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Why bike in Minneapolis & St. Paul?

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For many Twin Cities residents, biking is synonymous with summer.  Minneapolis consistently ranks in the Top 5 on“Most Friendly Cities for Cyclists,” often stealing the top spot.  In part, it’s because the Twin Cities Metro has heavily invested in trails, safer infrastructure for cyclists, and promoting it as a healthy way to get around the city.

If you’re just visiting or interested in trying out the Twin Cities trails, there’s no need to invest in a spendy bike.  As the bike trail system has grown, so have options for bike rentals in Minneapolis.

Here’s our guide to finding the best bike rentals to get you in gear this year.

Bike Rental Kiosks

Nice Ride Minnesota

Nice Ride MN

In 2008, a group of local cyclists and City of Minneapolis officials put together a proposal for the first large-scale non-profit bike rental system in the United States. Piloted under similar systems in Montreal and London, Nice Ride Minnesota was launched in 2010 and quickly became one of the best-in-class bike-sharing systems in the world.

Fast forward to today, Nice Ride is now a subsidiary of Lyft, the largest bike rental provider in the US.  With more than 3,000 bikes in 400 different kiosk locations around the Twin Cities, they are the most popular bike rental option in the area.

How it Works

Nice Ride works with a GPS mapping app on your smartphone.  Walk up to any Nice Ride kiosk, scan the QR code, and enter in payment information.  Then ride your bike as long and as far as you like, simply returning it to another Nice Ride kiosk at your destination.  Payment is then calculated and charged via the smartphone app.


Rentals through Nice Ride are paid daily, annually, or by the ride.

  • Single Rides are priced by the distance and time traveled and usually start at around $2.50.
  • Day Pass Rental for $6 includes unlimited rides up to 30 minutes in length. If you plan to take a longer ride, the rental adds 22¢ per minute of additional ride time.
  • Annual Membership to Nice Ride costs $89 and is built for frequent riders taking trips up to 45 minutes in length.


Nice Ride bikes are available 24/7 at kiosks during the rental season.  The rental season typically runs from early May to early November, depending on weather conditions.

Where to Find A Nice Ride Bike

The easiest way to find a Nice Ride bike kiosk is through the smartphone app.  From the app, travelers can find the closest kiosk, view trails, and find options to drop their bikes at their destination.  The bike rental kiosks are spread throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities suburbs, centered around popular destinations in the area.

Tips For Renting from Nice Ride

  • Unlike other bike rental options on this list, Nice Ride doesn’t provide helmets or bike locks.
  • Nice Ride bikes are meant to withstand the challenging Minnesota elements. That means the bikes tend to be heavier and harder to manage than a standard road bike. So be prepped that it may not initially feel ‘just like riding a bike’ for the first 5-10 minutes of the rental.
  • Nice Ride continues to add e-bike options to kiosks each season. For an additional fee, riders can upgrade to a plug-in electric option.
  • In recent years, Nice Ride dropped its contract for bike rental kiosks in St. Paul. Unfortunately, this puts some limitations on destinations in the Twin Cities, so plan for Nice Ride trips in the Minneapolis area only.

Wheel Fun Rentals

Wheel Fun Rentals

For more than a decade, Wheel Fun rentals have coordinated with local parks and recreation departments to provide bike rental options around the Twin Cities.  With six locations around the Twin Cities area (and more than 100 locations nationally), Wheel Fun is a trusted way to grab an hour or two of outdoor fun.

How it Works

Wheel Fun Rentals are short-term, hourly bike rentals made at kiosk locations around Minneapolis and St. Paul parks.  Bike options depend on the location, but most include standard pedal bikes, recumbent chopper trikes, and quads, along with four and six-person surreys.  If you’re interested in kayaking or SUP rental along with bikes, Wheel Fun also has those available.

Where to Find Wheel Fun

Seasonally, find Wheel Fun rentals at the kiosks in Lake Nokomis, Lake Harriet, Lake Bde Maka Ska, Minnehaha Falls, Como Park, and the Richfield Veterans Memorial Park.  There’s also a Wheel Fun rentals location at Canal Park in Duluth, MN.


Prices vary depending on the type of bike rental, ranging from $14 to $38 per hour.  This price includes a helmet and one hour of bike rental.  Annual discount passes are also available for a fee.


Hours vary by location, but generally, you’ll find rental kiosks open from May to late September from 10 AM to 8 PM.  Rentals are walk-up only and must be made at least one hour before close.

Other Bike Rental Options in Minneapolis St. Paul

Looking to rent a bike from a local Twin Cities shop? Need a weekend or week-long rental rather than a short-term ride?  Here are some other recommendations for some wheelie-good rental locations. (Ba-dum-tss!)

Twin Cities bike shops are some of the best in the country; expect your shop rental to come with a helpful service professional, a helmet, and a well-tuned bike!

Tangletown Bike Shop

Located in the heart of south Minneapolis directly off several main bike arteries of the city, Tangletown offers hourly, daily, and weekly rentals in a variety of options. Rentals can also be booked ahead online.

Best for:  Bikers of all ages/sizes; Longer rentals; fat tire, mountain bike, cruiser/hybrid, and road bikes;

Angry Catfish

angry catfish bike rentals

Angry Catfish is one part bike repair and sales shop and one-part coffee/espresso hang out.  Come in for a beverage and browse their selection of bikes, and then rent one of their daily or weekend rentals.  The best part, if you fall in love with the bike, you can always apply the rental cost towards the purchase of a new ride.

Best For:  Mountain and gravel bikes; experienced bike enthusiasts looking for a test run

Lee Tours Bike Rental

One of the few Twin Cities locations currently offering e-bike rental, Lee Tours in Mendota Heights offers electric fat tire and electric city cruiser bikes for daily and weekly rentals.  The location near Fort Snelling, Mall of America, and the Mississippi River provides easy options to ‘hop on’ and go right from their shop.

Best For:  e-bike enthusiasts; bikers with knee and back issues

Capital Deals Bike Shop

capital deals st paul - bike rentals

Capital Deals is a bike shop located just south of downtown St. Paul. They offer bike rentals for any used bike in their store, with the daily rate based on the bike’s value. This means they offer all sorts of interesting types of bikes, including fat tire bikes, tandem bikes, and even recumbent bikes. And of course, if you fall in love with your rental, you can always buy it!

Best For:  Those looking for a variety of rentals near St. Paul, or otherwise in the market to rent before they commit!

One on One Bicycle Studio

While rentals have temporarily halted during the pandemic, One on One Bicycle studio has historically been the premier place to rent, demo, and hang out with other cyclists in the Twin Cities.  They constantly throw bike-related events around town and are committed to getting you the best bike, whatever your needs. We hope their rental program returns next season!

Best For:  Anyone looking for the local/insider info; coffee and cycle combo; higher-end rentals;

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Minneapolis or St. Paul?

Bike rental costs range widely around the Twin Cities.  Short-term kiosk rentals can be as affordable as $10-15 per ride.  Hourly rentals at Twin Cities bike shops tend to start around $20 per hour and increase up to $50-100 per day depending on the style and brand of bike.

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