Where to Find the Best Bloody Mary in Minneapolis and St. Paul

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The World’s Longest Bloody Mary Bar event at The Happy Gnome (R.I.P.)

Freshen up the tomato juice and bring on the vodka, it’s time for a meal in a glass!

Today, we’re talking bloodies.

I like to consider myself a Bloody Mary connoisseur. It’s my go to drink whenever the sun is shining. Or whenever I feel like funky toppings on my cocktail. Or come to think of it… pretty much all the time.

I’m a simple lady – I see bloody mary on the menu, I order bloody mary.

At this point, I’ve tried bloodies all over town, which is why I’m happy to chat all about my favorites for the best bloody mary in the Twin Cities.

Map of Where to Find the Best Bloody Mary in Minneapolis & St. Paul

All-around favorite: Bloody Mary at Saint Dinette (St. Paul)

While I personally think it’s hard to go wrong with any Bloody Mary, this golden child on the brunch menu at Saint Dinette in Lowertown gets my vote as the all-around winner for Best Bloody Mary in town. The mix here has a good balance of zip and flavor that will appeal to most drinkers, and it’s hard to go wrong with one of Chef Adam Eaton’s house-made everything bagel and cream cheese toppers. So, so good.

  • Address: 261 E. Fifth St., St. Paul MN 55101
  • Website: Saint Dinette

Best brunch pairing: Bloody Mary Board at The Gnome Craft Pub (St. Paul)

The bar on brunch raised two notches higher when The Gnome added their Bloody Mary Board to their weekend brunch menu. The delightful addition to your eggs benedict is served tableside, with enough vodka and fixings for 4 drinks (2 if you’re serious).

As they have for many years, the bloody marys here feature locally made Lovejoy bloody mary mix. The story of how Minnesota native Charles Lovejoy launched the brand via the original Happy Gnome (the previous iteration of the newly relaunched Gnome) makes this brunch beauty even better.

  • Address: 498 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
  • Website: The Gnome

Best build your own bloody bar: Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge (Minneapolis)

There are no limits when visiting Suzi’s Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar at Psycho Suzi’s in Northeast. This “Best Bloody Mary Bar” appears every Saturday and Sunday brunch. Make your own combination of mixes, sauces, and skewers, however you’d like.

Just another reason why Pyscho Suzi’s is one of the best bars in the Twin Cities!

  • Address: 1900 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
  • Website: Psycho Suzi’s

Best happy hour deal: Bryant Lake Bowl (Minneapolis)

Sometimes our bloody mary cravings don’t just stop at one. Or three. In that case, Bryant Lake Bowl is where we head. Cheap date night, one of the best bowling alleys in the Twin Cities, and at least three kinds of bloody marys on the menu… what more can you ask for?

The local fan following for ‘the Marys’ runs so deep here–they released the bloody mary mix on the take-out menu during the pandemic. (Let’s be honest. It’s how a few of us survived lockdown…)

For the meat lovers: The Hunter Stick at Finnish Bistro (St Paul)

If you like your bloody mary skewered with something besides pickles and olives, check out the bloody mary options at Finnish Bistro in St. Paul. Their XL Sake Bloody Mary is served mason jar style and ready to be skewered with three different choices:

  1. the classic Grilled Cheese (five mini grilled cheese sandwiches)
  2. the Hunter Stick (salami, kielbasa, swiss cheese)
  3. or the Finn Stick (lox, salami, pickled herring, swiss cheese, olives, and cucumbers).

For the horseradish lover: The Bloody Russian at Moscow on the Hill (St. Paul)

Moscow on the Hill has a reputation in St. Paul as a spot where even the heartiest drinkers can get a little sozzled. The vodka-infusions menu here is long, so it’s no surprise that Moscow on the Hill has some of the best bloody marys in St. Paul.

If you like your mary to bite back, their Bloody Russian demands your immediate attention. Made with Referent Horseradish-infused vodka from the 45th Parallel Company in Wisconsin, this one is a game-changer.

Best variety of bloody marys on the menu: Icehouse (Minneapolis)

The rotating brunch menu at Ice House always has a good selection of bloody marys, including the Bloody Aquavit. It’s made with locally distilled aquavit from Tattersall Distillery in Northeast Minneapolis. In addition, the locals love the Bloody Homer, a tribute to The Simpsons served with a mini-donut.

  • Address: 2528 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404
  • Website: Icehouse

The most unique topper: Copper Hen Bloody at Copper Hen Kitchen (Minneapolis)

Every time I see a Bloody Mary garnished with a cupcake, I smile. I mean, c’mon–how yummy is that? The Copper Hen literally takes the cake by topping their Copper Hen Bloody with a mini bacon and blueberry breakfast cupcake. Their organic vodka and house-made bloody mary mix round out a top-notch cocktail.

Or try the Bloody Hell, made with house-infused hot pepper vodka and garnished with a mini-donut muffin, if you have the courage.

The upscale bloody: Bloody Mary at Spoon and Stable (Minneapolis)

I’m confident the bloody mary isn’t why Spoon and Stable has won so many awards, but if the James Beard committee judged only on the brunch cocktails, I still think they might win.

The bloody mary here is mixed how you like it with vodka, tequila, gin, or aquavit and perfectly garnished. Is it wrong that we come for the bloody mary and stay for the brunch?

The obscenely large bloody mary bar: Jacked Up Bloody Mary Bar at Hell’s Kitchen (Minneapolis)

There are bloody mary bars… and then there’s the bloody mary bar at Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. It’s why most people check out the brunch at Hell’s Kitchen in the first place. At 35 feet long and more than 240 different hot sauce options, it’s tough to process the possibilities.

Choose the classic Bloody (in an extra-large glass that’s practically a meal on its own) and then garnish with a full lineup of salts, olives, sausages, cheeses, and veggies. It’s a culinary experience everyone should try once.

Best bloody in the suburbs: Traditional Bloody Mary at Garage Bar & Bowl (Waconia)

Expand the search for the Best Bloody Mary to the entire Twin Cities, and you’re likely to run across the bloody mary at Garage Bar and Bowl in Waconia. Their traditional recipe won three awards at the Twin Cities Bloody Mary Festival in 2019, including Best Garnish, Best Traditional Recipe, and “The People’s Choice.”

Here, the cocktails are garnished with fresh bread from Red Bench Bakery in Chaska, lettuce, tomato, a dill pickle, and a bloody mary brined bacon.

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