Apostle Supper Club: St. Paul’s Newest Hallowed One? (Full Review)

As soon as word started circulating in fall 2021 that restaurant mega-stars Brian and Sarah Ingram were working on a new Palm Springs-inspired supper club and tiki bar in downtown St. Paul, the Twin Cities foodie scene has been a-buzz.

Umbrella drinks from the same folks who brought us Hope Breakfast Bar and the Gnome Craft Pub?

Yes, please.

DiscoverTheCities.com “Must Eats” at Apostle Supper Club

  • Start with the Five Cheese Fondue and ask for extra bread.
  • Fried Spam Tacos. We’ve had Spam prepared in many ways, but not quite like this.
  • Truffle Mushroom Orzo is outstanding. Our favorite thing on the menu.

About Apostle Supper Club and False Eye Doll Lounge

apostle supper club

Despite facing an uphill year of staffing challenges and rising inflation, the Ingrams and their Purpose Restaurant Group opened not one but two supper clubs. The first Apostle appeared in the rotating-dining area of the Radisson hotel in downtown Duluth.

In October, their second and larger Apostle Supper Club location opened in its namesake city on Kellogg Boulevard and West 7th Street near the Xcel Energy Center.

The supper club and False Eye Doll Tiki Lounge have a vibe and menu like no other in downtown. But can it live up to its name as downtown St. Paul’s hallowed one?

Here’s our full review.

Our Full Review

The Location

apostle supper club location

The St. Paul location of Apostle Supper Club sits on the corner of Kellogg Avenue and West 7th across the street from the Xcel Energy Center. The False Eye Doll Tiki Lounge is located inside the supper club.

The prominent downtown location means you’ll find lots of event-driven traffic in the restaurant.

The Atmosphere


One of the quirky things to love about The Apostle is the “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Minnesota anymore” atmosphere.

Walk in the dark green padded door, and you’re immediately transported from the snowy streets of St. Paul into a swanky, palm tree-lined hideaway. But after a closer look, this isn’t just a supper club.

There’s a classic 1960s piano bar. Grass thatched tiki bar. Shag carpet on the walls.

And just when we thought we’d seen it all, a sunken living room complete with padded leather chairs and a round fireplace that gives off some serious Austin Powers mojo.

The Vibe

apostle supper club vibe

We arrived just after open and were one of the first people in the dining room. With first cocktail in hand, the classy Apostle gave off decidedly supper club feelings.

But on the night we dined, the Minnesota Wild had a home game at The X.

By 6 pm, both bars and the dining room were packed with hockey fans. The live music started, and the volume was decidedly not a supper club.

At some points, the volume was so loud we had difficulty carrying on a conversation. So did the couples at the two tables nearby.

After puck drop and on non-game nights, perhaps the supper club vibes last a bit longer? Of course, we’d expect the same for big-name concerts, high school state competitions, and other Xcel Energy Center events.

The Menu

Apostle hosts two different and utterly unique drink and cocktail menus.

The False Eye Doll menu showcases classic tiki drinks and island-inspired flavors. You’ll find everything on this menu at $15 or less and approachable for happy hour or a bite to eat before the game.

The Apostle Supper Club menu is the nearly polar opposite. Seafood and meat-forward entrees, a good mix of sides, and a curated list of our favorite lounge cocktails. Expect supper club prices here, with the entrees ranging from $25-$50.

Both menus are available at every seat in the house.

The Drinks

The cocktails are the showstopper at the Apostle, and we suspect what will keep a steady crowd in the door. The Tiki bar menu has a good mai tai, a painkiller, and a $45 whopper called the False Eyedoll Goalie Glass.

Big Dill Martini

As a self-described martini connoisseur, I was excited to see both a dill pickle and espresso martini on the Apostle drink menu. Both stand on a well-rounded list along with a Manhattan, grasshopper, old fashioned, and a passionfruit Tom Collins.

The Food


Relish Tray

relish tray

Every table at Apostle is treated to a pickle relish tray. Nostalgia at its best and a vivid throwback to what grandma set out when ‘the company comes.’

Fried Spam Tacos

fried spam tacos

The Fried Spam Tacos aren’t on the appetizer menu, but as the buzz-worthy dish popping up in the early online reviews, we opted to share it before our mains.

