Creekside Supper Club Review: Winsconsin classics in a new Minneapolis location

What if I told you one of the best Wisconsin supper clubs actually sat… in Minneapolis?

That’s the lofty goal that the brand new Creekside Super Club & Lounge is aiming for.

Can you really be transported from a Minneapolis neighborhood (Lake Nokomis / Tangletown, in this case) to rural Wisconsin, just by grabbing a table at the cozy Creekside Supper Club?

We thought we’d give it a shot to find out!

What is Creekside Supper Club?

creekside supper club and lounge minneapolis

Creekside is a new Twin Cities restaurant that opened on December 29, 2021.

It sits on Chicago Avenue right next to the Parkway Theater. And that location is no coincidence – it’s the brainchild of the theater’s two owners.

Previously, the space housed a revolving door of Mexican restaurants. First it was the long-time legend Pepitos, which sat as a neighborhood fixture for 46 years. When it closed in 2017, El Burrito took over, but they sadly closed near the beginning of the pandemic.

Then, the Parkway owners got an idea. What if they opened a new new restaurant… that doesn’t feel so new?

Their vision was a Wisconsin style Supper Club, where Grasshopper cocktails fill the menu, a fireplace warms the dining room, and Friday night fish fry is every night.

(They’re really speaking our language with that Fish Fry talk!)

About Creekside’s Chef

To make the dream a reality, the team paired with Eli Wollenzein. He’s the owner and chef of Coalition and Red Sauce Rebellion, two local favorites out in Excelsior.

Anyway, enough build up. Onto the review!

Our Full Review

We found ourselves heading to Creekside on a last minute whim. It was midweek in January, aka the dead of winter, and per usual for the Twin Cities this time of year, it was a dark, cold, and snowy night.

Something about warm burger patties, crispy fish fries, and cheesy curds just felt like a comforting reminder of brighter summer days. (Probably since, for so many of us Twin Cities locals, we associate Wisconsin with vacation lake getaways.)

The Creekside Vibe & Atmosphere

We parked on a snowy Chicago avenue, slogged through the frozen sidewalks, opened the door to Creekside, and immediately felt like we were transported to another place. 

We weren’t in Minneapolis anymore. No, maybe some rural Wisconsin dinning cabin a couple hundred miles away, but definitely not Minneapolis.

The hostess area includes a retro TV and a plush armchair straight from Granny’s cabin.

creekside lounge

The bar includes classic Wisconsin signage and enough steins, taps, and mounted buck heads to make you do a double take about which state you’re currently in.

creekside bar

And the dining area is everything you’d expect from a supper club. There’s the warm fireplace glowing up the room, and all the tables and chairs sit on… old carpet, of course!

The owners told Star Tribune they were looking to create a new space that didn’t feel new or trendy, and to that we say mission accomplished. Creekside is definitely a homey and familiar atmosphere that could fool you into thinking it’s been here for decades.

The Menu

creekside menu

You’ll find all the staples on Creekside’s Menu.

  • Cheese Curds, Onion Rings, and Popovers for appetizers (among others)
  • Walleye and Fish Frye among several seafood options
  • Steaks, Prime Rib, and Pork Chops on the meat side
  • Burgers, Sandwiches, and even a Penne Pasta or Roasted Chicken for entrees

And of course, you get a tray of veggies with ranch to nibble on while you decide.

Fair warning – we got so excited that we ordered enough food to serve a football team. Say, the Green Bay Packers, given our environment?



Stupidly, we didn’t even order these. But after hearing the table next to us shouting about how they were, “Seriously… the best popovers ever!” our sweet waitress must has sensed our collective regret, and she surprised us with a sample!

And I gotta say… that table next to use was dead on. These pillow soft popovers come with delicious honey butter, which makes for the sweetest and softest popover you’ve ever had.

What a start!

Roasted Corn Chowder

creekside soup

We ordered this off the waitress’s recommendation, who swore she’d bathe in this soup if she could.

As weird as it sounds, we gotta agree with her. This was a mind blowing soup. Pure comfort food in all the best ways.

Cheese Curds

cheese curds creekside

From Ellsworth, Wisconsin, naturally.

These were definitely legit cheese curds. They’re the extra light and fluffy variety… if a mountain of cheese and the word “light” can ever go together.

Their take also comes with an extra sweet tomato jam for dipping.

In a way, Creekside’s cheese curds remind me of Red Cow’s amazing triple berry ketchup curds. (And I mean that as high praise, since we crowned Red Cow in our list of the best cheese curds in Minneapolis and St. Paul.)

Onion Rings

onion rings

Extra big and extra crunchy, just like we like them!

Prime Rib Sandwich

creekside prime rib

In the restaurant world, I feel like Prime Rib Sandwiches are a bit of a risk. A lot of places serve something with prime rib (of questionable quality) on a bun that leaves a lot to be desired. 

Not Creekside!

This is an incredible prime rib.

It’s almost cheesesteak like, with delicately shaved meat that’s coated in tons of hot, gooey provolone cheese. (And a perfectly soft bun, to boot!)

prime rib sandwich

They add a touch of horseradish cream, caramelized onions, and of course plenty of delicious au jus broth for dipping.

I absolutely loved this sandwich.

Fish Fry

fish fry creekside

Now that’s some legit fish fry that’d make the best bars in Wisconsin proud.

Big hunking chunks of fish, fried to a crispy perfection.

fish fry

Definitely some of the best fish fry in town.

Potatoes Au Gratin

au gratin

We added this side to the fish fry. It was every bit as potato-ey and Wisconsin-cheesy as the menu description led on. Definitely a nice upgrade!

Final Thoughts

To put it simply, Creekside is a delightful addition to the Twin Cities food scene.

If you’re craving a homey night out without all the fuss, this is a fantastic recommendation.

They’ve totally nailed the Wisconsin supper club atmosphere, plus all the menu staples that go along with it.

Even better, it’s the type of place that everyone will enjoy – whether that’s your boomer dad looking for a steak and a domestic, ol’ grandpa wanting to catch up with longtime friends in a down to earth spot, or a young millennial looking to enjoy great food with retro vibes.

Creekside Supper Club is absolutely worth a visit! 

More Info:

Atmosphere / Service

Casual wait service

Average Plate Cost

Roughly $8-16 appetizers and $15-30 entrees.

Reservations Required?

We were able to walk in on a Thursday night, but your mileage may vary.


It seemed like there was plenty of free street parking.

Noise Level

Quiet to Moderate


The Creekside Supper Club & Lounge

Location / Directions

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