ALL the Breweries in Duluth, MN (Our Bests + Favorites)

Once upon a time, we visited Duluth and had our choice of 2-3 different breweries. We hit them all in one afternoon.

Well, those days are long gone. Duluth now boasts a thriving craft brewery scene with a dozen different options, and more every day.

To help you decide which ones to check out, here’s our complete guide to all the breweries in Duluth, MN.

Map of All The Best Breweries in Dultuh

1. Bent Paddle

bent paddle duluth mn

Maybe the biggest and most O.G. of the original Duluth microbreweries, Bent Paddle recently expanded out into a larger and even more impressive tap room.

Simple put, if you’re doing a Duluth brewery tour, you can’t miss Bent Paddle. It’s definitely the most famous Duluth brewery.

Ps – Once upon a time we did a home taste test of tons of different Minnesotan sours, and Bent Paddle’s Wilderness Tuxedo blew everybody else out of the water.

  • Address: 1832 W Michigan St, Duluth, MN 55806
  • Website: Bent Paddle

2. Thirsty Pagan

Located just across the bridge in Superior, Wisconsin, Thirsty Pagan is another one of the originals on the Duluth craft beer scene. First opened in 2006, this brewery has continued to expand in popularity, and by 2019, they moved into a new, larger space at the old Soo Line Train Depot.

There, you can grab some of their famous North Coast Amber as you chow on their always-popular deep dish pizza.

  • Address: 1615 Winter St, Superior, WI 54880
  • Website: Thirsty Pagan

3. Fitger’s Brewhouse

Fitgers is unique among the Duluth breweries in that it’s really more of a restaurant vibe, but they brew their own beer and the food is delicious, so we had to put it on this list.

Located in the historic Fitger’s Building, this complex was one of Duluth’s first breweries in the 1880s. Nearly 100 years later, the space was reopened as a luxury hotel and restaurant center, which includes the delicious Fitger’s restaurant serving their own brewed beer.

(Protip: Don’t miss their Wild Rice burger.)

4. Canal Park Brewing Company

canal park brewing duluth

With prime lakefront real estate right in Duluth’s Canal Park area, the namesake brewery might be the most popular spot in town. Tons of visitors and locals gather along to sip beer, order food off the lengthy menu, and take in the sights and sounds of Lake Superior.

5. Hoops Brewing

Located in one of Canal Park’s historic buildings, Hoops Brewing is an awesome addition to the Duluth taproom scene.

Their Beer Hall is an absolutely gorgeous space, where wooden beams, wooden floors, and wooden ceilings give a rustic vibe. Mixed with the giant brewing tanks, all nice and lit up for your viewing pleasure, and it’s one of the coolest drinking spaces in town.

This is a true small-batch, craft brewery. They brew 3-4 batches a week, which means they’re turning out 100 unique recipes every year. If you like something, get it before it’s gone!

  • Address: 325 S Lake Ave, Duluth, MN 55802
  • Website: Hoops Brewing

6. Wild State Cider

This is one of the newer breweries in the Duluth area. It’s located along the Superior St., or as nobody except me calls it, Brewer’s Row. (The next four breweries are all within half a mile of each other on this street.)

The centerpiece of Wild State’s bright, airy taproom is a big “living wall” that the owners say features over 200 live plants.

For anyone who’s ever had a brutal cider hangover, you can take solace in knowing that all of Wild State’s creations have no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, sorbate, or concentrates. In other words, basically just fresh apples. (And other fruits.)

I’ll drink to that. And I have!

7. Ursa Minor

duluth breweries - ursa minor

Ursa Minor is another awesome brewery on Superior Street that just feels like a party. There’s a small, funky indoor space where they turn out some incredible wood-fired pizza, plus a huge outdoor patio where people gather, pups play, and live music fills their air.

If you’re looking for a laid-back brewery vibe, Ursa Minor is one of the best.

  • Address: 2415 W Superior St B, Duluth, MN 55806
  • Website: Ursa Minor

8. Duluth Cider

Another new cidery along Superior Street, Duluth Cider opened in 2018, just down the block from Ursa Minor and Wild State.

This taproom is located is an awesome old historic building. 100+ years ago, it was actually a stable for Duluth’s Post Office horses! Recently, the Duluth Cider team carefully restored it to its former glory, while adding a nice big bar where you can order your new favorite cider!

  • Address: 2307 W Superior St, Duluth, MN 55806
  • Website: Duluth Cider

9. Warrior Brewing Company

Opened in 2021, Warrior is the newest brewery in Duluth, and it’s located in that same where all the newest breweries in Duluth are located. The Superior Street location (noticing a trend yet?) was the original spot for Lake Superior Brewing. But when head brewer Benjamin Gibson was let go from Canal Park Brewing during the pandemic, he decided to strike out on his own.

Today, he and his business partner are churning out some of the best Honey Ale and lactose-infused IPAs around. This veteran-owned brewery is definitely worth a stop!

  • Address: 2711 W Superior St suite #204, Duluth, MN 55806
  • Website: Warrior Brewing

10. Blacklist Brewing

Blacklist Brewing is located just off Canal Park, across the highway and among the downtown area. Originally just a small, narrow taproom nestled among the downtown buildings, Blacklist has expanded its drinking space to now include a patio area, lots of extra seating, and even an Axe Throwing section!

  • Address: 206 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802
  • Website: Blacklist Beer

11. Earth Rider

earth rider brewing superior wi

A very cool little brewery in the Superior area across the bridge. The indoor taproom is basically a small converted dive bar, while the outdoor space opens up to a huge backyard area – perfect for soaking up the summer days on a grassy patch of earth.

12. Lake Superior Brewing Company

Lake Superior Brewing is the oldest brewery in Duluth, but it recently came under new ownership and is currently undergoing all sorts of exciting changes.

First, they moved into a new location on the north side of town (The Lakeside/Lester Park area, which the locals technically call East Duluth). And they’re offering not just the full brewery, but also a new kitchen and even a Brewtel – three units available for rent next door, for any travelers wanting to take their brewery tour to the next level.

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