Twin Cities Mini Golf: The 19 Best Courses near Minneapolis & St. Paul

mini golf - minneapolis, st. paul, and twin cities, mn

I’ll admit it.

I’m a mini golf fiend.

While I can’t drive or chip a real golf ball to save my life, my commitment to testing out tons of mini golf courses around the Twin Cities means I can now putt putt with the best of them.

My dedication to this psuedo-sport also means that over the years, I’ve catalogued a big list of all the best mini golf courses in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities suburbs.

Today, I’m sharing that list with you!

Whether you’re looking for indoor mini golf available year round, outdoor mini golf limited to the summer, easy family friendly courses, or challenging scaled down versions of actual putting greens… You’re sure to find it in this exhaustive list covering all the best MN mini golfing!

Twin Cities, MN: Map of Our Favorite Miniature Golf Courses near Minneapolis & St. Paul

Indoor Mini Golf Courses

In a state as cold as Minnesota, being able to play mini golf in the toasty warmth of an indoor miniature golf course is a nice luxury. As an added bonus, all these courses stay open year round!

Can Can Wonderland (St. Paul)

Without a doubt, one of the coolest mini golf courses in the Twin Cities is Can Can Wonderland.

Each hole of this entirely indoor golf course has a totally unique theme, and that’s because of a design process as crazy as the course itself.

When building the course, Can Can Wonderland accepted over 200 submissions before narrowing things down to the final 18 holes. No idea was too wild, either. They literally accepted proposals from 10 year olds with colored pencil drawings, then contracted with local artists and fabricators to make those big imaginations into reality.

The result is an absolutely crazy mini golf course that features everything from 15 foot tall moving tornadoes, a “batting cage” where you hit your ball with a baseball bat, and a 200 foot putt “formerly known as the longest mini golf hole in the world.”

Safe to say, if you’re looking for that truly quirky mini golf experience, Can Can Wonderland is the ticket!

Although kids are allowed, this spot has turned into an adult favorite thanks to the “boozy milkshakes” sold on site, plus a location right next to a great twin cities brewery. (Blackstack Brewing) Be warned though, Can Can’s massive popularity does come at a cost – a reservation is usually required, and this course can get extremely crowded during busy times.


The Puttery (Minneapolis)

The Puttery is the only mini golf course in downtown Minneapolis, and it’s got all the swanky vibes you’d expect.

This golf course is clearly catered to urban date night. Amidst the course, you’ll also find a large cocktail bar, a full kitchen, and extensive seating to hang out.

Oh, and forget about usual faded green mini golf holes. The 18 holes at The Puttery trade the usual faded green carpets for much classier maroons and mahogoanies, which go well with their library and deep forest themes. Bring a date and show them your strokes!


Moose Mountain Adventure Golf (Mall of America – Bloomington)

indoor mini golf twin cities - moose mountain

Moose Mountain is a really well-themed indoor mini golf course at the Mall of America. The course’s towering rock structures might make you feel like you’ve stepped into a ride at Disney World, but in reality you’re putting through a North Woods story with life size moose, horses, logging trucks, and more.

PS – Here’s a random but crazy video of a mini golf pro scoring a hole-in-one on 16 out of the 18 holes at Moose Mountain:

  • Website: Moose Mountain
  • Address: 376 North Garden, Bloomington, MN 55425


Rock of Ages Blacklight Minigolf (Mall of America – Bloomington)

The second indoor miniature golf course at the Mall of America, Rock of Ages takes things into the dark.

This black light golf course features a glowing theme paying homage to music legends from the 1950s to today. All in the colorful, psychedelic rainbow you’d expect from a black light course.

And yes, in true Minnesotan fashion, there’s a hole devoted entirely to Prince. (Hole 14, if the giant purple guitar didn’t give it away…)


Grand Slam Mini Golf (Burnsville)

This pirate themed indoor course in Burnsville is actually done really well. You’ll find pirate ships, treasure chests, and skeletons galore, and the course does good job weaving this theme into the golfing. You’ll shoot through a spinning ship wheel and make your way through a bat cave. And with the big indoor palm trees, the weather’s always perfect!

As an added bonus, Grand Slam features a ton of other attractions that make it a birthday party favorite, like an arcade, laser tag, trampolines, bumper cars, and more.


Grand Slam Mini Golf (Coon Rapids)

The second Grand Slam location in the Twin Cities, this course is a little more dated and not quite as well themed as the Burnsville location. This course features a more generic castle theme, and there’s a few knights and dragons scattered throughout. That said, it’s still a fun time and certainly one of the better mini golfing experiences in the area.


The Burrow (Victoria)

The Burrow is a fun filled indoor space located 35 minutes west of Minneapolis, in Victoria. Under one roof, you’ll find axe throwing, classic arcade games, darts, pizza, street food, and of course, mini golfing!

The course here is “18 holes of championship level mini golf” which means the holes intentionally sacrifice the whimsical windmills in favor of realistic miniature greens intended to mimic the play of real life golf.

It’s a pretty cool idea, and it’s done really well thanks to the well-maintained and well-landscaped course. Of course, all the local beers on tap certainly help, too!


Outdoor Mini Golf Courses

As nice as the indoor courses can be in the winter, once the weather warms up, sometimes you just want to head outside and enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summer days.

When that urge hits, these 11 outdoor mini golf courses are just what the doctor ordered.

Big Stone Mini Golf and Sculpture Garden (Minnetrista, MN)

best outdoor mini golf twin cities - big stone

Big Stone Mini golf sits 35 minutes west of Minneapolis, but don’t let the distant deter you. With a course so legendary it’s been featured in The New York Times, Big Stone Mini Golf is the undisputed king of outdoor miniature golf courses in the Twin Cities.

