The 11 Best Steakhouses in Minneapolis & St. Paul (According to a Local)

I can’t help it.

I’m a natural carnivore at heart.

When I’m not hunting down the best burgers in the Twin Cities or sampling some surprisingly great BBQ, sometimes I just want a steak.

Maybe you do too?

Thankfully, the Twin Cities is bursting with plenty of fantastic places to grab a steak. Today, I’m sharing the 11 best steakhouses in Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

Map of the Best Steaks in the Twin Cities

The Best Steakhouses in Minneapolis

With something as historic and timeless the great American steak, it’s no surprise that each of the two Twin Cities seemed to develop their own steakhouse culture.

In Minneapolis, you’ll usually find more of the higher-end steakhouse options, and also many of the metro’s most popular.

Without further ado, they are…

The most popular steakhouse in Minneapolis: Manny’s

I’ll never forget moving to Minneapolis nearly a decade ago. After a year or two went by, a group conversation asked whether I’d been to Manny’s yet. When I casually said “no,” the entire group revolted. It was like I’d committed a horrific crime against a landmark!

What I’ve since learned?

If you’re looking for that perfectly cooked ribeye, Manny’s Steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis is “THE” place to go. It shows up in all those “best steakhouses in America” lists put out by critics like the Zagat Guide, so it’s no surprise that Manny’s is one of the most famous restaurants in our city.

So, what’s all the hype about? Well, Manny’s specializes in “dry aged” beef, meaning the steaks here are literally aged for months and then cooked to perfection. That sort of commitment to the craft, plus top-notch service and an impeccable atmosphere, makes Manny’s the quintessential steakhouse experience in the Twin Cities.

The best chef-driven steakhouse: P.S. Steak

ps steak review

For years, 510 Groveland Ave in Minneapolis’s Loring Park neighborhood was home to La Belle Vie, a place which most food critics regarded as the best fine dining experience in the entire metro. La Belle Vie closed in 2015 to tears from us all, but then… a pleasant surprise.

The powerhouse team who ran La Belle Vie said “Oh, hey, P.S. – we can also blow your mind with a steak.”

And P.S. Steak was born.

The menu here takes the steakhouse concept and ramps it up. You’ll find all the usual cuts of steak, all done perfectly, but it’s the rest of the chef-crafted menu that really elevates P.S. Steak to something unlike any other steakhouse in the Twin Cities. I mean, just take a look at the mashed potatoes, and then forget whatever you thought you knew about mashed potatoes. (At P.S. Steak, they mix carefully made potato puree with cave-aged gruyere cheese.)

It’s a steakhouse like you’ve never seen before, and absolutely one of the best in the Twin Cities. You can read my full review here.

  • Address: 510 Groveland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • Website: P.S. Steak

The most historic steakhouse in Minneapolis: Murray’s

Murray’s location is one of the most iconic spots in downtown Minneapolis. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you know you’re in for something special.

Adorned with enough neon to make Vegas proud, the signs flash promises of a restaurant, cocktail lounge, a 75-year history, and most interestingly, “home of the silver butter knife steak.”

What’s a silver butter knife steak, you ask? It’s a whopping 28 ounce strip sirloin (before you get any wild ideas, it’s intended to be eaten by two, you crazy monsters…) that’s aged for 30 days, cooked in a special broiler, and supposedly, so tender that it doesn’t even need a steak knife to cut. A butter knife will do!

The number of celebrities who have dined at this classic establishment reads like a who’s who of the local sports teams, politicians, actors, and plenty of others.

All that to say that yes, the steak dinners here are fantastic. Put simply: If you want a classic steak experience, Murray’s is an awesome choice.

  • Address: 26 South 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • Website: Murray’s

The Best Brazilian Steakhouse in Minneapolis: Fogo de Chao

Is there anything that gets the heart racing quite like seeing the rodizio-style servers roaming a dining room, carrying the oh-so beautiful sight of skewer after skewer of succulent meat?

If this is your idea of the perfect steak dinner, then Fogo de Chao in Minneapolis is probably your best bet in the Twin Cities. Yeah, this place is a chain, but sometimes the chains do it right. Expect a parade of consistent, perfectly cooked meats, including sirloin steak, marinated pork, seasoned lamb, and plenty of poultry, too. There’s even enough to keep the veggie fans happy, thanks to a full salad bar and maybe my personal favorite item on the menu – that grilled pineapple.

