The Best Quilt Shops in Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Best Quilt Shops in Minneapolis St. Paul

Here’s something I bet you’d never guess about Minneapolis and St. Paul…

We have some of the best quilt shops around!

If you’re looking for a quarantine-friendly activity around the Twin Cities, we can’t imagine anything more appropriate than taking on a big quilting project!

Whether you’re a total beginner looking for lessons or a seasoned pro looking for that special material, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best quilt shops in Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Dedicated Quilting Shops

If you’re looking for top-notch quilting materials, patterns, or quilting lessons, you’ll first want to check out a dedicated quilting store.  Not only will you find everything you need for quilting, but you’ll also find expert quilting staff ready to answer questions and offer project advice.

Affinity for Quilts (White Bear Lake, MN)

affinity for quilts - white bear lake mn

The first time you visit Affinity for Quilts in the heart of downtown White Bear Lake can be a bit overwhelming.  With so many fabrics and so many quilts on display, it takes several trips around the store to take it all in.  Pay special attention to the precut pattern kits and class schedules at Affinity.  Both offer options for all skill levels, from brand new to quilting to advanced, and even group lessons for those of us that tend to enjoy socializing just as much as quilting during classes.

On the day of my first visit, I was impressed with the time and effort their talented team offered a customer trying to find the perfect fabrics for a new quilting project.  If you’re looking for a specific material or tool for your current project, Affinity’s sure to have it.

Four Seasons Quilts (Maple Grove, MN)

Dedicated quilt lovers will appreciate the collection of patterns and fabrics at Four Seasons Quilts in Maple Grove.  One of the only exclusively quilting shops in this area of the Twin Cities Metro, Four Seasons is a terrific alternative to the big-box craft stores that dominate the area’s DIY scene.  Whether it’s your first or four hundredth quilt, with more than 5,000 bolts of fabric, plenty of patterns and notions, and a team of dedicated staff, Four Seasons Quilts can help you make something memorable.

Twin Cities Quilting (Roseville, MN)

twin cities quilting - roseville mn

Tucked in a small shopping district off Larpenteur Avenue, Twin Cities Quilting has been a top destination for local quilters for many years.  The shop specializes in modern, eclectic, and contemporary fabrics you won’t find anywhere else in the Metro—this is not your Grandma’s quilting store! Even though you’ll find several thousand bolts of designer fabrics, their cozy space and outstanding customer service make shopping here feel more like stopping over to browse a friend’s craft room for your next big project.

Quilt Cove (Eagan, MN)

quilt cove - eagan mn

For the first time visitor, stepping into Quilt Cove is a bit like stepping through a magical armoire into another world altogether. You’re transported from a weary strip mall parking lot in Eagan into giant rooms of floor-to-ceiling fabrics, quilt displays, and stuff.  Lots and lots of quilting stuff.   Everywhere you turn, there are cuts of fabric, artfully displayed in antique trunks, crates, and suitcases.  Stacks of patterns, quilting magazines, and demonstration quilts draw your eye and spark creative new projects.  It’s hard to imagine entering the enchantment of Quilt Cove and not leaving with inspiration (and the best supplies) for your next quilting project.

  • Address:  1960 Cliff Lake Road #134, Eagan, MN 55122
  • Website:  Quilt Cove

Quilter’s Haven (Rosemount, MN)

Unlike many of the other quilt shops in the Twin Cities who specialize in fabrics and classes, Quilter’s Haven also offers sewing machines and repairs.  As a full-service Bernina Sewing Machine dealer, they offer a wide selection of machines, sergers, and specialty embroidery products. Even better, every sewing machine they sell includes classes at the shop to help you get acquainted with your new machine and its features.

Fabrics and General Sewing Supplies

Although a dedicated quilt shop is the best spot if you’re looking for premium quilting supplies, it’s worth adding some of the Twin Cities general sewing and craft supply stores to your list as well.  Many of these shops cater to sewing clothes and household goods while still offering unique fabrics, patterns, and general sewing supplies.  If you need a sewing machine tune-up or to stock up on sewing basics like thread, needles, or cutting mats, consider one of these Twin Cities sewing destinations.

Digs (Minneapolis, MN)

If you’ve checked out the award-winning quilts and sewing projects at the Minnesota State Fair, then more than likely you’ve encountered projects created by the designers at Digs.  This DIY haven in South Minneapolis offers a boutique-style selection of fabrics, yarns, and gifts for the craft lover, along with finished projects from some of the top creators in the Twin Cities areas.

  • Address: 3800 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409
  • Website: Digs

Knit and Bolt (Minneapolis, MN)

Although Knit and Bolt primarily caters to the vibrant knitting and crochet community, you can also find a selection of unique fabrics, sewing and quilting project kits, and notions to complete your next project.  If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a quilt loving friend or family member, Knit and Bolt’s Northeast Minneapolis shop is a fun place to browse.

  • Address:  2833 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
  • Website: Knit & Bolt

Treadle Yard Goods (St. Paul, MN)

Treadle Yard Goods on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue has been a long-standing destination for the Twin Cities sewing community.  While classes and notions trend towards clothing and fashion design, quilters will still find a good selection of fabrics, threads, and project supplies.  Most importantly, you’ll find some of the top sewing experts in the Cities. They can answer nearly every sewing question you can think of.  Go ahead, try to stump them. We’re not sure it can be done.

Sewing Lounge (St. Paul, MN)

As much as people come to the Sewing Lounge on Selby Avenue in St. Paul for the fabrics and patterns, they also come for the expert help and customer service of Maggy, Izzy, and the creative team here.  If you’re new to sewing and quilting, Sewing Lounge offers private and group lessons to get you started, frustration-free.  If you’re looking for new ideas or to level up your skills, Maggy and the team here can give you the guidance and confidence you need for the next big project.

  • Address: 987 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55104
  • Website: Sewing Lounge

(One last bonus stop!) Textile Center – A National Center for Fiber Art

Not only is the Twin Cities home to a vibrant quilting and sewing community, but we’re also home to a premier agency that hosts textile art from around the world.  Textile Center in Minneapolis should be on all beginning and experienced quilter’s destination list.  Their organization’s mission is to “honor textile traditions, promote excellence and innovation, and inspire widespread participation in fiber art.” If you need inspiration, a global perspective on your next quilting project, or just a place to relax and enjoy some gorgeous projects, add a stop to Textile Center’s rotating and in-house exhibits to your crafting calendar.

  • Address: 3000 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: Textile Center
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