The 10 Best Wineries in Minnesota (Ranked by an MN Wine Lover)

I’ll be honest. I love my wine.

If you follow our reviews, you’ll notice  I order a New Zealand White at just about every restaurant we visit.

Which is probably why for me, there’s nothing better than a relaxing weekend trip to one of Minnesota’s many wineries.

Sure, you might not immediately think of wine when you think of The Bold North, but as our local sommeliers love to boast, it’s the struggle that produces interesting wine flavors. And with our winter’s subzero temps, boy do those grapes struggle!

While I haven’t been to all the wineries in Minnesota, at this point I’ve racked up quite a few visits! Certainly enough to share my 10 favorite Minnesota wineries with you!

Map of the Best Wineries in Minnesota

The most beautiful winery: The Winery at Sovereign Estates (Waconia, MN)

sovereign restates winery - waconia mn

If I’m honest, wineries are all about sipping some vino in a beautiful setting, and for my money, nobody does this better than Sovereign Estates in Waconia.

Located 40 minutes west of Minneapolis, Sovereign Estates sits on a truly remarkable plot of land. Long gone are the sounds of the city, and instead they’re replaced with all the relaxing winery vibes.

If your idea of a great winery visit involves sitting in the shade of huge trees while overlooking a vineyard (and maybe, peeking on some lake views if you’re up for a casual stroll of the grounds), then Sovereign Estates is your spot.

Best winery in downtown Minneapolis: Axebridge Wine Co. (Minneapolis, MN)

Minneapolis is definitely a town of beer, and we’ve got the 80+ breweries around the Twin Cities to prove it. But finding wineries inside city limits is a much more difficult task.

Enter AxeBridge Wine Company. Located right in the heart of Minneapolis’s North Loop neighborhood, AxeBridge is a fun urban winery with strong roots (or should I say, vines?) to the Twin Cities.

Owned by by Aaron and Ashley Schram, who you might recognize from Schram Vineyards (featured later in this list), AxeBridge manages something that’s long been neglected in our city – bringing the full winery experience to the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

The oldest winery in Minnesota: Alexis Bailly Vineyard (Hastings, MN)

When Alexis Bailly first planted their vineyard in 1973, they got to lay claim as Minnesota’s first winery.

Located 30 minutes south of St. Paul near Hastings, Minnesota, Alexis Bailly is a beauty. The large grounds are scattered with plenty of seating that includes tables among the grapes, a cozy vine-covered patio space, and a rustic indoor shop area.

The most popular winery in southern Minnesota: Four Daughters Vineyard (Spring Valley, MN)

To be fair, Four Daughters is probably better known as a cidery than a winery. After all, this is the spot that birthed Loon Juice Hard Cider – a drink so popular that it’s now practically a Minnesota icon.

But those who travel down to the home of the hard cider shouldn’t sleep on the wine, either. The Four Daughters location includes a 6 acre vineyard and tasting room, along with plenty of awards and medals to prove they know what they’re doing when it comes to the growing grapes.

Our favorite rustic winery: Schram Vineyards (Waconia, MN)

The second winery on our list hailing from the town of Waconia, (and the second on our list from Aaron and Ashley Schram) the Schram Vineyards are truly one of a kind.

If your perfect winery involves a big rustic barn and patio space that looks like it popped out of your friends’ Instagram feed, then you need to make a visit to this popular winery.

If sitting around and drinking fantastic wine isn’t enough, they’ve even got bocce ball, not to mention options for a private VIP limo tour that will take you to their other properties, which include their sister brewery in Waconia plus the AxeBridge Winery in downtown Minneapolis.

Best winery for fall festivities: Saint Croix Vineyards (Stillwater, MN)

In my household, a trip to Saint Croix Vineyards has become a bit of a tradition every fall season. That’s because this winery sits on the same plot of land as Aamodt’s Apple Farm, one of the Twin Cities’ best apple orchards.

I mean, what goes better with wine than some honeycrisp apple and maybe a fritter or two?

Of course, the winery is open well beyond fall. This is one winery that hosts awesome events all year round, whether that means winter skating on their seasonal ice rink, weekly Yoga sessions among the vines, or even 5K wine runs!

Best winery along Minnesota’s North Shore: North Shore Winery (Lutsen, MN)

north shore winery mn

One of our favorite road trips from Minneapolis is the fantastic drive along Minnesota’s North Shore. And if you’re a wine connoisseur, then one of the best things to do on the North Shore is a visit to the perfectly named North Shore Winery.

This beautiful winery sits in Lutsen, Minnesota, about halfway between Lake Superior and the Lutsen Mountains. While there, you can drink wonderful wine while sneaking subtle views of the great lake in the distance.

Our favorite winery in the Twin Cities suburbs: 7 Vines Vineyard (Dellwood, MN)

Hey, it’s only fitting that the wealthiest city in Minnesota has an amazing winery.

Located in the small but beautiful town of Dellwood, Minnesota (just next door to White Bear Lake) this gorgeous winery includes a stunning, modern farmhouse-style tasting room and an outdoor area among the vineyard’s rolling hills.

Fun fact: This vineyard sits on land that was previously owned by St. Paul’s railroad tycoon, James J. Hill. 

Our favorite winery northeast of the Metro: Winehaven Winery (Chisago City, MN)

winehaven winery

I’ll never forget the first time I stumbled upon Winehaven Winery. I had to do a double take as I pulled up to its gates and drove along a long road towards a beautiful chateau. Was I really in Chisago City, about 40 minutes northeast of Minneapolis?

As it turns out, I was. And inside, sat dozens of award winning wines whose taste I’d put up against any other winery in the state.

  • Address: 10020 Deer Garden Ln, Chisago City, MN 55013
  • Website: Winehaven Winery

Best nearby winery in Wisconsin: Chateau St. Croix (St. Croix Falls, WI)

Okay, I’m definitely cheating by including a Wisconsin winery in a list about the best wineries in Minnesota. BUT, Chateau St. Croix is such a classic that I just couldn’t help but squeeze this one in.

Who said you needed to travel across the ocean to drink wine in a French castle? All you have to do is head across the river!

Located just 5 minutes beyond the St. Croix River / Wisconsin border, and about 1 hour from Minneapolis, Chateau St. Croix is an enormous winery decked out in a European feel. Giant marble lions greet you at the entryway of the large stone building, and as you head to the tasting room, you’ll walk right past ornate fountains, chandeliers, and literal knights in shining armor.

There’s a reason why Chateau St. Croix has long been one of the most popular day trips from Minneapolis.

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