The 11 Best Thrift Stores around St. Paul

Is there anything better than scoring an awesome deal at a local thrift store?

My brand new $300 Kitchen Aid mixer for $50 says no… no, there is not.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love shopping at the local thrift stores. What is a secret? My picks for the best ones around St. Paul.

As much as I want to hoard these shops and all their treasures for myself, I’m sharing everything for the good of Discover The Cities readers. Don’t tell too many people! 🙂

Anyway, onto my picks for the best thrift stores in St. Paul and the nearby suburbs!

Map of the Best Thrift Stores in St. Paul

St. Vincent de Paul

Voted best Thrift Store in Minneapolis by some mystery panel not named DiscoverTheCities.com, so do we trust them?

In this case, we can. Because this legit thrift store on West 7th Street is rocking an authentic old school vibe from long before the days when certain thrift stores, who shall remain nameless, turned the thrift store game into big business.

Not here. Instead, you’ll find a storefront that feels like a time machine back to the 1980s, no doubt helped out by the huge selection kitchenware, books, and kids toys that seemed to arrive from the same time period. Oh, and there’s also a legitimate warehouse you can browse out back. Watch your step!

In a nice touch, you’ll find an authentic helping mission here, complete with food donations for those in need.

Salvation Army near Maplewood

Is this Salvation Army in St. Paul or Maplewood? Google maps says St. Paul, but as I drive East for what seems like ages, my heart says Maplewood.

Either way – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that because of its far out location, it seems this place consistently sports some of the best deals around.

  • Address: 1907 Suburban Ave, St Paul, MN 55119
  • Website: Salvation Army

Goodwill (Robert Street + University)

goodwill st paul

Goodwill is “The” classic thrift store for a reason. St. Paul is lucky enough to feature two locations, one on University Ave and another in West St. Paul, on Robert Street. (Three, if you count the madhouse that is Goodwill Outlet, but that place is such a cluster that I rarely have an enjoyable experience there.)

  • University Address: 1239 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Robert St. Address: 1867 S Robert St, West St Paul, MN 55118
  • Website: Goodwill

The Bearded Mermaid Bazaar

If you’ve ever driven down 7th Street West and found yourself startled to see a giant giraffe staring at you through a storefront window, well then you just had your first Bearded Mermaid Experience.

Step inside and the experience continues. They mostly stock vintage clothes (and some furniture) from the 1920s to 80s and seem to have a lot of vintage men’s clothing, which is rare for most vintage shops in Minneapolis.

Ax-Man Surplus

Ax Man Surplus might get the award for most random thrift shop in the world.

On my most recent visit here, items for sale included bulk petri dishes, baby doll heads, about a trillion vials, flasks, and containers of all shapes and sizes, and the most spare tires I’ve ever seen in my life. And that was just the first aisle…

This is a discount surplus store in the truest sense of the name.

  • Address: 1639 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Website: Ax-Man Surplus

Flying Pig Thrift

This community run thrift shop is home to super friendly volunteers. How friendly? Let’s put it this way – Flying Pig is the only thrift store I’ve ever been to where an employee not only asks me if I need any help, but actually goes above and beyond to help me find what I’m looking for. We’re talking grabbing unsorted boxes out of the back to help find what I’m interested in. Just unheard of these days!

My Thrift Stores

Sure, this place out in North St. Paul might have a reputation for assuming everyone that walks in is a criminal (prepare to have your bag searched, a few times…) but that doesn’t take away from the great selection at really cheap prices.

Best of the St. Paul Suburbs

Who said St. Paul proper had to have all the fun? Head a few minutes away from downtown and you’ll be rewarded with these three gems.

Savers (Woodbury, MN)

savers thrift shop - st. paul suburbs

Savers is a large chain of thrift stores of the Goodwill/Salvation Army flavor. Their nearest location to St. Paul is located in Woodbury, just of Highway 94.

Inside, you’re immediately struck by the rows upon rows of fluorescent lights that seem to stretch for miles. Those lights illuminate the massive collection of clothes, furniture, and other goods, all sold at a discount inside the massive space.

Treasures Galore – The Indoor Garage Sale (Eagan, MN)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more accurate name for a store than Treasures Galore – Indoor Garage sale.

That’s exactly what this place is. 5,000+ square feet of exactly the type of stuff you’d find at a garage sale. In other words? A thrifter’s dream, and definitely worth heading to Eagan for.

Stone Soup Thrift Shop (St. Paul Park, MN)

I debated back and forth whether to let this secret out on the blog, but finally decided that this hidden gem was too good to keep for myself.

Stone Soup out in St. Paul Park is a classic thrift store in every sense. Enter through steel doors that look like the back alley to a gymnasium. Pick up a full scale shopping carts that look like they were pilfered from the nearest Wally World. And then push those carts through aisles packed with criminally under-priced stuff.

As an added bonus, these folks are extremely active in the local community, so you know this is one of those authentic thrift stores where your dollars or donations are going to a good cause.

Still not enough thrift shops for you?

Then check out my guide to the best thrift stores in Minneapolis!

Happy deal hunting!

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