These 7 coronavirus memes are so Minnesotan it hurts.

It’s the… coronaviiiiiiirus.

Hopefully you’re coping okay. As you can tell from the intro sentence, we’re hit or miss.

That said, even if there’s a ton of bad coming from all this (our favorite restaurants shutting down? It’s fine… everything’s fine… 😬) leave it to the internet to bring our spirits up with some good old fashioned memes.

Here’s 7 Minnesota coronavirus memes that don’t just hit close to home; they drive a car right through our overly sanitized living rooms!


1. Quarantine!?

minnesotans vs. the world quarantine

2. CDC Recommendations

cdc recommendations for minnesotans

3. Speaking of which, why ARE Minnesota’s cases so low?

social distancing minnesota

4. Always Minnesota Nice


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That’s Minnesota nice! 😍

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5. The elusive tatortotius hotdisheras


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6.Mosquitoes returning to Minnesota in Spring like…


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7. Only Minnesotans will get it…

social distancing minneapolis


Stay safe out there!

Oh, who am I kidding. You’re Minnesotan… I mean *in* there!

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