The 6 Best Places for Hot Pot in Minneapolis and St. Paul

best hot pot in the twin cities

With so many of us giving up communal dining experiences during the pandemic, one of the first things we’re looking forward to getting back to is the simmering and savoring of a hot pot dinner with friends.  Thankfully, there are a few places for Hot Pot in Minneapolis and St. Paul waiting to welcome you back around the table.

Here are the best spots around town when you’re ready to gather again.

Map of Hot Pot Around the Twin Cities

Little Szechuan Hot Pot

Hands down, Little Szechuan on University takes the cake (or the pot?) for the best Hot Pot experience in the Metro.  If you’re just dipping your first skewer into the world of hot pot, Little Szechuan offers an authentic experience and plenty of the spicy Szechuan flavors we come to expect in this style of eating.  The staff here are happy to answer questions about ordering and give advice on matching the menu to your particular tastes. For bigger appetites, Little Szechuan offers all-you-can-eat meat, vegetable, and seafood hot pot specials. Don’t miss out on the extra sauces either!  They’re what Little Szechuan is known for.

A few other items worth noting:  There’s also no bar or cocktail menu here, if that’s a must-have for your hot pot party. You’ll want to make a reservation, especially if you’re coming in with a group for weekend lunch.  And finally, the hot pot at Little Szechuan is on the spendy side compared to the other options on this list.  We think it’s worth it for the authentic experience but expect to drop at least $25-30 per person.

Legendary Spice

Located on the ground floor of University Village Apartments in Stadium Village, Legendary Spice is well-known for hot pot and some of the best take-out on campus. You’ll notice the ingredient preparation here is different than some of the other nearby options—it’s the extra attention to detail. Perfectly cut and arranged meats and vegetables.  Skewers that look so good even before you drop them in.

The menu here is extensive and can be overwhelming for first-timers.  With a bit of homework, you’ll find that almost everything on the menu holds up to the Legendary Spice name.  We recommend trying the pork barbeque and the dumpling options if you’re up for something more.

  • Address: 2501 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: Legendary Spice

Tasty Pot

Love hot pot but really not into the ‘cook your own’ experience?  Want to stop in for a warm meal on a rainy or chilly evening with all the fuss?

Unlike the other options on this list, the hot pot dinners at Tasty Pot in Dinkytown are pre-made, with all the ingredients already simmering when it arrives at the table.  The soup and sauces are also unique, favoring Taiwanese flavors instead of traditional Szechuan. With more than a dozen different options on the menu (including our favorites, the healthy veggie, and the curry flavor), there’s still plenty of flexibility to customize your meal even if you won’t be dunking and boiling away.  Be careful on the spice selections; even the lowest option is still pretty staunch for the Upper Midwestern palate.

  • Address: 423 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: Tasty Pot MN

Kowloon Restaurant

Although not exclusively dedicated to hot pot, the menu at Kowloon Restaurant has a few options in the “Specials” section that should catch your attention.  The Chicken in Hot Pot and the Seafood Soup are two of the most popular menu options at this strip-mall staple on the corner of Washington Avenue and Huron Boulevard, near the University of Minnesota campus.  Both dishes are spicy, savory, and the best cure for a chilled-to-the-bone winter day.

Expect a busy dining room of college students most times of day here.  Maybe not the best place for an intimate date or a dressed-to-impress meal with the in-laws, but definitely some of the best comfort food in Stadium Village.

LePot Chinese Hotpot

Even though LePot made its home in the Dinkytown neighborhood just a few years ago, it’s made a name for itself in the Twin Cities. Instead of the traditional communal hot pot experience, LePot offers a ‘build your own’ menu with smaller, individual servings.  Each diner orders off the pre-prepared combo or a la carte menu and then receives a personal bento box of meats and veggies to cook on your own mini-pot and burner.

The dining room at LePot can feel a little cramped, so expect to get close to your neighbor here.  But, for casual hot pot–exactly how you like to make it—Le Pot is the top spot.

Tea House

When most of us sit down for the hot pot experience, we have a few things in mind.  Fresh, seasonal ingredients.  A hearty broth with a well-balanced spicy profile.  And a warm, inviting atmosphere to linger with friends. Tea House on University Avenue in Stadium Village is a go-to dim sum and hot pot spot anytime we’re catching brunch on campus. The menu here is extensive, even if hot pot options aren’t the main focus.  There are two Tea House locations in the Metro (the other on Suburban Avenue in St. Paul), so make sure you’re specific when you’re making reservations.

  • Address: 2425 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: Tea House
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