A Guide to the Best Haunted Houses near Minneapolis, Minnesota (Updated for 2022!)

best haunted houses minneapolis mn

It’s official, folks.

Fall is here.

‘Tis the season for chilly weather, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and… haunted houses!

I LOVE haunted houses. I know, I know… it makes no sense to voluntarily submit myself to getting scared out of my wits, but I just can’t help it. It’s one of my favorite Fall traditions.

At this point, I’ve been to nearly every single haunted house around the Twin Cities. Aside from leaving with a big rush of adrenaline (and a few too many nightmares), it’s also helped me put together this definitive guide to the best haunted houses near Minneapolis.

And while there’s been quite a few recent changes thanks to the pandemic, Fall 2021 is still shaping up to have some great options for the scares.

Whether you’re looking for awesome haunted hayrides, amusement parks turned Zombielands, or the classic haunted house experience, you’re sure to find it somewhere near the Twin Cities!

Map of the Best Haunted Houses near the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Scream Town / The Abandoned Hayride (Chaska, MN)

Scream Town is proud to boast the highest average Google and Facebook ratings of any haunted house near the Twin Cities. So, what’s got visitors so impressed?

Well, it starts with the name. I always assumed the “Town” in Scream Town was just a generous nickname, until my first visit. Once there, I realized that with over 7 different haunted houses in one spot, the creators of Scream Town have actually developed what feels like a little haunted town. Guests can hang out in what’s basically a haunted town square, and then whenever they work up the courage, dive into any of the seven different structures, each with a uniquely themed haunted house.

Plus, Scream Town allows you to add The Abandoned Hayride to your ticket. It’s a truly impressive 40 minute performance that guests experience from the back of a tractor, which eventually drops you off in the forest with nothing but a lantern to guide you back. I highly recommend adding the hayride to your ticket; it’s usually the favorite attraction!

The Haunting Experience on 61 (Cottage Grove, MN)

The Haunting Experience boasts the oldest hayride in Minnesota, now operating for the past 35 years. Located about 20 minutes south of St. Paul, this attraction is especially convenient for Minnesotans on the eastern side of the Metro.

This classic hayride pulls you through the ground’s haunted forests, including some deep tunnels and even a haunted steelworks building. And just when you think you’re in the clear, they’ll drop you off at their haunted house, for good measure.

The Haunting Experience is a classic Twin Cities Halloween attraction, and as an added bonus, it’s also one of the more affordable Halloween options near the cities. Ticket prices range from just $19-35, depending on when you visit.

The Dead End Hayride (Wyoming, MN)

If you take 35-North for 40 minutes past the Twin Cities, you’ll eventually reach Wyoming, Minnesota, home of Pinehaven Farm. But every Fall, this little family farm transforms itself into one of the most popular and best haunted hayrides in the state – The Dead End Hayride.

This Hayride will drag you around the haunted farm to see the stuff of your nightmares. Along the way, you’ll get dumped off and have to make your way through multiple haunted houses, including a super creepy cornfield!

One interesting feature of Dead End Hayride – it’s one of the few haunted houses around that serves alcohol. Back in 2019 they opened The Dead End Patio, a 21+ area that’s open Fridays and Saturdays all season long.

The Hayride is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in September and Tuesday-Sunday in October.

Trail of Terror (Shakopee, MN)

Historically, Trail of Terror is one of the biggest haunted attractions near the Twin Cities. After closing in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic, Trail of Terror is hoping to open for 2022, but they still haven’t announced anything official. Updates available here.

That said, they are currently selling tickets to “Phantom’s Feast” again this year. From the sounds of it, it’s an actual ghost performance in the Bad Manor house on The Renaissance Festival grounds. (A place which is supposedly one of the actually haunted places in Minnesota, even going so far as having a full paranormal investigation in 2013.)

The Phantom’s Feast performance promises real ghost stories, a meal, and an alcoholic beverage.

The Haunted Basement (Minneapolis, MN)

For years, Minneapolis’s Haunted Basement has been known as the most extreme, and by most accounts, terrifying haunting experience anywhere in Minnesota.

Infamous for requiring a waiver, The Haunted Basement is not for the faint of heart.

The Haunted Basement burst onto the scare scene back in 2005, taking over the abandoned Soap Factory building in Northeast Minneapolis. Immediately, “the basement” became infamous for sending guests into the grungy basement with nothing more than a flashlight and a rope. As their website explains, at the haunted basement, you should expect “strong smells, physical contact, and projectile liquids. You may get very messy, you may have to crawl, and you may find yourself in a confined space with something horrible.”

Oh, and did we mention they’re known for splitting up friend groups, so you’ll have to brave the terror by yourself?

2022 Update: Unfortunately, like most haunted houses, COVID put a pause on the legendary Haunted Basement the last two years. Impressively, the dedicated actors made sure the show still went on virtually, with an “at-home, immersive nightmare.”

In 2022, the nonprofit announced they’re in dire financial trouble and are requesting donations and Patreons to help them continue the scares. Here’s to hoping this legendary haunt gets back on its feet. If you’d like to contribute, head to their official website.

Tricks and Treats f.k.a. ValleySCARE(Shakopee, MN)

2022 Update: This year, Valley Fair announced an end to their legendary haunted houses. The event is being replaced with their “Tricks and Treats” event, which aims to offer more family-friendly Halloween festivities rather than grown-up scares.

Previous ValleySCARE Info: Beginning in October, Valleyfair begins its annual transformation into ValleySCARE.

As the largest amusement park in the state of Minnesota, Valleyfair also operates one of the state’s largest Haunted Houses. Or more specifically, largest collection of haunted houses, since ValleySCARE promises 5 different haunted mazes this year, plus three “scare zones” aka sections of the park that you’ll need to be extra-brave to walk through.

And of course, if a huge collection of ghouls, goblins, and other scary creatures isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, ValleySCARE also allows you to ride all the park’s biggest and baddest roller coasters and thrill rides. Because what’s scarier than a 200 foot drop on Wild Thing?

  • Address: 1 Valley Fair Dr, Shakopee, MN 55379
  • Website: ValleySCARE

R.I.P. to these Haunted Houses in 2022:

Unfortunately, either because of COVID or other reasons, a few long-time favorite local haunted houses have closed their doors recently. They include:

  • Original ValleySCARE (Shakopee, MN)
  • Fright Farm Haunted House (Maplewood, MN)
  • Hell Woods (Hugo, MN)
  • Olson Haunted Houses (Chanhassen, MN)
  • Terrorworld Haunted Attraction (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Dreadwood Haunted Forest (Hudson, WI)
  • Nightmare Hallow Scream Park (Chicasgo City, MN)
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