My 13 Best Vintage Clothing & Consignment Stores in Minneapolis

As much as I selfishly want to keep my secret shopping places to myself, today I’m sharing my favorites with you.

Not just any favorites, either. Because when I’m going shopping for clothes, I feel like I have two choices:

  1. Pick up the latest blah that looks just like everything that everyone else is wearing. From the same stores that everyone else is shopping.
  2. Find a one of a kind, used piece of clothing that is uniquely me.

Not surprisingly, I find myself choosing option 2 more and more. Duh!

Maybe you do too?

If so, then I need to let you in on my secret weapons… There’s two types of stores that serve that job better than any other:

Vintage clothing stores and used consignment stores.

Minneapolis has a ton of these gems around the city, and they’re just waiting for you to discover that perfect piece of clothing or accessory.

Today, I’m revealing my 8 favorite vintage clothing stores plus my 5 favorite consignment stores in Minneapolis.

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(PPS – For more clothing deals, I also wrote about the best thrift stores in Minneapolis and the best thrift stores in St. Paul.)

Map of the Best Vintage Clothing & Consignment Stores in Minneapolis

Best Vintage Stores for Clothing

best vintage stores minneapolis

These vintage stores curate high quality, used clothing at reasonable prices. Safe to say, I’m addicted!

Southside Vintage (Amazing boho chic selection)

I am in love with the style of this vintage shop in South Minneapolis.

You can tell the store has been carefully curated by someone with great tastes. Everything has a very relaxing and funky boho vibe. The selection definitely focuses on vintage furniture and decor, but there’s also a decent collection of boho chic clothing that always seems to have some gems.

Via’s Vintage (Higher end retro)

If you ever want to channel your marvelous inner Mrs. Maisel, Via’s Vintage is your spot!

This adorable storefront in Uptown has all sorts of retro clothing dating from the 1980s all the way to the 1800s! Everything here is one of a kind, so this one definitely caters more to the higher end.

  • Address: 2408 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405
  • Website: Via’s Vintage

The Golden Pearl Vintage (1950s and 60s treasures)

Something about this store just makes me want to try on every single item in the shop. I don’t know if it’s the beautiful wood flooring, the bright white tin ceilings, or the carefully collected clothing lining the racks throughout the store.

In those racks, you probably won’t find the usual brand names. (Which is just fine by me.) Instead, you’ll find truly unique pieces that have been restored and rewashed in house. Flipping through the racks here feels like opening a perfectly preserved wardrobe from the 1950s and 60s. Plus, you can also find some of the most interesting accessories anywhere. Did I mention prices are reasonable, too?

Rewind (Best luck on bargains)

Rewind stocks hand-selected vintage and contemporary clothing, along with an impressive collection of shoes, handbags, and accessories.

I especially love the reasonable prices, which also leads to quick turnover. So there’s always tons of new stock each time I stop by!

  • Address: 2852B Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
  • Website: Rewind

Time Bomb Vintage (Most nostalgic antiques + clothing)

This store is so much fun! With all the cool stuff in this store, the Time Bomb always leads me to a nostalgia bomb!

On top of an impressive collection of antiques, Time Bomb Vintage also has racks upon racks of both men’s and women’s vintage clothing.

Groovy’s (Really unique accessories)

Another shop that’s mostly a nostalgia bomb of antique toys, records, and more. However, I love hunting through the somewhat hidden racks of clothes. I’ve also noticed Groovy’s always seem to have some of the most unique hats, boots, and accessories.

  • Address: 4206 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407
  • Website: Groovy’s

The Cat and the Cobra (Good prices on the 70s & 80s)

This Northeast Minneapolis location focuses on modestly priced 1970s to 1990s clothing. Whenever I come here, I always seem to find the coolest denim.

As an added bonus, the guys aren’t left out here either. (Men’s vintage clothing can be pretty hard to find, but The Cat and the Cobra has lots of great leather jackets, jeans, etc. for him.)

The Corner Store Vintage (Best denim & cowboy style)

With its corner location in the LynLake neighborhood, The Corner Store Vintage lives up to its name! The selection here is huge, mostly focusing on a cowboy style of denim and boots.

That said, I’ve also found wonderful sweaters, scarves, and sunglasses here. Definitely worth a stop!

Best consignment shops around Minneapolis

consignment stores minneapolis

Consignment shops differ from vintage shops in that although they also sell used and vintage clothing, many times the shop is selling those clothes on consignment. In other words, people bring in their old and/or vintage clothes to the consignment shop. Once the clothes sell, the shop and the original owner split the profits.

This usually leads to a fantastic selection at reasonable prices. There’s also a huge variety in the type of clothes they sell. Some consignment shops focus on old vintage clothing, others focus on discounted newer brand names.

Here are my favorite consignment shops around Minneapolis.

Nu Look Consignment Apparel (My go to)

This consignment store just south of Lake Harriet is awesome! The prices, quality, and selection are all fantastic. The shop is packed with clothes, yet somehow, they do a great job keeping everything organized.

Turn Style Consignment (Best thrift + consignment feel)

This consignment store in Richfield is MASSIVE. It’s a consignment store that feels more like a thrift store – they have an impressive collection of home decor and furniture, in addition to the clothes.

Speaking of which, that clothing section is a sea of clothing racks on racks on racks. And I always seem to find something great buried in those.

GH2 (My favorite variety)

GH2 is a really hunter’s paradise. Located near Nicollet Island, it’s an upscale consignment shop with a total variety of clothing. You never know whether you’ll find new designer labels or classic vintage clothing. In either case, the clothes always scream unique, no matter the style.

Somehow, despite being a beautiful, warm, and organized space, I always find myself spending hours in this store. 🙂

  • Address: 318 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • Website: GH2

Cake Plus Size Resale (Best plus size consignment)

Cake Plus Size Resale is a small, boutique style shop with a great selection of plus sized clothing. Even better, the staff is extremely welcoming, and everything is sold in a body positive environment.

Rodeo Drive Designer Consignment Botique (Favorite upscale consignment store)

Named after the luxurious street in Beverly Hills, it’s not surprising that Rodeo Drive is definitely more of an upscale consignment store. They do it right though; this cute shop in St. Louis Park has a great selection of higher fashion at reasonable prices.

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