The Best Wings in the Twin Cities: One Local’s 9 Favorites

There’s certain articles I get really excited to write.

Best chicken wings is absolutely one of those articles.

For me, there’s nothing better than getting down with some messy wings. And while I haven’t been to all the wing places in the Twin Cities, I’ve definitely placed enough orders for “Original Hot” wings around town that I’ve absolutely narrowed down my favorites.

(If you’re craving less saucy chicken, we’ve also got a great breakdown of the best fried chicken in the Twin Cities.)

Map of the Best Chicken Wings around Minneapolis and St. Paul

My favorite wings in the Twin Cities: D-Spot (Oakdale, MN)

d spot wings

If I had to pick my overall favorite wings in the Twin Cities, it’s D-Spot.

This sneaky spot out in Oakdale, about 20 minutes east of downtown Minneapolis, has a cult following of wing connoisseurs, and for good reason! This place rocks an incredible menu of some of the most unique wing flavors you’ve ever seen.

Seriously, most wing places have a dozen or so wing flavors. D-Spot? Over 60!

Ever wanted to try PB&J wings? What about Chicken and Waffle or even French Toast wings? Or how about my personal favorite – the rancho. It’s a mix of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing, so each bite is already perfect, zero dipping required. Genius!

Of course, the wings themselves are the sort of tender perfection worthy of such fantastic sauces!

  • Address: 7129 10th St N, Oakdale, MN 55128
  • Website: D-Spot

Best dive bar wings: Cedar Inn (Minneapolis)

The Cedar Inn is an unassuming dive bar in Minneapolis’s Nokomis neighborhood. For decades, they’ve been churning out some the most incredible (and massive!) wings in town.

To do so, they’re one of the few spots using a broaster, a unique machine that’s half pressure cooker and half deep fryer, and the result is some of the crunchiest yet most tender chicken you’ve ever experienced.

They have multiple flavors of sauces and dry rubs available, but for me, their classic hot is as good as it gets anywhere.

  • Address: 4155 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407
  • Website: Cedar Inn

Best boneless wings: Skinner’s (St. Paul)

skinners boneless wings

Sure, calling these things “wings” is a stretch. They are clearly chicken tenders. But I don’t care, because Skinner’s slathers those chicken tenders in tons of the most perfectly spicy and tangy buffalo sauce.

I find myself craving these every few months, and after I’ve made the helpless trek to this dive bar in St. Paul’s West 7th neighborhood and placed my order for both the “wings” and a discounted B.O.M.B. (beer of the month), I know I ain’t stopping until the whole plate is gone. They’re that addictingly good!

  • Address: 919 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
  • Website: Skinner’s

Best chain wings: Wingstop (Roseville, MN)

Look, this website is not really about the chains. Usually, the food is subpar and the experience is rather generic.

But we’ll happily make an exception for the Twin Cities’ only Wingstop location. Folks who confuse the quality of the chicken here with its Black and Yellow buffalo wing chain competitor are are doing themselves a disservice, because Wingstop’s wings are actually really good!

Sometimes, the big chains get it right. And while it might not be local to our city, we’d put the quality of this chain’s chicken against anyone. And once it’s slathered their perfectly saucy hot original buffalo sauce (or even better, the Cajun!) or signature lemon pepper dry rub… fantastic.

  • Address: 2100 Snelling Ave N #66C, Roseville, MN 55113
  • Website: Wingstop

Best wings near downtown Minneapolis: B.A.D. Wingz (Minneapolis)

b.a.d. wingz

B.A.D. is a chicken wing joint located in North Loop Minneapolis. And true to their name, they serve up some baaaad wings, in the best way!

They offer their wings two ways – either traditional or southern fried. If that’s a tough decision, it should be, because they’re both great! And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, then you better not check out their “sauce wall” which lists a dozen of the most unique wing flavors in town. This is the only spot where you can get nacho flavored wings or their popular “THUG Passion” which includes passion fruit mixed with carolina BBQ sauce. Even their “buffalo” flavor mixes in island pepper for a unique kick!

Oh, and if you’ve got any veggies in your group, B.A.D. Wingz serves some pretty popular cauliflower wings or even some plant-based “chicken” nuggets.

Update: Unfortunately, this spot has announced its closing in Summer 2023. Get it while you still can! 

  • Address: 520 N 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55401
  • Website: B.A.D. Wingz

Best in Northeast Minneapolis: Ray J’s American Grill (Minneapolis)

If you’re looking to tear into some wings at a solid sports bar, head to Ray J’s American grill. This spot in the popular Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood serves jumbo wings that can nearly fill and entire plate by themselves!

These things are extra meaty too, so you’ll get tons of chicken flavor amidst their carefully selected flavors, including their hugely popular dry rubs – Bomba (blackened dry rub) and Smokey Ranch.

  • Address: 500 Central Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: Ray J’s

Most authentic southern smoked Wings: Smoke in the Pit (Minneapolis)

Not only does Smoke in the Pit serve some of the best BBQ in the Twin Cities, but they’re also smoking up some amazing wings.

Yes, I said smoked. As a BBQ joint first and foremost, they’re ditching the usual wing methods and instead treating these wings to the smoke-kissed treatment that only a low and slow flame can create. The result is fall-off-the-bone tender wings with that beautiful dark brown look and flavor.

My favorite wings on the East Side: Brunson’s Pub (St. Paul)

In my book, Brunson’s is one of the most underrated bars in the entire Twin Cities. Which is probably why we’ve highlighted this spot on all sorts of our lists, including two fiercely competitive categories: the Twin Cities’ best burgers and the Twin Cities’ best cheese curds.

But let’s add to those lists, because the wings at Brunson’s also deserve some serious praise. These unique wings are short and thick, in fact I think they might actually be chicken thighs?

No matter, they come in tons of interesting flavors, like a delicious maple soy, sweet chilli, or even their dry rub. And for any traditionalists out there, don’t worry – they also have a traditional hot, complete with plenty of blue cheese for slathering.

Best Wings with a classic, upsale ambiance: Monte Carlo (Minneapolis)

monte carlo wings

The Monte Carlo is a classic Minneapolis institution. It’s the kind of place where servers wear bowties and faded, autographed photos line the wall. (And show off the legendary history!)

Most people in the Twin Cities consider Monte Carlo a steakhouse first and foremost, but those in the know also realize Monte Carlo is also famous for their dry rubbed wings. One of the most popular is their Beijing flavor, which comes extra crispy with a unique (and incredible) blend of Chinese Five Spice.

  • Address: 219 N 3rd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401
  • Website: Monte Carlo

Best Wings in a crazy atmosphere: Psycho Suzi’s (Minneapolis)

Psycho Suzi’s is known as one of the best bars in Minneapolis. This place fully commits to the tiki theme, and is helped along by a beautiful patio location right on the banks of the Mississippi River.

But it’s not just the huge tropical drinks that make this Minneapolis legend worth visiting. When it comes to wings, two flavors put Psycho Suzi’s on the map: Dry Rubbed Wings and Polynesian Wings. The dry rub comes deep fried, so if you’re looking for that extra crunch, you’ve found it. Meanwhile, the Polynesian Wings bring that perfect mix of sweet and spicy, for those who want a little more sauce.

  • Address: 1900 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
  • Website: Psycho Suzi’s
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