The thinly sliced Spam is sandwiched between a crispy seasoned wonton wrapper and topped with pickled onions and jalapenos. The chili aioli adds just a touch of heat.

We’d recommend it as a good option if you’re looking for shared plates.

Five Cheese Fondue

five cheese fondue

This Wisconsin-born girl will never turn down a steaming pot of melted cheese.

Featured on the supper club and tiki bar menu, the five cheese fondue (mix of Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, American, and Parmesan Cheeses) came served with crusty, charred bread and raw veggies for dipping.

Our server was attentive and offered extra bread and veggies. With it, we were able to finish off Every. Last. Bite.

Another good share-plates option for the cheese-lover.


Truffled Creamy Mushroom Orzo

truffled creamy mushroom orzo

When asked about the most popular entree on the menu, our server hinted that the Truffled Cream Mushroom Orzo currently holds the favorite spot. It also took the spot as our favorite dish we tried.

A creamy, risotto-style mushroom orzo, it’s vegetarian-friendly and one of the more affordable options on the menu. The portion was filling and would be great paired with a salad.

Spatchcock Game Hen

spatchcock game hen

Staying with the tropical-inspired themes, we also tried the spatchcock game hen based on our server’s recommendation. The whole hen came juicy and topped with a tasty mango and pineapple salsa.   We expected more robust sweet and tart flavors based on the ‘pineapple brined’ menu description, but all in all, a good option.

Charred Cauliflower

charred caulifllower

All of the menu options marked with a triangle are Apostle signature dishes. We picked the Charred Cauliflower, the signature dish from the sides menu, along with our entrees.

The whole roasted cauliflower came true to form, blackened and smothered in a citrus aioli and sprinkled with tiny crunchy bits of spicy chili flecks.

The portion here was generous for two but would be a perfect option to pass around a larger table.


Dessert just might have been the most challenging choice at Apostle. In fact, we’d say the only regret of our evening was not saving enough room to fully enjoy these.

As we might suspect from all the yummy things on the Hope Breakfast Bar menu, three all-star options appear on The Ingrams’ dessert menu.

Minnesota Nice ice cream cake was a bit chilly for our late-December dinner out, but we bet it will be a top choice on the patio come summertime.

Fresh Berry Jell-O Cake

berry jell o cake

Instead, we picked the fresh berry Jell-o cake. We both grew up on homestyle sheet cakes like these.

If you’ve never indulged in this supper club classic, it’s worth a try. Made by adding strawberry jello to a cake mix before baking, the texture and density change. It’s heavier than standard vanilla cake but oh so yummy. Served covered in a delicate frosting and fresh strawberries.

Bring in the espresso martini for this one.

The Verdict

Does The Apostle stand out as St. Paul’s new golden child?

That’s a tricky one. Here are some pros and cons to consider before we recommend discipleship:

The Yea’s:  The cocktails, the menu, and the dessert were spot on. We loved the colors and the lighting and were obsessed with the A-frame beam kitchen. The piano bar would be a fun spot to bring friends or hang out on date night.

The Nay’s: It’s a spendy night out (dinner for two at $150 before tip), even for downtown St. Paul standards. For that price, it felt too loud and bar crowd-ish to be an authentic supper club experience.

What to Know: I highly recommend you check the Xcel Energy Center schedule first and try for a non-event night or a weekday.

Some FAQ’s


Drinks $12-15. Appetizers $12-21. Main course $30-$50.

Parking Info

There is no parking or valet immediately available at the restaurant. However, parking is located at two nearby parking ramps adjacent to the building and just a short walk away. Depending on the event schedule at the Xcel Energy Center, plan to pay $15-$30 to park.

Noise Level

This was the most disappointing part of Apostle. Started out great in the early dinner hour. But expect the volume to be much louder than your average supper club experience. If you’re looking for the quietest option, ask to be seated in the sunken living room.

Do you need a reservation?

Yes. Reservations are a must between event traffic at the Xcel and the fact that it’s one of the hottest new spots to try in St. Paul.

It’s possible to snag same-day or next-day options for early and late, but if you’re looking in the 6–8 pm time range or for weekend brunch, book 2-3 weeks in advance.



253 Kellogg Boulevard, St Paul, MN 55102


Apostle Supper Club – St. Paul

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