Our Mega Guide to 20+ Antique Stores in Minneapolis

Who doesn’t love a good antique hunt?

We sure do. Which is why at this point in our search, we’ve checked out nearly every antique store around Minneapolis.

But we learned something interesting along the way…

A lot of the local antique stores aren’t so easy to shop at. Some are labeled as vintage or consignment stores. Others just aren’t labeled at all. And some have completely wacky hours that make anything but a plan-ahead trip all but impossible.

That’s why we decided to put together this mega guide, explaining all the details of favorite antique shops in Minneapolis. Happy hunting!

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Map of Antique Stores, Shops, and Malls in Minneapolis

Minneapolis’s Unofficial Antique Mall – The 50th Street Shops

antique shops in minneapolis - 50th and xerxes

Here’s a bit of a local’s secret. If you’re looking for antiques in Minneapolis, there’s one place that should definitely be your first spot. Or more specifically, one collection of places.

We’re talking about the TONS of antique shops at the intersection of 50th Street and Xerxes Avenue, in Southwest Minneapolis. For whatever reason, this quirky corner has become the antique capital of Minneapolis, and there’s now a half-dozen antique stores neighboring each other here.

If you’re looking to stroll from antique store to antique store in search of your next find, it’s the perfect place.

Hunt & Gather

Now this is treasure hunting!

Probably the most popular antique store on the famous 50th/Xerxes intersection, Hunt & Gather stays true to its name. You won’t find the usual antique store cases here. Instead, this packed store has isles upon isles of overflowing stuff, just waiting to be discovered. It’s an experience that definitely makes for one of the best shops in the entire Twin Cities.

  • Address: 4944 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410
  • Website: Hunt & Gather

Loft Antiques

The overhang-awning and junk-lined sidewalk of this classic corner store just screams antique shop. Once inside, you realize it’s even bigger than you expected.

There’s not one, but two floors of old-stuff galore. They also have a great selection of antique lighting; lots of beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling and add ambiance to the vintage atmosphere.

  • Address: 3022 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55410
  • Website: Loft Antiques

Clarabel Vintage & Antiques

Located right next-door to Loft Antiques, Clarabel Vintage seems to specialize in antique sculptures, jewelry, furniture, chandaliers, candlesticks, paintings, and more.

  • Address: 3018 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55410
  • Website: Clarabel

A Rare Bird

The third neighbor to Clarabel Vintage and Loft Antiques, A Rare Bird is the smallest shop on the block. Located in a cute brick/stucco building, what this shop lacks in size it makes up for in its careful curation.

Bella Galleria

Continue one block down on 50th Street and you’ll quickly reach Bella Galleria. Technically, Bella Galleria is a consignment shop, but no matter. They specialize in used furniture, but also carry paintings, jewelry, and other knick knacks.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking (and I know you are…) that means a careful shopper can definitely find some antique furniture, antique jewelry, and more at this shop. Definitely worth a stop.

  • Address: 3006 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55410
  • Website: Bella Galleria

Michael’s Lamp Studio

Stepping into Michael’s Lamp Studio is an assault on the visual senses in all the best ways. Lights hang from every square inch of the ceiling, standing lamps glow in all shapes and sizes, and along the walls, every lampshade you could ever imagined is stacked to the heavens.

If you’re looking for antique lighting in Minneapolis, Michael’s Lamp Studio is THE place to go.

More Traditional Antique Stores around Minneapolis

antiques bel air
Antiques Bel Air in Minneapolis

Outside of the shops lining 50th street, Minneapolis is also home to plenty more antique stores scattered throughout the city.

Antiques Bel Air

Located just outside of downtown and one block from the Walker Art Center & Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Antiques Bell Air one of the best stores in the Cities.

It’s a classic antique shop – they sell goods from a number of different Twin Cities antique dealers. From what we’ve seen, they seem to specialize in silver, antique paintings, Asian antiques, and old toys. Definitely a place every antique fans needs to see!

Flamingo’s Divine Vintage

From the moment you see the bright pink bricks of Flamingo’s Divine storefront, you know you’re in for some unique treasures. Actually shopping those treasures is another story – the hours of this store are as quirky as the stuff it sells. Specifically, they’re only open about five days month, so you’ll have to check their website for the “Next Sale” dates. (Or otherwise be locked out!)

But during those five days, vendors from all over flock to the store (get the Flamingo reference!?) to sell some of their most fun and unique items. It’s a crazy experience that definitely makes Flamingo’s Divine Vintage a local gem.

