-course tasting menus? What about beverage pairings?

Our extremely unscientific answer: yes, yes, and yes.

So behold, a final list of the most wallet breaking tables in town, no matter how you want to blow your cash.

The most expensive stand alone tasting menu: Kaiseki Furukawa

Most expensive item: The $160 tasting menu

You can make a strong case that Kaiseki Furukawa is the undisputed most expensive restaurant in town. That’s because you’re only given one option when making a reservation here: the $160 tasting menu or bust!

Located in the same space that houses Kado No Mise (maybe the best sushi experience in town and honorable mention as one of the priciest meals in the Twin Cities – more on that later…) Kaiseki Furuwaka is a super exclusive restaurant that seats no more than a dozen people at the chef’s counter, and it only operates on Tuesday nights.

What do you get for $160? A 10-course, seasonal tasting menu that draws inspiration from 16th century Japanese tea ceremonies.

The whole experience is masterfully crafted by Chef (title drop coming in 3…2…1…) Kaiseki Furukawa, a Tokyo local also who spent years studying under master chefs in Kyoto.

You definitely get what you pay for here – Kaiseki Furukawa is certainly one of the most unique dining experiences in Minnesota!

The most expensive tasting menu with drink pairing: Demi

Most expensive option: $250 total (the $150 tasting menu + $100 reserve wine pairing)

Officially, Demi is only the second most expensive tasting menu in town. At $10 cheaper than Kaiseki Furukawa, it’s a steal of a deal! Until you add the reserve wine pairing for an extra $100 bucks, and then you’ve quickly found yourself exploring THE most expensive tasting menu in the Twin Cites.

So, what do you get for $250? An intimate, multi-course tasting at the Chef’s Counter, where you have a front row seat to Demi’s world class staff.

After all, this is the sister restaurant to Spoon and Stable, the first Minneapolis restaurant opened by celebrity chef Gavin Kaysen. Considering Spoon and stable won Gavin Kaysen a “Best Chef in the Midwest” James Beard award, and then a year later Kaysen opened Demi next-door for an even higher-end experience, you can see how completely off the charts Kaysen has designed this caliber of dining to be.

  • Address: 212 N 2nd St Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55401
  • Website: Demi

The tasting with the most potential to get out-of-control-expensive: Travail

Most expensive option: Over $310 per person (the $135 prime time tasting + $75 beverage pairing + multiple $100 add ons available)

Travail may have single handedly brought the tasting menu craze to the Twin Cities when they first unveiled their 20+ course tastings several years ago.

The experience quickly proved so popular that the restaurant shifted to a “ticket” style system. That means you now buy your reservation in advance, and the price changes based on peak days and hours. (Tickets start at around $115 per person for a Wednesday and increase to $135 a person for Fridays and Saturdays.)

But that’s just the start, because no tasting menu at Travail is complete without the beverage pairings, which usually run $75 for a wine or cocktail flight to complement each of your 20+ courses.

And did I mention the supplements? For example, you can currently add an extra $100 to your final tab if you ever decide to add Wagyu beef, King Crab, or Cavier to your 20+ courses.

Considering Travail is a place that’s known to party hard, even the most budget-conscious diners could find themselves giving into those $100 temptations faster than they planned. (After all, our first visit to Travail found the chefs and servers passing around “Das Boot” – an enormous foot shaped behemoth of a beer glass, and we all couldn’t help doing anything except singing and drinking along.)

  • Address: 4134 Hubbard Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN 55422
  • Website: Travail

The most expensive single menu item in Minneapolis: Manny’s Steakhouse

Most expensive option: The $186 King Crab Leg

You knew that the most iconic steakhouse in the Twin Cities had to make an appearance on this list.

And what an appearance that is! With a completely shocking entree that’s nearly $200 by itself!

To be fair, this crab leg weighs a full two pounds, so it’s clearly meant to be split between a couple, at least.

That said, even the spendiest single diners can always grab the “Bludgeon of Beef” or Double Porterhouse Steak, which both run $118 each.

  • Address: 825 S Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • Website: Manny’s

The most expensive special menu item we’ve ever seen: P.S. Steak

Most expensive item: $165 Wagyu steak

We mentioned this impressive menu item in our full review of P.S. Steak. It’s 100% legit, certified Japanese Wagyu beef coming in at $165 for five ounces.

For those keeping up with the math, that’s a staggering $528 a pound!

While this seemed to be a rotating menu item, if you happen to find yourself at the epic steakhouse when it’s on the menu, it doesn’t get any more premium in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

  • Address: 510 Groveland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • Website: P.S. Steak

Honorable Mentions:

The following places weren’t quiet costly enough to compete for the #1 most expensive title, but they’re still some of the most expensive restaurants in either Minneapolis or St. Paul.

  • RH Rooftop: Because the cheapest appetizer is over $20, and the cheapest drink is a $15 glass of wine.
  • Myriel: For the $135 seasonal tasting menu
  • Kado No Mise: The Deluxe Nigiri tasting runs $145 per person. It includes Wagyu beef and 10 pieces of the freshest Nigiri in town. (Among other Japanese delicacies.)

Map of the Most Expensive Restaurants in the Twin Cities


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