Created as a labor of love, this 14 hole course sits in the backyard of local artist Bruce Stillman. And you’ll find the artistic influence everywhere.

These holes trades the plastic decorations and fake windmills for real tree trunks and carved stone, with a few kinetic sculptures thrown in for good measure. Instead of cheesy, faded hole descriptions? Each hole gets its own hand-crafted metal sign. Instead of exiting through a cheesy gift shop? A beautiful sculpture garden.

For any mini golf fan in Minneapolis, Big Stone is a must visit. (That’s a link to our full review!)


Skyline Golf at the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis)

Every summer, The Walker Art Center (aka Minneapolis’s famous art museum and home of the Cherry Spoon sculpture) pairs up with local artists and to create a super unique and super fun mini golf course.

The course features ten holes total, each with its own art-inspired spin. In recent years, they’ve moved the course to the Walker Rooftop, which makes the skyline views even more memorable.

Golfing usually opens in May and runs through September. Tickets are first come first serve, and tee times can get competitive. So plan ahead and be ready to kill some time in the museum, if needed.


The Links at Dred Scott (Minneapolis)

Most people from Minneapolis have heard of the Dred Scott athletic complex near Bloomington, but what most of those people don’t know is that the field also has a full 18-hole mini golf course!

The outdoor course runs seasonally from April through September. The currently manager used to run a landscaping business, so you know this traditional golf course is kept clean and pretty! Here’s a short video from the city of Bloomington featuring the course:


Como Park Mini Golf (St. Paul)

Located across the street from Como Zoo, Como Park Mini Golf is operated by Wheel Fun Rentals. (Wheel Fun also has a location in Richfield, more on that later…)

18 holes? Forget about it – this St. Paul location is a whopping 27-hole golf course!

Nothing fancy, but the price is a pretty good bargain, the course is nice and convenient, and the free zoo right next door is a fun bonus.


Centennial Lakes Putting Course (Edina)

Centennial Lakes describes their course as “not miniature golf, it’s golf in miniature!”

That might sound like gibberish, but after stepping foot on this putting course, you’ll understand exactly what they’re saying.

This place looks less like a mini golf course and more like an actual golf course, scaled down. You putt on actual grass putting greens, which are surrounded by real sand traps, ponds, and more. It’s definitely a cool and unique experience to add to the Twin Cities mini golf scene!


Captain’s Course at Cascade Bay (Eagan)

Located in the city of Eagan’s Cascade Bay Waterpark, “The Captain’s Course” is probably the most affordable mini golfing option in the Cities. This nine hole course costs just $2 per game! For unlimited all day golf? Just $4! (Seriously!)

Obviously, at that price point, you’re not getting the world’s greatest mini golf. But, to our surprise, you do get a pretty solid game with some decent nautical theming.


Eagle Lake Youth Golf Center (Plymouth)

Eagle Lake Youth Golf Center is a full sized golf course 20 minutes northwest of Minneapolis. As you could probably tell from our inclusion on the list, this golf course also features a second golf course… of the miniature variety.

On this course you’ll find a classic 18 hole mini golf setup at an affordable price, with lots of nice, natural landscaping.


Malt & Tees / Wheel Fun Rentals (Richfield)

I believe the official name of this golf course is now “Wheel Fun Rentals at Veterans Memorial Park.”

In any case, Wheel Fun Rentals advertises itself as “The Best Mini Golf in Richfield.” They also happen to be the only mini golf in Richfield, so that tagline is a little concerning.

No matter. While this isn’t the best maintained course on the list, this is actually a pretty fun 18-hole mini-golf option that includes a waterfall, nice landscaping, and a nearby malt/ice cream shop. All in a beautiful city park setting.


Lilli Putt (Coon Rapids, MN)

Located 20 minutes north of Minneapolis, Lilli Putt is a mini golf / go-kart complex of classic Americana. But they also feature several unique attractions, like bumper boats, a jump pad, an escape room, and even a “mining activity” to search for rocks and other gems.

This is also one of the only places in the Twin Cities to play outdoor “glow golf.” On weekend nights, Lilli Putt swaps the usual equipment for light up golf balls and other glow lights.

  • Website: Lilli Putt
  • Address: 1349 Coon Rapids Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433


K and A Mini Golf (Cambridge, MN)

K and A Mini golf is sits in the small town of Cambridge, MN, about 45 minutes northwest of Minneapolis.

The theming here is pretty basic, so don’t expect a whole lot aside from a few potted plants and bark mulch. That said, this course was built in 2019, so it’s one of the newest courses on our list. As expected from a newer course, the greens are smooth and clean.  It also features some interesting (and challenging!) holes, so don’t forget to bring your A game!

  • Website: K & A Mini Golf
  • Address: 215 Opportunity Blvd N, Cambridge, MN 55008


Adventure Falls Mini Golf (Taylors Falls)

Adventure Falls Mini Golf in Taylors Falls, MN is about an hour from the Twin Cities, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most popular mini golf courses in the area. This 18 hole courses includes ponds, streams, and waterfalls. And while parts of the course are definitely in need of a little TLC, it all feels part of the retro vibe.

Don’t forget to check out the attached drive-in diner!


Lark Toys (Kellogg, MN)

Sure, this course is crazy-far from the Twin Cities. It’s about 30 minutes south of Red Wing, which makes it a 1.5 hours south of St. Paul.

So, why are we included it?

Well, aside from being voted The Best Toy Store in Minnesota by WCCO and named one of the Top 10 Toy Stores in the World by USA Today, Lark Toys also rounds out the whimsical family fun with a great mini golf course!

This classically themed mini golf course allows you to play through a mountain cave, a waterfall, and more. Definitely worth a stop if you happen to be in the area.


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