Urban Cottage

Another shop that’s open very sporadically, you’ll want to check their website for the most up to date sale information.

Located right next to Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis, Urban Cottage’s sales specialize in home decor, furniture, unique gifts, apparel, and jewelry.

  • Address: 5157 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417
  • Website: Urban Cottage MN

H & B Gallery

H & B Gallery is probably your best bet around Minneapolis if you’re looking for fine antiques. Their shop in Uptown has a huge selection of classical paintings, sculptures, china, rare books, and more. Not the cheapest shop in the cities, but the quality is definitely there.

Plus, they offer discounts based on how long items have been in the store, so it’s definitely worth doing some hunting!

  • Address: 2730 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • Website: H & B Gallery

Antiquified Antiques

This tiny little shop in Northeast Minneapolis looks like a house, but pay closer attention and you’ll see the neon green glow of an “Open” sign in the window.

Step inside, and you’ll find a surprisingly impressive selection of collectibles and miscellaneous antiques.

Time Bomb Vintage

As the name implies, Time Bomb Vintage is definitely more of a vintage store than an antique store. Which means they mostly specialize in vintage clothes and vinyl records. That said, they also carry a selection of antique toys and treasures making it worth a stop for any antique hunter.

Turquoise Vintage

In the antique world, Turquoise Vintage is famous for one simple reason. Hands down, they’ve got the best vintage Pyrex collection in the Twin Cities. 👍

Claire Steyaert Antiques

This storefront on University Avenue is open by appointment only. Setting up that appointment is oh-so worth it though, because Claire has one of the most impressive collections of fine antiques anywhere.

Antique Furniture & Hardware in Minneapolis

antique furniture and hardware - minneapolis

Whether you’re looking for that perfect piece of Midcentury Modern or an ancient door handle to round our your restoration, Minneapolis has lots of options.


Findfurnish in Northeast Minneapolis has a massive collection of Midcentury Modern furniture.

They also have one of the coolest websites ever – It’s literally a virtual reality style 3D model of their entire store, complete with updated images and prices on all their inventory. So hypothetically, you could browse their entire store while you’re supposed to be working. Not that anyone here would ever do that…

  • Address: 13 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
  • Website: Findfurnish

Southside Vintage & Quality Goods

This South Minneapolis store has an awesome curation of antique furniture, with an especially good taste for boho style.

Covet Design and Design

Another furniture shop specializing in Midcentury Modern, Covet is a beautiful space located in South Minneapolis.

  • Address: 3736 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407
  • Website: Covet

Architectural Antiques

This warehouse-style location sits right in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, near Indeed Brewing and the Centro tequila bar.

These folks bid on historic buildings that are slated for demolition, then save character-filled pieces of hardware for your future project. As a result, when you step inside Architectural Antiques you feel like you stepped back in time.

Antique doors, metalwork, plumbing, lighting, mantels, medical instruments… you could probably piece together an entire previously demolished building with the stuff found in this shop.

City Salvage

The name of this store is dead-on. City Salvage saves everything from stained glass all the way to massive 20 foot long bars, plucked straight out of the watering holes inside abandoned hotels. You’ve gotta see some of these finds to believe them.

  • Address: 2800 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55413
  • Website: City Salvage

Guilded Salvage

Another antique hardware store filled with stunning finds.

At first glance, the number of lights and doorknobs inside this North Minneapollis location is almost too much to take in. But once you door, you realize there’s also a seriously impressive collection of historic doors, built ins, windows, and more.

  • Address: 4430 N Lyndale Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412
  • Website: Guilded Salvage

Bauer Brothers Building Materials

Bauer Brothers, another shop in Northeast Minneapolis, calls itself a “used building materials” store. And while not everything inside is an antique, those willing to dig through the disorganization can find some truly historic gems.

Antique Shops in the Minneapolis Suburbs

We’re highlighting the two big dogs of suburban antique shops:

Antiques Minnesota (Burnsville, MN)

Antiques Minnesota is the largest Antique Mall in Minnesota, so we have to talk about it for a second.

As expected, it’s HUGE! We’re an absolutely massive building housing over 350 different antique vendors. As expected, the selection is out of this world. It could take you hours to walk through here. They’ve even got classic cars for sale!

Hopkins Antique Mall (Hopkins, MN)

Hopkins Antique Mall is located along the quaint Main Street of Hopkins, Minnesota, a suburb about 20 minutes east of Minneapolis.

From the brick fascade to the hung windows and movie-theater like sign, everything about this store feels classic. Inside is a fantastic collection of every type of antique under the sun, making this shop worth a drive.

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