12 Most Disappointing Times Social Media Got Minnesota Weather SO Right

Us Minnesotans are a proud bunch.

We love where we live. There’s delicious food, beautiful sights to see, and fun things to do.

But once a year, that love turns into a something more like a love/hate relationship.

That’s when the annual cold arrives, and with the beauty of the other three seasons long frozen behind us, we can’t help but poke fun at the ridiculous weather we’re all battling together.

Nobody collective vents this frustration better than the hilarious Minnesotans on r/Minnesota. Here’s 12 times those Redditors NAILED IT.

1. You know it’s colder in Minnesota, right?

colder in Minnesota

2. Minnesotans when it hits 32 degrees

Minnesotans when it hits 32 degrees from r/minnesota

3. Outsiders wouldn’t understand…

snowing must be warm

4. At least the weather is predictable?

crazy MN temperatures

5. We get no sympathy though 🙁

nobody cares

6. Still, it’s not all bad

Minnesota roadwork

7. About the Most Minnesotan way to handle an icy driveway

About the most Minnesotan way to handle an icy drive way. from minnesota

8. 💪

california vs. new england vs. minnesota

9. At least we have May to look forward to

May in Minnesota

10. Not sure if it works like that…

midwest feel

11. Wait, it’s always looked like that right?

MN map

12. The real reason you made it to #12:

things minnesotans love


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