Best Pizza in St. Paul: One Local’s 10 Favorite Spots

best pizza in st paul - Cossetta Pepperoni Pizza

Are you looking for the best pizza in St. Paul?

Well, you’re in luck. Here at Discover The Cities, we happen to love both pizza and St. Paul. That includes our resident co-founder, Lily, who’s lived in the area for a lifetime.

Over that time, she’s tried some seriously good St. Paul pizza. This post shares the 10 best, organized by category so you’re sure to find your perfect slice.

Best pizza in downtown St. Paul: Big River Pizza (Lowertown)

Big River Pizza sits in the heart of Lowertown, St. Paul. On the corner of 5th and Wall, this local pizza joint stares directly at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market, an homage to the shop’s humble beginnings as a mobile pizza-wagon, slinging succulent slices at farmers markets and outdoor events throughout the cities.

If the neon red “PIZZA” sign doesn’t lure you in, then a glimpse at the restaurant’s massive wood-fired oven might do it. That’s the tool of choice to fire up what Big River calls their “Minne-politan” style pizza – traditional Neapolitan style, but with ingredients sourced exclusively from local Minnesota vendors.

The result is a perfectly thin crust, topped with out-of-this-world flavor. Yeah, we double-dare you not to grab a quick slice during your next Farmer’s Market run. Good luck!


Best casual pizza spot: Cossetta Alimentari (Downtown)

best pizza in st paul - Cossetta Pepperoni Pizza

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for a quick and easy, honking slice of big ‘ole pizza. And when you are, familiar Cossetta’s is there for you. Just like it always has been… since 1911!

Yes, when it comes to the Saint Paul classics, it’s hard to argue that any pizza in the city is as legendary as Cossetta’s. Its history dates back to the original Michael Cossetta, who opened his Italian market after immigrating from Italy to St. Paul in the late 1800s. For the next century, that tiny food market stood in the same location, serving as a cornerstone of St. Paul’s “Little Italy” heritage through the entire 1900s.

Today, Cossetta’s sits at the same location as always, but fueled by the profits of decades worth of delicious food, The Cossetta Family recently finished a $25 million renovation of the space.

The tiny market is now a massive two story experience, complete with a bustling restaurant (served cafeteria-style), an authentic Italian Market, a patio overlooking the action of Saint Paul’s 7th street, and even an attached dessert cafe!

And while “cafeteria-style” and “delicious pizza” aren’t usually two descriptions that go together, you’re just gonna have to trust us on this one. And if you don’t trust us, trust the 110+ years of history.

  • Website: Cossetta
  • Address: 211 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102


Best Detroit style pizza: Mario’s (Mirriam Park)

hot honey pepperoni

Mario’s opened in 2023 and immediately stole our hearts.

They serve “Detriot” style pizza – not quite Chicago Deep Dish and not quite New York thin slice. Either way, this pan pizza is out of this world incredible, all served in a classic Midwest bar-style atmosphere. Truly some of the best in the Twin Cities.

You can read our full, raving review here.

Address: 232 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104


Best fancy pizza: Mucci’s (West Seventh)

When Mucci’s took over a tiny neighborhood building in what, at the time, was St. Paul’s somewhat sleepy West Seventh Neighborhood, we were excited. But also a little concerned.

While the staff had an impressive resume (these are the same peeps who run Lowertown’s incredible burger/brunch spot, Saint Dinette) our opening visit saw a frighteningly empty restaurant, housed in an easy to miss building.

All those concerns melted away when we tried the food…

Mucci’s is a full Italian restaurant, which means its easy to overlook the pizza in the midst of all the lasagne love. But give that pizza a try, and… oh my…

Two words: Fried. Crust.

Yeah, you’ll be craving another bite as soon as the first hits your lips, plus the same incredible toppings used on their award winning pasta (Like the fan-favorite “Bella” pizza – think wild mushrooms, mascarpone, carmelized onions, and fresh argula) Mucci’s pizza is chef-driven, in all the right ways.

It didn’t take long to catch on either. Word about Mucci’s incredible food spread like wildfire. While the location still looks sleepy from the outside, (Mucci’s still hasn’t bothered putting up an actual sign on its unmarked building, instead opting for a 3×2 sidewalk stand that you might miss if you blink) inside you’ll find a packed space at all hours of the day, with a consistent 30 minute wait on weekends.

Don’t worry though, Mucci’s pizza’s totally worth the wait.

