The 8 Best Dog Parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul (Ranked by The City Pup)

One of the best parts about living in the Twin Cities is all the amazing dog parks in the area.

Or at least that’s what The City Pup tells me.

I rescued The City Pup (or was it the other way around?) a few years ago from a local Minneapolis shelter. Since that time, the two of us have spent many-a-weekend days exploring all the different dog parks in the Twin Cities.

That’s no easy challenge, either. Minneapolis and St. Paul collectively have over 20 something different dog parks. Plus the suburbs.

But of those parks, a few of them truly stand above the rest.

So if you’re looking to explore somewhere fun with your four-legged friend (and maybe introduce them to a few other friends of their own!) then these are the 7 best dog parks around the Twin Cities.

Map of the Best Dog Parks in Minneapolis and St. Paul

The best dog park in Minneapolis: Minnehaha Dog Park

Minnehaha Falls is one of the best regional parks in Minneapolis, and The City Pup thinks it’s pretty awesome that they’ve attached a dog park to the land, too.

And this isn’t just any dog park. Minnehaha Dog Park is an incredible 6-acre woodland. It feels less like a “dog park” and more like a hike through the forest, with the comfort of knowing there’s fences buried in those woods. (That said, the woods are huge, so you definitely want to make sure your dog is trained for recall.)

The park is laid out in a long, out-and-back formation, perfect for you and your pup to hike as far deep into the woods as you’d like. The whole park hugs the Mississippi River, which makes this one especially popular for those water-loving pups. (The City Pup first learned to swim here, so to this day, I get a little misty-eyed whenever I see him muddy himself up in those Minnehaha river banks.)

Minnehaha Dog Park might also be the most popular dog park in the Twin Cities. Dogs will love this popularity because it allows them tons of socializing, and you’ll love it because it helps wear out your furry friend. And despite the popularity, Minnehaha Dog Park is big enough, and with enough nooks and crannies, that it rarely feels too crowded.

The most convenient dog park in St. Paul: High Bridge Dog Park

The creatively named High Bridge Dog Park sits right underneath The High Bridge. Located just five minutes from downtown St. Paul, it’s one of the most convenient dog parks in the cities for St. Paul dog owners.

It’s especially popular on those weekday evenings, when the hordes of St. Paul dog owners come home from work and want to let their furry friend get out some energy. Because of this, I’d caution that High Bridge Dog Park is also probably one of the most intimidating dog parks for shy pups or anxious owners.

The park’s simple layout doesn’t exactly help either… it’s basically a 1/4 mile long narrow dog run, which often leads to massive dog packs and nowhere to “take a break” if the dogs get a little too playful.

That said, this dog park is a worth a visit for it’s really cool views. It sits in the shadow of St. Paul’s legendary High Bridge, so you can peer up and gawk at the 150-foot-tall construction marvel, from one of the most unique angles in town. And in the distance, you’ll catch beautiful skyline views of downtown St. Paul as your dog has a blast with his new friends.

Bonus: High Bridge Dog Park is one of the few dog parks in the Twin Cities that has a designated small dogs area!

The best dog park for swimming: Meeker Island Dog Park

meeker island dog park st paul

Meeker Island Dog Park is a really unique place for pups. It sits right on the banks of the Mississippi River, and it’s basically a strip of sandy beach that’s perfect for swimming.

It’s rarely crowded, but it isn’t fully fenced, either. Instead, it’s surrounded by steep river bluffs which an excited dog could definitely climb! (Not like I’m speaking from experience about a time when The City Pup got a little too interested in a squirrel…)

The biggest dog park in the Twin Cities: Battle Creek

Battle Creek is an amazing dog park in Maplewood. At 35 acres, it’s the largest dog park in the Twin Cities, and this makes for an incredible setting that you and your pup will love.

Battle Creek Dog Park is basically arranged as miles of wooded hiking trails, all completely fenced in. Along the way, you’ll cross rolling hills, two large open spaces that are perfect for doggie play sessions, and multiple ponds for those adventurous swimmers. (Those ponds usually have lots of mud and algea though, so this one park that’s best to visit when you’ve already got bath-time planned…)

What I especially love about Battle Creek is its versatility. The large open areas are great for playing with others, but there’s also enough room and trails that you can find some peace and quiet. Even among the trails, there’s several different routes, complete with well-trodden shortcuts here and there.

If you’re looking for a great off-leash hike with your dog, Battle Creek is my favorite option.

The best dog park in St. Paul without water: Arlington Arkwright

Sometimes, you just don’t want to deal with muddy paws or bath time. If that’s the case, Arlington Arkwright Dog Park is your best bet in St. Paul.

This 5 acre space is completely fenced-in, perfect for plenty of off-leash fun. The area includes tons of trees and woods, with lots of shade but notably… no water. The City Pup might consider that a negative, but for most days, I’d actually consider that a big positive.

Overall, the vibe here is a fun walk through the forest, mixed with moderate amounts of play-time with other dogs.

The most underrated dog park in (South) St. Paul: Kaposia Landing

best dog parks minneapolis st paul

Located in the city of South St. Paul, this dog park is part of the large redevelopment project of an old landfill, and I’m told it’s a work in progress as they continue to raise funds. For now, it’s a pretty basic, fully-fenced area that’s just a huge open field. (They recently added some doggie agility obstacles, so that’s a nice bonus!)

Kaposia is usually one of the least crowded dog parks I’ve visited. It’s perfect for those days when you want to get off-leash but might not want to deal with big packs of other dogs. You’ll also get interesting views of the Mississippi River, its river bluffs, and a nearby train station.

The best dog park in Bloomington: Bloomington Off Leash Dog Park

Yes, this is technically the only dog park in Bloomington, but it’s a great one!

This 25-acre off-leash area has everything a dog could ever want. There’s a large grassy meadow, rolling hills, shaded forest areas, and even a pond. What I especially like about this park is that the pond area is fenced off, so YOU get to make the choice whether your dog goes swimming, rather than your over-excited pup.

Note that the hiking trial area is fully fenced, while the separate swimming pond is only partially fenced.

Best in the East Metro: Andy’s Bark Park

Located east of Woodbury, this fun dog park was named after the city of Woodbury’s first police K9, “Andy.” Officially, it’s a massive 70 acres, although the fenced in area is smaller.

In any case, you and your dog can find plenty of off-leash outdoor space, walking trails, grassy spaces, and trails through the woods. The city even supplies water at this park, including a few kiddie swimming pools that allow your dog to cool off on a hot day.

The best dog park with a bar (seriously!): Unleashed Hounds and Hops

Here’s the most unique dog park in the Twin Cities. Unleashed Hounds and Hops is a combined indoor/outdoor dog park in downtown Minneapolis, located in the warehouse space right next to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. For less than 10 bucks, you can reserve a time for your pup to enjoy the large indoor play space with dozens of other dogs and dog owners. (There’s also a smaller outdoor patio area for your dog to do his business or enjoy the nicer weather.)

And did we mention this place happens to have a full selection of craft beer and bar food? Now you’re speaking our language!

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