Jetsetting at Holman’s Table – St. Paul’s Hidden Gem (Photo Review)

holman's table review

Holman's Table: Quick Info

The Mushroom Toast!

$20 to $35


644 Bayfield Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55107


Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | CLOSED
Wednesday | 4 pm – 9 pm
Thursday | 4 pm – 9 pm
Friday | 4 pm – 10 pm
Saturday | 9 am – 10 pm
Sunday | 9 am – 3 pm

Private lot


Rotating menu. Click here for the current menu.

Holman's Table - Our Full Review

holman's terminal st paul airport

Secret St. Paul Trivia #1: St. Paul has an airport, and it’s not MSP.

Secret St. Paul Trivia #2: St. Paul’s airport also has a full-service, farm to table restaurant and bar, complete with panoramic views of the runaways!

It’s true!

Void of any commercial air travel, St. Paul’s airport, which is really more like a tiny collection of runaways and modest airplane hangers, is easy for even most locals to forget about. But that might be changing thanks to Holman’s Table!

This hidden gem of a restaurant has been on my “must eat” list for years. So, feeling fancy, hungry, and thirsty on a Friday night, I scheduled some reservations and got to exploring!

History of Holman's Table

I know, I know… you’re eager to hear about the food and drinks. But the history of Holman’s Table is just too cool not to share…

St. Paul’s Downtown Airport (STP) is also known as Holman Field. That name comes from the the early 1900s daredevil Charles W. “Speed” Holman, a guy known for:

  • Jumping out of planes
  • Winning multiple air races
  • Completing a record 1,433 consecutive loops over the St. Paul Airport
  • Eventually getting hired as the very first Northwest pilot in 1926
  • Tragically dying during a aerobatic performance at the opening of the Omaha Airport

So goes the story of Holman Field Terminal, a public works project completed in 1939 and now on the National Register of Historic Places. (The building itself has a fascinating history, too, including design by the first black licensed architect in Minnesota.)

holman field history

Today, that terminal is home to Holman’s Table – the swanky farm to table restaurant you’re reading about right now.

The Vibe & Atmosphere

holman's table view

Unless you happen to be living the private jet lifestyle, the St. Paul airport sits in a part of town you’ve probably never visited.

Located just south of downtown on the banks of the Mississippi River, getting to the airport (and Holman’s Table) requires driving down some windy, empty roads. It only takes a few minutes (literally, it’s right next to downtown) but somehow you feel like you’re exploring uncharted territory – a hidden gem buried in plain sight. (Or should I say, plane sight?? Ba-dum-tss!) 

Step inside the building, and you’re immediately transported back to luxurious days of yesteryear, ready to jetset on a mid-century adventure.

Marble floors, plush leather seats, and a stunning wall of windows looking across the panoramic runways – the space is amazing.

With our reservation ready, Lily and I cozied up into a comfortable booth facing the windows and got to ordering!

Drinks: Smoky Pomegranate Paloma, Hemingway Was Here, and Wine

After sitting down, I quickly realized that Holman’s Table is a great drinking spot. Their stacked bar looms over the entire dining room, and the lengthy cocktail menu makes narrowing down your choice a tough task.

I eventually settled on the Smoky Pomegranate Paloma, and the waitress congratulated me for my choice. (She admitted it was her favorite cocktail on the menu.)

smoky pomegrenate poloma

She was dead-on; this drink was fantastic. So, why stop there?

I quickly ordered a second. This time, I went with the “Hemingway Was Here” – a rum/grapefruit/lime mix that was every bit as fantastic as the first cocktail.

hemingway was here - cocktail bar

Two drinks down, and the consensus was clear. With fantastic drinks and incredible views – Holman’s Table is absolutely one of the most underrated bars in the Twin Cities!

(They also have a lengthy wine menu, which Lily took full advantage of, with high praise)

Appetizers: Mushroom Toast and Brussels Sprouts

In a continued theme of “the menu looks so good I don’t know what to decide” we ordered not one but TWO appetizers!

Mushroom Toast

mushroom toast


Wow. Just wow.

Lily and I were both blown away by this seemingly simple dish.

It’s basically a thick chunk of toasted bread topped with mushrooms and cheese, then taken to the next level with a subtle walnut sauce and a seriously flavorful balsamic reduction and “red onion marmalade” – which is basically a jam made out of caramelized onions.

We both agreed it was one of the best appetizers we’ve had, anywhere, in a while.

Brussels Sprouts

brussels sprouts

Brussels sprout appetizers seem to be popping up more and more around The Cities, and the take at Holman’s table is absolutely one of the best.

The magic moment of this dish? Dipping those perfectly roasted brussels into that addicting garlic sauce. (Taken to the next level with a mix of bacon, peppers, and crunchy breadcrumbs.)


Entrees: 300 Dollar Burger and Airline Chicken

Our waitress mentioned these were both among the most popular items on the menu, and I’m never one to go against a place’s staples.

300 Dollar Burger

300 dollar burger

Thankfully, $300 describes the taste, not the price. (The burger + sides were $24 on our visit.)

In a city packed with amazing burgers, this is one of the more unique takes around. Holman’s table uses farm-to-table beef, plops a fancy chunk of “foie gras butter” on top, then douses the whole thing in a flavor-packed sauce. (It’s a truffle glaze reduction.)

The final experience is half burger, half-french dip sandwich. I thought it was out of this world awesome. Lilly agreed the flavors were incredible, but wished the sauce hadn’t soaked the bun as much. (I didn’t mind, but I’m also a french dip addict.)

Airline Chicken

airline chicken

We grabbed some incredible bites off this fried chicken dish, but overall it seemed a little… bready? I’m not sure if we just got a skinny bird or what, but for us this was the only miss in an otherwise incredible dining experience.

It should be noted that the coleslaw and potatoes were both fantastic, though.

Final Thoughts - Holman's Table is 100% underrated

holman's table friday night

On our exploration, Holman’s Table revealed itself as a classy spot with beautiful views, delicious drinks, and incredible food.

Our waitress even hyped up on a few different offerings we’ll have to come back for:

  • A weekend brunch menu that sounds amazing
  • The summer patio, with tables just inches from the runway!
  • City-wide helicopter tours that take off from just outside the restaurant!

We will absolutely check it out, and we highly recommend you do the same!

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