Address: 786 Randolph Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55102


Best thin crust pizza: Punch Neapolitan Pizza (Summit-University)

best thin crust pizza in st paul - punch pizza

Punch founder John Soranno fell in love with Neapolitan pizza while growing up in Milan, Italy. In 1996, he channeled this love into the opening of the first Punch location, in Highland Park, Minnesota. Since then, his pizza has taken Minnesota by storm, and Punch Neapolitan Pizza now includes a dozen locations scattered across the Twin Cities.

Punch Store #6 opened in 2008 and remains the only St. Paul location.

With all the different stores, you might mistake Punch for some overrated, chain-quality pizza. You’d be wrong.

Oh, so very wrong…

Despite the expansion, Punch is still turning out wood-fired pizza that’s as delicious as ever. Each pizza still comes out of the flaming hot oven with perfect fire-kissed crust, stringy flavorful cheese, and premium toppings. If you’re looking to experience a Twin Cities staple, you can’t go wrong with Punch.

Address: 769 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

  • Website: Punch Pizza
  • Address: 769 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105


Best neighborhood takeout: The Pizza Shop (West Side)

The Pizza Shop

The Pizza Shop is our vote for the best “neighborhood takeout” shop in St. Paul.

This place is truly under the radar, with a website that barely works and an unassuming location across from a gas station. But inside, you’ll find a passionate owner, who looks to be straight from the East Coast. He’ll be working the shop at all hours of the day, making sure his tangy, square cut MN-style pizza stays up to the quality that locals love and expect.

Cash only. Would you expect anything else?

Address: 1037 Dodd Rd, Saint Paul, MN 55118


Favorite dive bar pizza: Skinner’s Pub & Eatery (West Seventh)

Looking for some dive-bar pizza? Skinner’s is your best choice.

Here you’ll find classic thin-crust, extra-cheesy, square cut pizza at prices so affordable, you can’t help but order a $3.75 tap BOMB (beer of the month) to go along with it. Cheers.

Address: 919 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102


The yelper’s favorite: Mama’s Pizza (North End)

With over 200 reviews at a 4.5 star average rating, this often-overlooked spot on the North side consistently scores some of the highest online reviews around.

And for good reason. The way Mama’s Pizza builds its pizza is symbolic of the restaurant itself. Here, they layer sauce and toppings directly on the crust, and then cover everything with a thick layer of cheese. What you get is a pizza with everything hidden underneath a blanket of melted cheese, a fitting presentation for restaurant housed in a plain, unassuming stucco building on the outskirts of town.

So if you’re somehow fooled into thinking Mama’s pizza is just another pizza, or just another Italian restaurant, your first bite will certainly change your mind.

Address: 961 Rice Street, Saint Paul MN 55117


Most unique pizza: QC Pizza (Mahtomedi)

QC pizza - most unique pizza near st paul

Okay, technically this one isn’t in St. Paul. QC Pizza actually sits 15 minutes north, in Mahtomedi, MN.

That said, we had to include QC on our list for one simple reason. QC Pizza rocks some of the most unique, wild, and surprisingly delicious pizza flavors anywhere.

QC’s Kinda Big Dill Pizza – and yes, that’s a Dill Pickle Pizza – put this place on the map. (Sounds crazy? Maybe… but one bite and we promise you’ll be a believer…)

Since then, QC encored that offering with all sorts of other creative flavors.

  • BLT pizza? Sure!
  • Taco pizza? Why not!
  • Wild Rice pizza? Only in Minnesota!

Address: 3150 Century Ave N Mahtomedi, MN 55115

  • Website: QC Pizza
  • Address: 3150 Century Ave N, Mahtomedi, MN 55115


Best pre-Wild game pizza: Zamboni’s (Downtown)

[+Bonus! Best delivery pizza in St. Paul!]

If you haven’t downed a quick Zamboni’s pizza and a beer before or after a Minnesota Wild game, can you even call yourself a Minnesotan?

In 2024, Zamboni’s even expanded to take over the old Eagle Street Grill. It’s now fair to say this is the unofficial-official pre-and-post game spot for Wild games. 

We love Zamboni’s for so many reasons.

  1. You can either purchase by the pie or the slice, which really comes in handy depending on how long before game-time.
  2. Every slice we’ve ever had comes cooked to perfection and piled high with ingredients.
  3. The staff here is awesome.

Oh, and bonus points for those epic Wings.

Address: 184 W 7th St, St. Paul, MN 55102


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