The best new spot: The Butcher’s Tale

I think I speak for all of us when I say that the pandemic closing of The Butcher and The Boar, one of the all-time favorite foodie spots in the Twin Cities, hit hard. Thankfully, that grieving process was eased some, because in 2021, the space was reopened as “The Butcher’s Tale.” It’s not the exact same menu as before, but it does include the return of Peter Botcher, the original creator of The Butcher & The Boar so many years ago.

Botcher’s new concept isn’t a traditional steakhouse, but more of a meat-centered beer garden. The appetizer menu is filled with expertly crafted sausages, but don’t worry – the main course menu is filled with enough perfectly prepared ribeyes, New York strips, and tenderloins to please the even most avid steak lovers. It’s all done incredibly well, and definitely a new must-visit.

The best steakhouse rooftop: Seven Steakhouse & Sushi

Admittedly, Seven’s steaks don’t have the reputation of Manny’s, P.S. Steak, and the other heavy hitters on this list. Then again, I don’t think the scores of Minnesota Vikings players and other local celebrities who frequently order bottle service at this trendy hot-spot are visiting just for the steaks. I suspect it has more to do with Seven’s always-hopping rooftop lounge, which overlooks Hennepin Avenue and is one of the few places in our humble midwestern town to “see and be seen.”

  • Address: 700 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • Website: Seven

The old reliable: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

If you’ve visited any of the 150 cities lucky enough to house a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, you know the drill. Perfectly cooked steaks, time and time again. There’s a reason this textbook steak joint gets rave reviews all over the country, and it’s because they consistently serve some of the most tender fillets around. Sometimes the big guys do it right, and the Minneapolis Ruth’s Chris location in the middle of downtown is a perfect place for a night on the town.

The most popular steaks for business people: The Capital Grille

Another national brand that does it right, The Capital Grille sits in some of the most prime downtown real estate in the city. For that reason, it’s a favorite for business lunches and downtown travelers. At Capital Grille, you’ll get a high-end menu with high-end service, and some wonderfully cooked beef.

The Best Steakhouses in St. Paul

St. Paul doesn’t have quite the selection of steakhouses as Minneapolis, but that’s not to say they don’t have some true gems worthy of a visit.

Our favorite steakhouse in St. Paul: Mancini’s Char House

Maybe no steakhouse represents the spirit of St. Paul quite like Mancini’s. This timeless location is an ode to the supper clubs of the past. Walk through that front door, and you’ll time-travel to an era of large red vinyl booths, gold accents, and a martini-fueled cocktail bar that seems to stretch for miles.

The steaks at Mancini’s are more affordable than many of the higher end Minneapolis options, a hat tip to St. Paul’s history as the more “blue collar” of the two Twin Cities. But don’t worry, the steaks are still fantastic.

  • Address: 531 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102
  • Website: Mancini’s

The most historic places for steaks in St. Paul: The Lexington

If you’re looking for that classic, timeless steakhouse experience, it doesn’t get more historic than The Lexington in St. Paul’s Grand Avenue neighborhood.

First established in 1935, this pre-World War II restaurant has been wow’ing the neighborhood for nearly a century. In the main bar lounge, rich wood-paneled walls and plush booths fill the main bar lounge, while in the Williamsburg Room, soft lighting and a grand piano made me want to kick back and light up a cigar. (And I don’t even like cigars!)

But despite the age, don’t think The Lexington is old and stuffy. In recent years, new ownership gave the Chef’s dining room total facelift, so the elegant white tablecloth space now has a bright wall of windows where you can watch all the action going down in the kitchen. There’s even a lively rooftop patio upstairs!

  • Address: 1096 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
  • Website: The Lexington

Best steakhouse in the St. Paul suburbs: Porterhouse Steaks & Seafood

If you want to take your cattle-hunting adventures off the beaten path, consider heading out to Porterhouse Steaks & Seafood in Little Canada, about 15 minutes north of downtown St. Paul. Despite the drive, this often overlooked spot is known for having some of the best surf and turf around.

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