The 9 Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Look, I love a Jucy Lucy as much as the next Twin Cities local.

That said, I’ve also got big respect for my friends going vegan or vegetarian, which is happening in increasing numbers. Their choices, along with the growing movement, have absolutely opened my mind to all incredible plant-based food in our city.

Today, I’m seeking their expert opinions, while also looking back on some of my own plant powered escapades.

So whether you’re 100% vegan or just looking for some healthier, more environmentally friendly dining options, here’s our combined votes for the 9 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Twin Cities Map of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Twin Cities

Phew, that might be the longest heading we’ve ever written!

Rest assured, our shortlist for the best plant-based restaurants is a little more concise…

Tongue in Cheek

tongue in cheek st paul

Too often, vegan restaurants get pigeon-holed into a curious oddity. Rarely do those vegan and vegetarian restaurants get the true fine dining experience they deserve.

Tongue in Cheek is changing that. Their six course vegetarian tasting menu (vegan available) features some of the best dining in the cities, period. You’ll get absolutely delicious chef-prepared dishes, top notch service, and an awesome atmosphere.

From the remaining menu, over half of it is vegan or can be prepared vegan. For the rest, Tongue in Cheek is passionate about using humane and sustainable animal products.

Herbivorous Butcher

Wait a minute… a vegan butcher? That term is no longer an oxymoron, thanks to the revolutionary stuff happening at Herbivorous Butcher in Northeast Minneapolis.

I’ll never forget the first time I ran into these guys at a local farmers market. They were serving up “BBQ Ribs” that looked, tasted, and even smelled just like the real deal! Yet somehow, they made these “ribs” out of a combination of wheat gluten, apple juice, and soy sauce. 🤷

The brother-sister team behind this concept is now located in a dedicated space in Northeast Minneapolis. There, they continue to passionately mix plant-based ingredients to create mind-blowing imitations sure to fool even the most stubborn meat-eaters.

J. Selby’s

If you’re craving that naughty bar food you never expected to be able to eat on a vegetarian diet, J Selby’s is your spot.

This entirely plant-based menu includes some stunners. The “buffalo wings” made out of cauliflower is the menu item that really put them on the map, but you’ll also find a “Dirty Secret” burger made out of two non-beef patties, a “Gyro” crafted with seitan, and even a taco-bell-style Crunchwrap Supreme. Veggie-style!

  • Address: 169 Victoria St, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Website: J Selby’s

Seed Plant-Based Cafe

When two local Yoga instructors  began touring Minneapolis looking for a place to open their studio, they were surprised to find spot after spot that looked perfect for a vegan cafe.

Today, they’ve realized that dream with their health-conscious cafe. At Seed, you’ll find a 100% vegan menu that throws away the deep fryer in flavor of the freshest, healthiest ingredients they can find. Standouts include a kale salad that might be the best you’ve ever tried, plus several different nutrient-packed rice bowls.

  • Address: 3252 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55416
  • Website: Seed Cafe

Eureka Compass

eureka compass vegan food

Part restaurant, part vegan grocery store… Eureka Compass sells all sorts of hard to find vegan products. Tricolor quinoa? Rare vegan cheeses? If you’re looking for a vegan specialty, the market at Eureka Compass is probably your best bet.

If you’re hoping for more of a restaurant vibe, chef-owner Colin Anderson is always whipping up organic, scratch made vegan food. The menu even takes the “seasonal” concept to a whole new level; Eureka proudly boasts that no two recipes are ever repeated!

Their motto? “If you want to know, you got to go.”

Foxy Falafel

This food truck turned restaurant is fueled almost entirely by the vegetarian power of chickpeas. After all, that’s what makes up this place’s now legendary Falafel.

Erica Strait is the midwest farm gal turned NYC food-pro who runs Foxy Falafel. Over that time, she’s built a solid menu rocking all the Mediterranean classics. You’ll find rice bowls, platters, and pita pocket sandwiches. And each of those options is just begging to be topped with one of her four different flavors of falafel.

No matter which one you choose, you can be sure this vegetarian classic is light, crunchy, fluffy, and tasty!

Trio Plant-Based

Sure, there’s a decent number of plant-based restaurants these days. But how many plant-based Soul Food restaurants have you ever seen?

Yeah, Trio’s rocking a menu that will make even the most devout meat-eater jealous…

Nothing signifies this more than the mouth-watering Soul Food Platter. This delicious beast comes with your choice of Collard Greens, Yams, Cornbread, Slaw, and… wait, for it… House BBQ Ribs (made from Jackfruit) or an incredible Mac and Cheese (made from vegan cheese).

Oh, and don’t skimp on the burgers here, either. They’re made with Beyond Meat, usually placed on a pretzel bun, and absolutely top-notch.

Reverie Cafe + Bar

Reverie first built up a following as a plant-based food truck, then moved into a permanent spot on Nicollet, before eventually moving into an even cooler spot on 35th street.

The new mural-lined space is beautiful, and as far as we’re concerned, the 20 craft beers on tap makes it look even better. Oh, and you’ll still find the same amazing plant-based menu. Shout out to the crispy cauliflower tacos, the homemade “Rev Burger” with Kimchi Aoli, and the legitimately delicious nachos.

  • Address: 1517 E 35th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
  • Website: Reverie

Crisp & Green

crisp and green salad bar

Step aside Chipotle, there’s a healthier fast-casual option in town.

Crisp & Green is a build-your-own salad and grain bowl concept that’s expanding quickly around the Twin Cities. And for good reason! These salads and bowls are delicious! And the selection can’t be beat.

While the options lean more towards vegetarian rather than vegan, Crisp & Green is definitely a refreshing choice.

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