Our 9 Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Considering the diversity of the Twin Cities, is it any surprise that Minneapolis & St. Paul have some of the best Vietnamese food?

Incredible banh mi sandwich options, bowl after bowl of authentic pho, and even James Beard Award winning Vietnamese chefs… The Twin Cities is rocking a seriously awesome Vietnamese food scene!

Today, the team of Twin Cities locals at DiscoverTheCities.com is putting our collective heads together to name our 9 picks for the best Vietnamese food restaurants around Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities suburbs.

Map of the Best Vietnamese Food in Minneapolis and St. Paul

The most popular Vietnamese restaurant in Minneapolis: Quang

Located on Minneapolis’s famous “Eat Street” (Nicolette Ave), Quang sits among some stiff competition when it comes to delicious, authentic Vietnamese restaurants. But among the many Vietnamese spots on the street, Quang continues to emerge as the city’s go-to spot. Famous for their endless pho options and a beef noodle soup that’s taken the whole city by storm, Quang is as authentic (and as popular) as it gets.

  • Address: 2719 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Website: Quang

Our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in St. Paul: Trieu Chau

Trieu Chau

Check out our Instagram and note of how many times we’ve posted about Trieu Chau. It’s no secret that we’re low-key obsessed with this place. (Lily might be their #1 fan in the Twin Cities)

That’s because this tiny little spot has an authentic vibe that we just can’t resist. The “dining room” only seats 25-30 people, all in no-frills booths or tables, but the small space just means you’re even closer to all the magic going on in the kitchen. Our favorite is the #151 (Bun Bo Xao Bowl). It’s succulent marinated beef served over vermicelli rice noodles, and it’s addicting enough to have us back again, and again… and again. The rest of the menu is just as good too, with everything from hugely popular pho bowls to solid fried rice.

  • Address: 500 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55103
  • Website: Trieu Chau

Best Vietnamese Bakery: Trung Nam

trung nam best vietnamese bakery

Technically this restaurant is named “Trung Nam French Bakery” but don’t let the name fool you. If you’re not in the mood for what are probably the best french croissants in the city (the originals are incredible, but don’t sleep on the filled ones either!) you can also pick up what Sean recently picked as the best banh mi in the Twin Cities, not to mention traditional banh bao (oh-so-soft steamed buns with pork stuffing).

Best Vietnamese food near downtown Minneapolis: Lotus Restaurant

Oh Lotus, how we love you. This authentic Vietnamese restaurant’s been passed down in the family for generations, and the result is all sorts of quirks that make the place so special. Until recently, its official name was Lotus To Go Go, with a double dose of “Go,” for some reason. It’s located in the parking lot of a gas station that’s always bustling for all the wrong reasons, and the next door neighbor is a sex shop.

Take it all in though, because it’s all part of the charm. And once inside, you’ll find a menu that’s packed with some of the best Asian food from all over the world.

Lotus does everything great, whether that’s Chinese Chow Fun or legitimate Pad Thai, but it’s really the Vietnamese food that put this place on the map. (At one point, Lotus had six restaurants operated by the Vietnamese community throughout Minneapolis) And to this day, it’s the Vietnamese food we’d argue they do best, like their fantastic pho, multiple Vietnamese salads, or Com Tam broken rice.

Our favorite in Vietnamese in Dinkytown: Pho Mai

pho mai dinkytown

There’s nothing that cures a hangover like a big bowl of Vietnamese soup. With that in mind, Pho Mai is perfectly situated to treat the throngs of University of Minnesota students around Dinkytown who might have “studied” too hard the night before.

From the same owners who brought you the local legend MT Noodles in Brooklyn Park, Pho Mai is a new spot all about the two most popular Vietnamese specialties – pho and banh mis! The latter which Sean recently ranked in his top 3 best banh mis in all the cities.

The best Vietnamese restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis: Hai Hai

Northeast Minneapolis is one of the most food-rich neighborhoods in all of the Twin Cities, and deciding where to eat on any given night can be no easy task. (Psst – our guide to the best restaurants in Northeast Minneapolis might help!) As mentioned in that article, if you’re looking for Vietnamese food in Northeast, then you absolutely cannot go wrong with the legendary Hai Hai.

Hai Hai is ran by the multiple time James Beard “Best Chef in the Midwest” finalist Christina Nguyen, who decided to open up a trendy take on all the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian food she grew up with. That means the menu represents a melting pot of delicious dishes fueled by the chef’s imagination, rather than just traditional pho or banh mi. That said, clear Vietnamese standouts include the Hanoi Sticky Rice and Vietamese Crepes, not to mention one of the best cocktail bars around.

  • Address: 2121 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
  • Website: Hai Hai

Best upscale Vietnamese restaurant in St. Paul: Ngon Bistro

Let’s be honest… the usual Vietnamese joint leans towards hole in the wall atmopshere. Not so at Ngon bistro, which we consider one of the most romantic restuarants in the Twin Cities.

This full service restaurant sits in a beautiful, open interior and includes a great patio. Along the same lines, the menu features a unique mix of French and Vietnamese cuisine, with Vietnamese egg rolls sitting right alongside French hors d’ourves, “Grande Soupe” (house pho), and even delicious Ravioli and Risoto dishes.

  • Address: 799 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Website: Ngon Bistro

The unexpected spot for Vietnamese/French Crepes: My Huong Kitchen

my huong kitchen

Not only does My Huong Kitchen serve fantastic takes of all the usual Vietnamese staples, but they also sport an item on their menu unlike any other – their delicious takes on French Crepes. After you’ve plowed through an incredible banh mi or broken rice dish, there’s no better way to finish your meal.

  • Address: 2718 Nicollet Ave #101B, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Website: My Huong Kitchen

Best fast-casual Vietnamese: Bep Eatery

Update: Bep closed at the start of the pandemic. No word yet on their reopening.

If Chipotle turned into a delicious Vietnamese restaurant, you’d have Bep Eatery. Get in line, choose your dish, and choose your ingredients. Before you know it, you’ll have a bowl with all the best flavors from Vietnam.

Located in Minneapolis’s downtown Skyway, it’s the prefect place for a mid-lunch stroll to break up the workday.

  • Address: 100 S 5th St #210, Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • Website: Temporarily Down
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